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The Wild Duck Chase - Inside the Strange and Wonderful World of the Federal Duck Stamp Contest - cover

The Wild Duck Chase - Inside the Strange and Wonderful World of the Federal Duck Stamp Contest

Martin J. Smith

Publisher: Walker Books

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THE WILD DUCK CHASE is the basis for “The Million Dollar Duck,” a documentary feature film, directed by Brian Golden Davis and written by Martin J. Smith, premiering at The Slamdance Film Festival in January 2016. The book takes readers into the peculiar world of competitive duck painting as it played out during the 2010 Federal Duck Stamp Contest-the only juried art competition run by the U.S. government. Since 1934, the duck stamp, which is bought annually by hunters to certify their hunting license, has generated more than $750 million, and 98 cents of each collected dollar has been used to help purchase or lease 5.3 million acres of waterfowl habitat in the United States.  
 As Martin J. Smith chronicles in his revealing narrative, within the microcosm of the duck stamp contest are intense ideological and cultural clashes between the mostly rural hunters who buy the stamps and the mostly suburban and urban birders and conservationists who decry the hunting of waterfowl. The competition also fuels dynamic tensions between competitors and judges, and among the invariably ambitious, sometimes obsessive and eccentric artists--including Minnesota's three fabled Hautman brothers, the "New York Yankees" of competitive duck painting. Martin Smith takes readers down an arcane and uniquely American rabbit hole into a wonderland of talent, ego, art, controversy, scandal, big money, and migratory waterfowl.

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    Back Mount
    Front Mount
    Side Control 
    Body Positioning Moves
    Finishing Moves
    Defense Against Headlocks…
    Advanced Ground-Fighting Techniques:
    Advanced Body Positions
    Pass the Guard
    Attacks from the Mount
    Attacks from the Back Mount 
    Attacks from the Guard
    Knee Mount
    Leg Attacks
    Striking from Side Control
    Defending Against Strikes in the Guard…
    Takedowns and Throws:
    Closing the Distance and Achieving the Clinch
    Takedowns from Against a Wall
    Double Leg Attack
    Single Leg Attack
    Attacks from the Rear
    Throws and Takedowns
    Arm Strikes
    Punching Combinations
    Transition Between Ranges
    Handheld Weapons:
    Angles of Attack
    Rifle with Fixed Bayonet
    Knife-against-knife sequence
    Entrenching Tool
    Three-Foot Stick
    Defense Against the Knife…
    Standing Defense: 
    Lethal Force Scenarios
    Restrictive Force Scenarios
    Two Against One
    Three Against Two
    Group Tactics 
    Lethal Force Scenarios
    Restrictive Force Scenarios
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