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Cousin Movie Night - cover

Cousin Movie Night

Maggie Pickard

Publisher: Lot's Cave, Inc.

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What do two cousins get up to in a small, cramped apartment late at night? Sometimes movie night is just movie night and sometimes it can lead to a whole lot more.

"So this is how it is going to be then?" he said. "I gave you everything and you repay me by stealing my food. Maybe it is time I taught you a lesson." and with that he hit her on her butt with his free hand.

Natasha yelped and jumped at the sudden pain, he had spanked her hard enough for her to notice. She squeaked and yelped as he spanked her again and again. Between the pain he rubbed her hand on her cheek massaging in the pain. He hit her again and again, each time her butt was feeling warmer, it had a warm glow about it and even the pain was starting to turn into pleasure. She felt his hand rub both her ass cheeks, rubbing the pain into pleasure. His hand slipped inside her waistband and pulled down her underwear so that her ass was bare. She felt a cool breeze run across her rear end as the desk fan turned to face her.

The next stroke she felt a lot more than the previous ones, it hit bare flesh and she almost hit the ceiling. She struggled to escape but he had her arm folded behind her. She tried to hit him with the other arm but he soon had that folded behind her as well. He spanked her butt again and again, she cried out as he made her red and warm. He stopped the strokes and she tried to see what he was doing. His grip was still tight but now she felt something else. He kicked the insides of her ankles and she spread her legs further apart.

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    Enjoy this CD short story! 
    “No, no, not at all. Please keep on talking. I love hearing your voice and your words.” 
    “You do?” 
    “Of course I do.” 
    “But you said you are feeling dizzy. Are you getting bored with me already?” 
    She sighed. “Mark darling, I am only commending you and the way you make me feel. Don’t you understand?” 
    “Okay, I think I do now.” 
    “So, what were you saying?” 
    “Yeah, it is about the dinner and birthday gift I have planned for you.” 
    “I see. And when would that be?” 
    “Anytime in the evening that would be convenient for you.” 
    “Okay. That means after I close from work?” 
    “Yes, Jenny. What time do you think you would be through today?” 
    “I should be done by seven this evening.” 
    “Okay. So we can meet by, say, eight?” 
    “Eight would be just perfect. Where would we meet?” 
    “There is on hotel on Melrose Street.” 
    “A hotel? You mean The Blue Bell?” 
    “Yes, that one.” 
    “Are you booking a room for us there?” 
    “A room? No, no, no, not that. I am booking a table for us at their restaurant.” 
    “Oh, I see. For the dinner?” 
    “Yes, just for the dinner.” 
    “I thought…anyway, never mind.” 
    “You thought what?” 
    “I thought that you would have booked a room for us there.” 
    “But Jenny, it’s just a private birthday celebration.” 
    “Yes, I know.” 
    “It is not a vacation, Jenny.” 
    “So, is that why you don’t think we need a room together?” 
    “Jenny. What do we need a room for when it is just a dinner?”
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    This story contains sex scenes and is suitable for adults only. All characters are fictional and are over 18 years old.
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    Grab that Beach Cabana because In My Hands wants to kick off your summer vacation with a bang!. This sensual and very naughty eSb Audio Erotica experience has everything you need to feel as you've just returned from holiday! 
    eSb Audio Erotica is different from our DEV© experiences but just as arousing! For those looking for an erotic story with a little something more, look no further than eSb Audio Erotica. These expereinces usually run between 10-30 minutes and while their intent is to arouse, and in many cases bring you to orgasm, the choice is ultimately yours. There is no induction, no commands,and usually,no aftercare,they are simply designed to bring you along on an adventure through story and sound. You may decide it is a form of foreplay or perhaps a one-handed read, but wherever the story leads you were sure it will be exciting. Enjoy a new way to experience desire with these hot new selections. 
    Narrated by In My HandsDo not drive or operate dangerous machinery while listening to or for at least 30 minutes your experience.For Adults Only: Sexually explicit language and audio imagery combined with guided suggestion.
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