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Walkabout - Thoughts on the Human Condition - cover

Walkabout - Thoughts on the Human Condition

Mark Antony Rossi

Publisher: Soma Publishing

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Character. Honor. Control. Family. Friendship. All essential elements in the complex matrix called The Human Condition. American futurist Mark Antony Rossi leads an expedition through the conscience to uncover our brightest hopes and stop the forces that punish positive potential.

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    If you want to survive and thrive in today’s game, you’ve got to level up, buttercup. You need to 10X what you’re already doing. That means becoming ten times smarter. Ten times better at what you do. You need to buckle down with ten times the focus, holding strong with ten times the grit.If you aren’t willing to do what it takes to 10X your author business (and to remember that it is a business, complete with sensible business rules), you’ll perish as soon as you begin.But the good news is that if you are willing to become a 10X author, you’ll reap a lot more than ten times the reward. The sad truth is that very few people are willing to work as hard as it takes to realize their dreams, and that leaves room for others to realize them instead.
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    Generations of students have learned Latin with this classic introductory textbook that remains the most highly regarded and bestselling single-volume of its kind.  
    Wheelock’s Latin 7th Edition retains its signature core of authentic Latin readings—curated from the works of Cicero, Vergil, and other major Roman authors of classical literature, drama, and poetry, as well as inscriptions, artifacts, and even authentic graffiti—that demonstrate the ancient Romans’ everyday use of Latin: Latin as a living language.  
    With expanded English-Latin/Latin-English vocabulary sections, tightly retooled comprehension and discussion questions, self-tutorial exercises, translation tips, etymological aids, maps, and dozens of photos and illustrations that capture aspects of classical culture and mythology, Wheelock’s Latin 7th Edition is the essential resource for students beginning their journey into the heart of the classical world.
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  • The A to Z of Spanish Culture Updated Third Edition - cover

    The A to Z of Spanish Culture...

    Paul Read, Pilar Orti

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    Updated edition 2018, covering recent political events. 
    Planning on visiting Spain? Or maybe you are just interested in finding out what Spanish society is like, how its history, traditions, art and politics have made the country what it is today. 
    If any of the above apply to you, you will enjoy "The A to Z of Spanish Culture", as you compare how many of the Spanish stereotypes are really a part of Spain today. 
    The author Pilar Ortí was born and bred in Spain. She grew up in a society trying to figure out how to adapt to its new found freedom and how best to join the rest of Europe. Having lived in London now for over twenty years (time flies!), Pilar has written this "A to Z of Spanish Culture" with plenty of perspective, a bit of nostalgia and above all, a desire to demystify a country that is still represented abroad by toros and flamenco. 
    This light book about Spain is divided into different chapters, each headed by a Spanish word that opens up a whole aspect of Spanish culture: Spain's history, its society, traditions, art, gastronomy or language. 
    From grape-eating on New Year’s Eve to the re-enactment of 13th century battles; from the failed military coup in the 80’s to the recent fall from grace of the King; from the origin of the fideua (the pasta-based version of paella) to the origin of the popular tapas, "The A to Z of Spanish Culture" will get you closer to Spain. (And if you're left wanting more, check out the Spain Uncovered podcast.) 
    When you hear the word "España", you will never think of flamenco dancers again. 
    From the readers' mouths: 
    "There is so much that I have learnt from the book as well as being so amused by it.  I need to read it again and then go and explore the artists, food etc and desperately improve my Spanish language skills. 
    The Christmas traditions had a particular resonance as Nigel and I try to 'do' the grapes even when Rich and Sila aren't here. This has led to much hilarity as we try to find the right channel on the radio and then catch the right 'bongs' to eat them to! Sila says it is easier in England because we have grapes without pips and the whole country isn't trying to buy them!!! 
    Thank you so much for writing it ." 
    (From a reader's e-mail.) 
    "El libro es una herramienta indispensable para acercarse a la cultura y a la idiosincrasia española. La autora hace un repaso por diversos hitos culturales, sociales, geográficos, gastronómicos e históricos que revelan mucho de la conciencia de un país y de una sociedad que se encuentra a medio camino todavía entre la tradición y la modernidad. 
    Me lo he devorado en pocas horas y lo he disfrutado mucho. Realmente merece la pena comprarlo." 
    "The book is an essential tool to get closer to Spanish idiosyncrasy and culture. The author presents various cultural, social, geographical, gastronomical and historical aspects which reveal much about the conscience of a country and society still half-way between tradition and modernity. 
    I devoured it in a few hours and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Really worth the purchase." 
    (As reviewed on Amazon.es.) 
    "Prima, there are many things in here I didn't know about. Guay." 
    (Pilar's cousin.)
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