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Birthday Workout - A Short Story of Soul Passion - cover

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Birthday Workout - A Short Story of Soul Passion

Marlayna Fire

Publisher: Cheryl Marlene

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What kind of workout stokes the flame between a man and a woman?
Sometimes it’s the challenge offered and the challenge accepted.
In the anticipation between, the edge beckons and readies both to dive into the flame.
In this story’s challenge excitement builds:
Two words – that’s all I needed to know exactly what he wanted from me.
Even though it's my birthday, I accepted his challenge.
Really, especially because it's my birthday – his presents are always sizzling hot.
Plus, I know my return challenge will push him to push me further.
In his heated demand will be my present.
But I don’t know when – that’s up to him.
My party and my treat, but …
Dinner. Dessert. More dessert. At any time.
His challenge turning up our shared heat.
His bottom line: I’ll decide when you’re ready.
Mine: I’m ready any time!
Birthday Workout is an explicitly steamy, Sacred Hot short story. Every Sacred Hot story explores the emotional journey, the relationship unfolding, and of course, the hot stuff between two people. Dive into the power of soul-led encounters and how we’re shaped, molded, and forever changed by their unlimited heat.
Merging the celestial with the intimate, soul passion is always Sacred Hot. And sometimes… short and sweet is the perfect amount of heat!

“The hot, authentic stuff I dreamed about and hoped for when I read Fifty Shades!” says one reader.
“Wonderful fun, authentic heat, heart-driven!” says another.
“A perfect short-read bedtime story that my honey loved!” says an Early Reviewer.

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