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3 Seconds in Bogotá - A South American travel adventure - a true story - cover

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3 Seconds in Bogotá - A South American travel adventure - a true story

Mark Playne

Publisher: Paper Pen Screen

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A South American adventure. A trip to die for.
Colombia 1994. 150,000 people have disappeared and two young adventure-seeking backpackers are about to be added to the list.
'We were going to be killed.
For what?
A pair of rich-country passports?
Our rucksacks?
The clothes that we were wearing?
They didn’t know about the silver.
Or about the money I had hidden on me.
But of course, they’d be finding it.
A little bonus.
Once we’d stopped struggling and become silent. 
A glint as the knife blade moved.
2.8 seconds of real-time left. 
Big... deep... breath.’
3 Seconds in Bogotá is the true story of a British traveller who alongside his girlfriend, fell into the hands of the Colombian underworld. Confronted with their imminent murder he delves into his deepest memories searching for any clue that might provide a means of survival. Should he follow his logical mind or his gut instinct? He has three seconds left to decide.
Mark Playne travelled the world working as an artisan before returning to storytelling and is now a multi-award-winning screenwriter and film director best known for his films set overseas. 
3 Seconds in Bogotá, the first book in his series ‘World Wild Travel Tales’, is fast-paced, humorous travel-adventure around the countries of South America during the time of Escobar. A thrilling travel memoir wrapped up within the razor edge suspense of a terrifying life or death decision at the hands of the Colombian underworld.
★★★★★ Travel & Razor's Edge Suspense - Don't Miss This!
Excellently written story mixing travel & suspense. A "don't miss" with a great twist. Highly recommend!
★★★★★ Gripping, funny and thrilling!
Wittily written, this story combines humour and suspense. Once you start to read it will be very difficult to put it down…
★★★★★ Gripping, a Must Have.
Once you pick this up you won't put it down. Both gripping enthralling this book has you captivated from the first line. A must-have for anyone travelling to South America as well as those who just simply enjoy a well-told story of life's less predictable events.
★★★★★ Gripping.
A well written story of travel outside of most people's comfort zone with a nice twist at the end. More please!

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