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The Collected Works of Lucy Maud Montgomery - The Complete Works PergamonMedia - cover

The Collected Works of Lucy Maud Montgomery - The Complete Works PergamonMedia

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Publisher: PergamonMedia

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This comprehensive eBook presents the complete works or all the significant works - the Œuvre - of this famous and brilliant writer in one ebook - 7400 pages easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate: 
• Anne of Green Gables
• Anne of Avonlea
• Anne of the Island
• Anne's House of Dreams
• Rilla of Ingleside
• Rainbow Valley
• Chronicles of Avonlea
• Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories
• The Story Girl
• Further Chronicles of Avonlea
• The Golden Road
• Kilmeny of the Orchard
• A Golden Wedding 
• A Redeeming Sacrifice 
• A Soul that Was Not At Home 
• Abel And His Great Adventure 
• Akin to Love 
• Aunt Philippa and the Men 
• Bessie's Doll 
• Charlotte's Ladies 
• Christmas at Red Butte 
• How We Went to the Wedding 
• Jessamine
• Miss Sally's Letter 
• My Lady Jane
• Robert Turner's Revenge 
• The Fillmore Elderberries 
• The Finished Story 
• The Garden of Spices 
• The Girl and the Photograph 
• The Gossip of Valley View 
• The Letters 
• The Life-Book of Uncle Jesse 
• The Little Black Doll 
• The Man on the Train 
• The Romance of Jedediah 
• The Tryst of the White Lady 
• Uncle Richard's New Year Dinner 
• White Magic 
• Short Stories 
• A Case of Trespass 
• A Christmas Inspiration 
• A Christmas Mistake 
• A Strayed Allegiance 
• An Invitation Given on Impulse 
• Detected by the Camera 
• In Spite of Myself
• Kismet 
• Lillian's Business Venture 
• Miriam's Lover 
• Miss Calista's Peppermint Bottle 
• The Jest that Failed 
• The Pennington's Girl 
• The Red Room 
• The Setness of Theodosia 
• The Story of An Invitation 
• The Touch of Fate 
• The Waking of Helen 
• The Way of Winning Anne 
• Young Si
• etc.
Available since: 04/06/2015.

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     Now her aunt has a greater shock in store for her, announcing that she is sending Zelina to Russia to stay as Governess with Prince and Princess Volkonsky in their superb Palace to teach their children English.
    Clearly Aunt Kathleen simply wants Zelina off her hands as she is so pretty and so reluctantly she finds herself alone and unchaperoned aboard a Steamer bound for Stockholm en route to St. Petersburg.
    On board she meets the seemingly imperial Lord Charnock, one of the most handsome and overwhelming men she had ever seen, but also one of the most aloof.
    Unknown to Zelina, Lord Charnock is headed for St. Petersburg on an urgent and secret Diplomatic mission for the British Prime Minister, Lord Palmerston.
    And so Zelina, the innocent abroad, finds herself unexpectedly in a menacing and threatening world of Secret Police, spies, sinister intrigue and predatory Russian aristocrats with only the dashing Lord Charnock to protect her in an unknown and uncaring land.
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