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Mark Twain - Collected Works - cover

Mark Twain - Collected Works

Mark Twain

Publisher: Ideenbrücke Verlag

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Mark Twain - a great collection. Including:
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
 The innocents abroad
 Mark twain's (burlesque) auto-biography
 First romance 
 Roughing it 
 The gilded age (with charles dudley warner)
 Sketches new and old
 My watch
 Political economy
 The jumping frog
 Journalism in Tennessee
 The story of the bad little boy
 The story of the good little boy
 A couple of poems by twain and moore
 Answers to correspondents
 To raise poultry 
 Experience of the McWilliamses with membranous croup
 My first literary venture
 How the author was sold in Newark
 The office bore
 Johnny Greer
 The facts in the case of the great beef contract 
 Disgraceful persecution of a boy
 The judges "spirited woman"
 Information wanted
 Some learned fables, for good old boys and girls
 My late senatorial secretaryship
 A fashion item
 Riley-newspaper correspondent 
 A fine old man
 Science vs. Luck
 The late Benjamin Franklin
 Mr. Bloke's item
 A medieval romance
 Petition concerning copyright 
 After-dinner speech
 Lionizing murderers
 A new crime
 A curious dream
 A true story
 The siamese twins
 Speech at the Scottish banquet in London
 A ghost story
 The capitoline venus
 Speech on accident insurance
 How i edited an agricultural paper
 The petrified man
 My bloody massacre
 The undertaker's chat 
 Concerning chambermaids
 Aurelia's unfortunate young man
 "after" jenkins
 About barbers
 "party cries" in Ireland
 The facts concerning the recant resignation
 History repeats itself
 Honored as a curiosity
 First interview kith artemus ward
 Cannibalism in the cars
 The killing of julius caesar "localized"
 The widow's protest 
 The scriptural panoramist 
 Curing a cold
 A curious pleasure excursion
 Running for governor
 A mysterious visit 
 The curious republic of gondour and other whimsical sketches
 The curious republic of gondour
 A memory
 Introductory to "memoranda".
 About smells
 A couple of sad experiences
 Dan murphy
 The "tournament" in a.d. 1870
 Curious relic for sale
 A reminiscence of the back settlements
 A royal compliment 
 The approaching epidemic
 The tone-imparting committee
 Our precious lunatic
 The european war
 The wild man interviewed
 Last words of great men
 1601—conversation at the social fireside of the tudors
 The facts concerning the recent carnival of crime in connecticut 
 The adventures of tom sawyer
 The loves of alonzo fitz clarence and rosannah ethelton and other stories
 The loves of alonzo fitz clarence and rosannah ethelton
 On the decay of the art of lying
 About magnanimous-incident literature
 The grateful poodle
 The benevolent author
 The grateful husband
 Punch, brothers, punch
 The great revolution in pitcairn
 The canvasser's tale
 An encounter with an interviewer
 Paris notes
 Legend of Sagenfeld, in Germany
 Speech on the babies
 Speech on the weather
 Some rambling notes of an idle excursion
 The stolen white elephant 
 A tramp abroad
 The prince and the pauper
 Life on the mississippi
 A connecticut yankee in King Arthur's court 
 The american claimant 
 Extracts from adam's diary
 In defense of harriet shelley
 Fennimore cooper's literary offences
 Essays on Paul Bourget 
 Tom Sawyer abroad
 The tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson
 Those extraordinary twins
 Personal recollections of Joan of Arc
 Tom Sawyer, detective
 Following the equator, a journey around the world
 The man that corrupted hadleyburg and other stories
 The man that corrupted hadleyburg
 My first lie, and how i got out of it 
 The esquimaux maiden's romance
 Christian science and the book of mrs. Eddy
 Is he living or is he dead?
 My debut as a literary person
 At the appetite-cure
 Concerning the jews
 From the 'london times' of 1904
 About play-acting
 Travelling with a reformer
 Diplomatic pay and clothes
 The captain's story
 Stirring times in austria
 My boyhood dreams
 To the above old people
 In memoriam—olivia susan clemens
 What is man and other essays
 What is man?
 The death of Jean
 The turning-point of my life
 How to make history dates stick
 The memorable assassination
 A scrap of curious history
 Switzerland, the cradle of liberty
 At the shrine of St. Wagner
 William Dean Howells
 English as she is taught 
 A simplified alphabet 
 As concerns interpreting the deity
 Concerning tobacco
 Taming the bicycle
 Is Shakespeare dead?
 The mysterious stranger and other stories
 The mysterious stranger
 A fable
 Hunting the deceitful turkey
 The McWilliamses and the burglar alarm
 A double barreled detective
 The $30,000 bequest and other stories 
 A dog's tale
 Was it heaven? Or hell?
 A cure for the blues
 The enemy conquered; or, love triumphant 
 The californian's tale
 A helpless situation
 A telephonic conversation
 Edward Mills and George Benton: a tale
 The five boons of life
 The first writing-machines
 Italian without a master
 Italian with grammar
 A burlesque biography
 How to tell a story
 General Washington's negro body-servant 
 Wit inspirations of the "two-year-olds"
 An entertaining article
 A letter to the secretary of the treasury
 Amended obituaries
 A monument to adam 
 Advice to little girls
 Post-mortem poetry
 The danger of lying in bed
 Portrait of King William III
 Does the race of man love a lord?
 Extracts from adam's diary
 Eve's diary
 A horse's tale
 Christian science
 Extract from captain stormfield's visit to heaven
 Is Shakespeare dead?
 On the decay of the art of lying
 Goldsmith's friend abroad again
 How to tell a story and other stories
 The wounded soldier
 The golden arm
 Mental telegraphy again
 The invalids story
 Mark twain's speeches
 Plymouth rock and the pilgrims
 Compliments and degrees
 Books, authors, and hats
 Dedication speech
 The horrors of the German language
 German for the Hungarians
 Unconscious plagiarism
 The weather
 The babies
 Our children and great discoveries
 Educating theatre-goers
 The educational theatre
 Poets as policemen
 Pudd'nhead Wilson dramatized
 Daly theatre
 The dress of civilized woman
 Dress reform and copyright 
 College girls
 The ladies
 Woman's press club
 Votes for women
 Woman-an opinion
 Advice to girls
 Taxes and morals
 Tammany and croker
 Municipal corruption
 Municipal government 
 China and the Philippines
 Theoretical and practical morals
 Layman's sermon
 University settlement society
 Public education association
 Education and citizenship
 The dinner to Mr. Choate
 Henry M. Stanley
 Dinner to Mr. Jerome
 Henry Irving
 Rogers and railroads
 The old-fashioned printer
 Society of american authors
 Reading-room opening
 Disappearance of literature
 The alphabet and simplified spelling
 Spelling and pictures
 Books and burglars
 Authors' club
 Morals and memory
 Joan of Arc 
  Accident insurance

and much more

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