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Dementia Untangled - A Caregiver’s Guide To Managing Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Decline in Loved Ones - cover

Dementia Untangled - A Caregiver’s Guide To Managing Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Decline in Loved Ones

Luna Carter

Publisher: Publishdrive

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How do you keep up with your loved one’s new set of needs? How do you help them through this most difficult time in their lives? How can you balance your caregiving responsibilities with your own needs?
Dementia is tough on the person suffering from it… and tough on their caregivers. But rest assured that there are ways to make life easier for everyone, you included.
With the help of this easy-to-follow guide, you will be able to put the necessary systems in place to care for your loved one, without sacrificing your well-being.
Take a leaf out of the book of the many people who have already walked this path and know what works, and what doesn’t, in dementia care.
In this helpful and supportive book, you will discover:
How to deal with the initial shock when you all discover that dementia is on the cards
An overview of what is going on in the brain of someone with dementia and how this affects their daily mental and emotional functioning
Practical tips for task management, from basic hygiene to creating workable schedules for your loved one
How to handle the most common challenging behaviors – what to do when your loved one goes missing, acts up, gets paranoid, or refuses to cooperate
Why you need to develop a good working relationship with your loved one’s medical team – and the information you need to keep track of when coordinating with them
How to take advantage of technology in caring for your loved one – from clocks and communication aids to GPS tracking devices
Legal, financial, and housing considerations you need to make to ensure your loved one is properly protected
When you may need to consider assisted care, assisted living arrangements, or specialized nursing
How to look after your own needs so that you have the strength and energy to look after everyone else
And much more.
It’s heartbreaking to watch your loved ones slip away to a mental place that you cannot follow. And it’s even harder when you’re barely able to take care of yourself as a result of caring for them.
The burdens you’re carrying now may be heavy, but you don’t need to carry them alone. Get the guidance and support you need to tackle this devastating condition.
Get the help you need as a caregiver.
Available since: 11/10/2022.
Print length: 124 pages.

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    Takeaway: Studying current alien technology and skillsets and funding relevant research leads modern Humans to mastery of the same and will help guarantee our survival as a species.
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