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Psalmody - cover


Maria Apichella

Publisher: Eyewear Publishing

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This ambitious debut interrogates love and faith in the contemporary world. Grounded in the relationship of a profoundly religious woman and an atheist, the collection's central characters both become inextricably identified with the Old Testament King and Psalmist David. These free-verse psalms transplant all of the ancient form's tropes - vivid eroticism, praise, questioning, triumph, doubt, and lush naturalism - into modern Wales. 

A New Statesman 2017 Book of the Year choice

Shortlisted for the 2017 Forward Prize (UK) for Best Artist Collection

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  • Seedlip and Sweet Apple - cover

    Seedlip and Sweet Apple

    Arra Lynn Ross

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    “A miraculous text of narrative and speech fragments . . . to raise up Mother Ann Lee, founder of the Shakers, her ecstatic voice, energy, and vision.” —Hilda Raz, award-winning author of Letter from a Place I’ve Never Been 
    Seamlessly bridging the material and spiritual worlds, Seedlip and Sweet Apple takes the reader into the mind of a true visionary: Mother Ann Lee, the founder of the Shaker religion in colonial America. With astonishingly original poems inspired by extensive historical research, Arra Lynn Ross creates a collection linked thematically through the voice and story of the woman who was believed by her followers to be Christ incarnate. 
    Broadly and inclusively spiritual, this remarkable debut captures the ineffable experience of ecstatic vision, activating the progression from literal reality to heightened perception. Simultaneously, this journey delves into the manifold issues of gender and religion, public image, and charismatic leadership, as well as the line between cult and commune and the tenuous bond between faith and behavior. 
    Written in an impressive cornucopia of forms—including iambic quatrains, free verse, and prose poems—Seedlip and Sweet Apple honors a complex figure startlingly relevant to contemporary life, pointing to a revolutionary way to work at living—and to live in working—that promises simplicity, peace, and joy. 
    “Situated between glossary and glossolalia, word and vision, the communal act of language and the singularity of inspiration, Seedlip and Sweet Apple reaffirms the tradition of American visionaries, even while reshaping that tradition into an innovative and dynamic lyric. Arra Lynn Ross raises the roof with her convocation of tongues. A pioneering collection of poems.” —D. A. Powell, National Book Critics Circle Award–winning poet 
    “A work powerful in voice and craft.” —Feminist Review
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  • Man of the House - A Young Boy’s Journey to Becoming the Man of the House After His Grandfather’s Death - cover

    Man of the House - A Young Boy’s...

    Short Story Press, Alex Eaker

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    After his mother goes deaf, a young boy must navigate through the many difficulties of his childhood. The boy witnesses his Mom deal with loss, his father becoming distant, his older brother living a life of his own. The protagonist feels alone, powerless, voiceless. At the same time, the boy tries to impress the girl of his dreams at school, leading him into a troublesome situation. He must make choices which could affect him for the rest of his life. Through it all, he must figure out how to endure and grow, how to become the man of the house. 
    • See how the protagonist deals with the struggling relationship between his mother and father. 
    • How to deal with the struggles of puberty and coming of age. 
    • Impressing your crush at school and the holes this can trap you in. 
    • Navigating through a house filled with tension while also trying to take control. 
    • Understand what it’s like to live with someone who has experienced recent trauma. 
    • Read about the importance of a mother-son relationship and how the bond between parent and child can grow. 
    The story is fictional, but tells true experiences of the author. It is a personal story that speaks to what growing up is really like for many young boys, and how they look to their parents or siblings for guidance. This story tells what can go wrong when that guidance is not there, but also the powerful bond between mother and son. 
    About the Writer 
    Alex Eaker grew up in the cold suburbs of Connecticut. At five years old, his parents got a divorce, putting Alex on an early path towards writing. Ever since, Alex has written about his experience as a son and younger brother, operating between his mother and fathers’ homes while also enduring the universal struggles of adolescence. His stories serve to share his experience, an experience not uncommon in today’s world. 
    Short Story Press publishes short stories written by everyday writers.
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  • Feel Happier in 9 Seconds - cover

