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Knife Making Book for Beginners - A Bladesmithing User Guide to Forging Knives Plus Tips Tools and Techniques to Get You Started - cover

Knife Making Book for Beginners - A Bladesmithing User Guide to Forging Knives Plus Tips Tools and Techniques to Get You Started

Luke Wade

Publisher: Luke Wade

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Are you looking to venture into the knife making business but don’t how where to start from? Or are you looking to start making knives for personal or commercial purposes? Whatever the case may be, this book is the right guide to perfect your aspirations.

Knife making is simply the art of making knives for different purposes including cutting things such as food items, cotton, foam, and so much more. Although the process of making knives is technical and requires a bit of skill, it is still very learnable in a short period.
There are different types of knives including handmade ones and the ones made in factories. Handmade knives are much more preferable and most people argue that they supersede the ones made in factories. If you seek to delve into the craft of making knives, then you can create your homemade knives for personal use or to sell; you can even transform a space in your home into a knife making workspace.

This book, Knife Making Book for Beginners, is packed with well-detailed information about everything that has to do with knife making.

With this guide, you can easily become a knife making professional in no time.

The art of making knives requires you to have a budget before venturing into the profession and there is no better way to start your knife making journey other than reading this book.

Here is a preview of what you will learn in this guide:

	Definition and history: You will learn the true meaning of knife making and its earliest forms.
	Profitability potential: You will discover if the knife making business is profitable or not and how you can get started to making profitable knives the RIGHT WAY.
	Knife making terminologies: Confused about the terms used in knife making? This guide will teach what there is to know about the terminologies used in making knives.
	Tips and tricks: As a beginner, this book will help you familiarize yourself with the important tips and tricks that will guide you in your journey to become a professional knife maker.
	Tools and supplies: In here, you will be educated on the tools and supplies needed to make quality and eye-catching knives.
	Anatomy of knives: You will learn how knives are structured and how you can make your own knife the easy way.
	Troubleshooting common problems and FAQ: Several common knife making problems encountered by most knife makers are discussed with the steps to be taken in fixing them. FAQs asked by knife makers are also discussed.

And much more!!

What more are you waiting for? If you are ready to begin your knife making journey, then get a copy of this book RIGHT NOW

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