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5-Minute Guitar Jams: Jam Tracks for Rock & Blues Guitar (Book + Online Bonus) - cover

5-Minute Guitar Jams: Jam Tracks for Rock & Blues Guitar (Book + Online Bonus)

Luke Zecchin


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Bored playing guitar alone? Jam with the band that fits in your pocket! Many guitar players experience a lack of direction and motivation in their practice. This is often because the way we practice is disconnected from how we use the guitar in real-world situations. After all, practicing is never the end goal—playing music is. 
5-Minute Guitar Jams provides key insights for improving your playing skills in a way that's engaging and effective. This handbook features an album of premium jam tracks drawing on influences from rock, pop, blues, and folk. It outlines key ideas for working with these songs and highlights numerous patterns for improvisation and building technique. This guide offers a fresh perspective for those looking to hone their improvisation skills and command of the fretboard! 
ONLINE BONUS: This book comes complete with free online bonus material. We've compiled a companion website to enhance your reading experience. Extras include audio examples, backing tracks, bonus downloads, and more. 
Join thousands of students worldwide! If you like easy-to-follow lessons, pro playing tips, and jam-packed value, then you'll love learning from this international bestselling instructor. 

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    ☆★The Best Guide On How To Declutter Your Home Without Going Crazy★☆
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    This book contains:
    Descriptions of how harmonicas work that doesn’t go into too much detail but give the basics to kids
    Several tablature notations of simple songs kids love that will get them playing and having fun as soon as possible
    More detailed descriptions of how harmonica holes operate and how to blow and draw on them
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    The harmonica is one of the most famous instruments most people are familiar with today.
    Do you know that the harmonica is one of the easiest and most fun instruments to play for children?
    This book provides children and their parents with everything they need to get started with a 10-hole diatonic harmonica in the C Key, and it will help them have a lot of fun while learning as well.
     It is written in a simple, clear style that can be easily understood by children, contains pictures to help them understand the instructions, practical advice that will allow them to grasp the basics of the harmonica and start making music immediately, and all presented in a friendly, cheerful manner that will ensure they are having fun!
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    Use Seven Simple Steps with clear illustrations to easily create 100 different day to day characters.This book is ideal for beginners to develop their untrained hand while learning to draw people. It can also be helpful to skilled artists as a reference book for drawing 100 different people.Practice the simple technique explained in the beginning of the book to break down complex shapes into small lines. This will help you to train your hand for drawing complex figures easily.Follow the simple 7 step instructions to draw each character. All the steps in the book are self explanatory and hence no written instructions are required. Hope you have fun drawing. We would really love to get your feedback. So don't forget to leave a review. It will really help us to improve our work. If you like this book, please check our other books on our website :
    ORDER NOW and Lets get started...
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  • I Wrote This for You and Only You - cover

    I Wrote This for You and Only You

    Iain S. Thomas

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    The follow-up to the international #1 bestselling collection of prose and photography, I Wrote This For You And Only You is the third book in the I Wrote This For You series and gathers together the very best entries in the project from 2011 to 2015. Started in 2007, I Wrote This For You is an internationally acclaimed exploration of hauntingly beautiful words, photography and emotion that's unique to each person that reads it.
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