    Feel Happier in 9 Seconds

    Linda Besner

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    I learned the secret of serenity by waterboarding daffodils. My Buddha is landfill. My mantra choked from a bluebird’s neck. It’s ruthless, the pursuit of happiness. Eighteen seconds have elapsed.
    This collection is a universe where minimalism and maximalism work in harmony. Ethics, economics, glamour and alternative physics arejust a few of the vehicles Besner uses in her jaundiced pursuit of knowledge and joy. At the collection’s core is a series of brilliantly illuminated poems patterned on a scientific study of synaesthesia and Fisher Price refrigerator magnets. Besner’s courageous comparisons and musicality provide the critical happiness we all need.
    ‘Besner’s imagination doesn’t appear to have an upper or outer limit … Reading her poems is a bad trip and a transformational experience.’
    – Ken Babstock
    ‘Besner is one of the funniest poets writing in this country.’
    – National Post
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  • 29 Plus One - Finn's Story Be All You Can Be Or Don't Be - cover

    29 Plus One - Finn's Story Be...

    Annheete Oakley, David Giammarino

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    Have you ever wondered what makes life worth living? 
    Your every single day is packed with thousands of thoughts, emotions, and feelings. 
    Unimaginable happiness can be followed by devastating loss and numbing depression can be replaced by love. Until you fall asleep. And then you wake up. 
    And life begins its rollercoaster ride again. 
    29 Plus One: Finn's Story 
    This is not your typical story book.
    This audiobook is an opportunity. This life story will act as a crystal clear mirror that will allow you to embark on a unique adventure of self-reflection. 
    And you will hopefully emerge a different person. Filled with hope, self-awareness and an insatiable drive to live every single moment to the fullest. 
    Both good and bad, both happy and sad. 
    What does "29 plus one" mean? 
    Brace yourself for a journey through your deepest thoughts, fears, and emotions. This life story will act as the vessel that will help you navigate through life’s stormy waters. And you will reach your destination. 
    Your inner haven, your peace of mind. 
    By looking into your mirror through the sensitive, brave, and inspired eyes of a poetic storyteller. 
    Why choose this audiobook? 
    Because you want to come closer to your inner child. Because you want to examine yourself and the world around you. Because you want something more. 
    Do you know someone who could use some inspiration? 
    Spoil your loved ones with a special gift. Surprise them with a copy of 29 Plus One today and allow them to take a break from their hectic lifestyle and decompress their mind. 
    Don’t hesitate! 
    Indulge yourself in a poetic journey of self-discovery! 
    Listen to 29 Plus One today!
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  • How to Make a Man of Consequence - cover

    How to Make a Man of Consequence

    Mark Lemon

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    Mark Lemon had a natural talent for journalism and the stage, and, at twenty-six, retired from less congenial business to devote himself to the writing of plays. More than sixty of his melodramas, operettas and comedies were produced in London, whilst at the same time he was contributing to a wide variety of magazines and newspapers, and was founding editor of both Punch and The Field. (Summary form Wikipedia)
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  • The Man Who Ruled in Hell - cover

    The Man Who Ruled in Hell

    Grant Stockbridge

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    Who is The Red Hand? His face concealed by horrific burns, his scarlet glove studded with acid-squirting needles, he has accomplished the most audacious overthrow of order ever attempted. For The Red Hand has unionized the entire Underworld! When Richard Wentworth, alias the Spider, is framed for the slaying of one of his accomplices, only the beleaguered police stand between society and the ravening hordes of The Man Who Ruled in Hell. But what use are the police against a sadistic supercriminal who wields searing acid as a weapon? Horror follows upon horror as Wentworth battles to break jail and save New York City from looting and absolute ruin. Adapted from the July, 1937 issue of The Spider Magazine.
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