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A Divided Heart - Walking the Jakobsweg in Austria: The Pilgrim Paths to Santiago de Compostela - cover

A Divided Heart - Walking the Jakobsweg in Austria: The Pilgrim Paths to Santiago de Compostela

Mathew Thorpe

Publisher: Journey Books

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An enthralling and eye-opening account of a long trek through the Austrian mountains.
Mathew Thorpe didn't set out to write a book. He didn't plan to devote so much time to exploring the Austrian Jakobswege. But during a fortuitous visit shortly before retiring from his role as Head of International Family Justice, Thorpe was captivated by the glorious history and unrivalled natural beauty of these pilgrim trails
A Divided Heart is the fascinating account of four long walks: the first the East-West March from Vienna to the Swiss border; the second crossing the Southern Provinces of Steiermark, Kärnten, Ost Tirol, Sud Tirol and on to Innsbruck; the third from the Czech border to Strass in Zillertal; and the fourth from Passau to Salzburg. Each walk is presented as a succession of day stages, making it a useful guide for anyone who considers adding a few days' walking to their Austrian holiday.
But this is more than a walking guide - it's a book of memories, and a portrait of pastoral Austria. It offers an illuminating account of the country's monasteries and the Catholic Church, and of the kindness of the wonderful array of characters Thorpe encountered along his journeys. A Divided Heart is an enthralling adventure that will please anyone with an interest in Austria - real and armchair travellers alike.

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    Svetlana Kralj (MA) is a Professor of Language and Literature, a writer, and author.She has many years of teaching experience in Language and Literature, high-level writing skills and both of her creative and scientific works were published.Svetlana is a passionate music lover, which resulted with a lot of traveling around the World to be a part of music events. 
    HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on all topics from A to Z by everyday experts.
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