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Slave Lover - cover

Slave Lover

Marco Vassi

Publisher: Open Road Media

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”Constance was a quick‑minded woman, twenty‑seven years old, a freelance writer who had begun to make a reputation among some of the more solid publications. She had a wide‑ranging intelligence, and her pieces covered everything from Middle East politics to new tendencies in American religious thought. Her latest interest had been in something that most people consider a dead issue: the white slave trade.” But in one of Marco Vassi’s most daring novels, Constance is about to learn that it is very much alive, vibrant even, and her experiences will turn professional conflict into personal turmoil. “Have a pleasant experience.”
Available since: 05/27/2014.
Print length: 124 pages.

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    Jezebel is channeling sweet little Alice as she takes you down the rabbit hole to Wonderland. Her wide eyed innocence  will have you believing in magic in this Impossible Lovers for Men experience, but then isn't that what pleasure is all about? All characters and artists are over 18. 
    Directed Erotic Visualisation© is not an audio book, it is so much more. This unique experience puts you into the very heart of the story, allowing you to feel all the sensations for real. 
    These experiences have been produced with sexually explicit fantasy themes in mind. The audio track uses the Directed Erotic Visualisation technique to immerse the listeners in an extremely erotic encounter. 
     This is what some male listeners have said about their experiences with DEV: 
    'I've been married for almost 2 years and have been with my wife for a total of 4 years and I have never had an orgasm like that. it only took one time (listen) too.' 
    'This worked for me, shot my load and everything, couldn't believe it! Went in with the premise that I wanted it to work which I think is key. Had a tiny bit of skepticism, but definitely had some belief. Very impressed with this, thank you.' 
    'The first time I listened to this, I rated it a 5 (out of 10) on the ... scale. This was my second time listening to the recording, and it definitely went up to a 7 (minus ejaculation). I'm looking forward to the next time!' 
    'I loved this, I put it on when I was in bed, it wasn't that great of an idea since I came all over my bed, I came at least a few feet in the air.' 
    Narrated by Jezebel 
    For Adults Only: Sexually explicit language and audio imagery combined with guided suggestion.  
    Warning: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this program and for half an hour afterwards
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  • Crossdressing Stories - Standard Dress Code - cover

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    Hellen Heels

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    “Are you confused? I only asked you if you can see it.” 
    “I …I… what are you …what are you…are you referring to what?” 
    “My undies, George. Can you see it?” 
    He swallowed and rubbed the back of his neck. “Yes, I can.” 
    “Quite clearly?” 
    “Yes. Very clearly.” 
    “Good. Because that is what I want you to be wearing.” 
    He gazed at her directly in the eyes. “You want me to put on those panties?” 
    “Yes. For today. And on any other day that you resume for work, I would want you to be on the undies that I wore the previous day.” 
    “I would be putting on your undies?” 
    “Every single day, George. Every single day. Do you understand this?” 
    “In essence what you want me to do is to always be on your undies while working with you?” 
    “I don’t mean you have to strip completely and be only in my undies while you are working,” she said. She then winked at him and smiled. “But that would be really good to see, you know? It’s just that I don’t want any other person to see you like that, except me.” 
    “I see.” 
    “So, what do you think?” 
    “My request, George. Can you abide by my dress code?” 
    He shrugged. “Do I have a choice?” 
    “Not if you want to work for me. As you must know, I pay very well and my staff enjoy working with me a lot.” 
    “I can imagine. I am really in need of a job right now. And I wouldn’t want to pass up on a chance to work with you, Janice.” 
    “So is that a yes or what?” 
    He nodded. “Yes, Janice. Yes, I would abide by your dress code.” 
    “Are you sure or are you just saying it?” 
    “I am not just saying it. I mean it.” 
    “Can you prove it?” 
    “You want me to prove what?”
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