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The Girl Goes Deep - Paige Turner Affair #2 - cover

The Girl Goes Deep - Paige Turner Affair #2

Mark S. R. Sterling

Publisher: Mark S. R. Sterling

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Spoiler Alert – If you have not read The Girl In The Riv the following description of this book will be a spoiler for that book. 
Paige Turner’s life as an undercover prostitute is dizzying as she navigates the criminal underbelly of the adult playground – Las Vegas.  However, it is when she is tasked to infiltrate a terrorist sleeper cell that things really get weird.   Torn between the terrorist and the Israeli agents following them, Paige struggles to hold her true allegiance to the US agency that employs her. 
Deep undercover Paige has lost contact with her own agency when she is swept into a murder plot.   Struggling to keep her cover intact she she learns of the true unimaginable motive for the murder.   Refusing to accept the inevitability she risks everything when she races across the Arizona desert in a plot to stop the terrorist. 
Excerpt from the story: 
“Now, one more thing,” the man now identified as David says.  “When last we spoke you said you are a prostitute – for real.” 
He waits and finally I say, “Yes.” 
“We are freshly arrived in town and lonely.”  From his pants pocket he withdraws a wad of bills and puts them on the table.  Shit, this is exactly why Jackson follows me around!  While I occasionally had sex to keep my cover, I strove to avoid it.  
“Sorry, I’m finished for the night.  I can give you some phone numbers…” 
Mr. Heterochromia chuckles and David interrupts with, “No, that won’t do.  Let me be a bit more specific.”  He taps the back of my hand as it holds the wine glass. 
I look down at the fat stack of bills and back into his eyes, “What?” 
He makes a nod towards his shoulder and I see a hitherto unnoticed third man in a black pinstripe suite standing by the wall.  He is much younger – younger than me – and not paying direct attention to us but rather he is their lookout.  “My young assistant, Michael, is getting married soon.”  He pauses but I refuse to give him another segue.  Finally, he continues, “He is a virgin, but his betrothed is not.  She does not know this – know that he is so inexperienced.  It appears that he lied to her and now he is afraid that he will…embarrass himself on his wedding night.  He is afraid that he will be unable to…please her.”  He puts a hotel room key card on top of the money and pushes it towards me.  “Room 823.  It would greatly please me if you could show him some…pointers.” 
“You have GOT to be kidding!” I say with genuine astonishment. 
“No,” he flatly states. 
I stand up and look first at the youthful Michael and then I look back at David before asking, “Honest to God, you are telling me the truth?”  This was carefully chosen wording as it was my invocation of God that caused them to cease their torture of me.  I sling my purse back over my shoulder. 
“Yes,” he emphatically responds. 
I look at Michael again and this time he is looking at me.  He is rather attractive.  Mr. Heterochromia chuckles.  I sigh and chug down the last of my wine.  Putting the glass on the table I pick up the room key and softly say, “Keep the money.  Wait ten minutes and then send him up with another glass of wine.” 
Intent on keeping my prostitution cover, I turn and head back toward the elevators thinking that Jackson would have wanted me to take the money. 

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