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Too Hot For Hell - cover

Too Hot For Hell

London Magic

Publisher: Darque Taboo Press

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Canadian counterspy Mark Castille engages in desperate combat with a Communist trio whose #1 weapon is sex!
Anna opened her eyes. It was dawn. For a moment she was uncertain where she was. Her surroundings seemed strange. Then the fog of sleep cleared from her brain and she remembered.
They had sentenced her to prison with Olga. She had been put in an isolation cell until there was room for her in the women's division of the penitentiary in Caracas. Olga - Olga, the "7-11" girl, her woman! was still in the hospital, recovering from the wound inflicted by agent, Royal Canadian Counter-intelligence, Mark Castile. But she was due to arrive at the penitentiary that night.

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    Here are two fun short novellas of sex with ghosts.
    Nobody gets hurt and everybody has fun, but the descriptions of the sex are
    very detailed and the language is explicit, so this book is intended only for
    PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    Excerpt from “Melanie and Me
    in the Haunted House”:
    Since she had survived her
    husband, if only by hours, she inherited the house and land and the property
    should have subsequently been passed on to her niece and only heir.
    Melanie had been just a baby
    then and, by the age she was old enough to want to take possession of the
    house, it had gained an extremely unpleasant reputation. According to people in
    the neighborhood, the ghosts of the two women haunted the house and sexually
    abused anybody they caught there late at night. Even local homeless men
    preferred sleeping in cardboard boxes in alleys over staying in the ramshackle
    old place. Although I have always believed in ghosts, that is, that humans have
    a spirit that leaves the body upon death, I did not believe in the malevolence
    of those spirits, largely because I did not believe they would be able to hurt
    anybody. Sometimes a spirit could be sensed in a place where the former living
    person had habituated, but there would be nothing tangible and nothing at all
    I used to believe that but,
    since spending that night in the haunted house with Melanie, I have drastically
    revised my beliefs. Since she had no other friend or relative who was close
    enough to ask and willing to join her, Melanie wanted me to stay with her. I
    had no problem agreeing, first:  because
    I always do anything, within reason, that my lady friends ask me to do and,
    second and probably more importantly because it sounded like fun.
    Excerpt from “Graveyard
    The most recent off the wall
    thing she got me to do was go with her to the local cemetery on the first
    anniversary of her husband's death, so we could make love on his grave. I
    always do what my lady friends ask of me, within reason, and I considered this
    activity to be just barely inside those rather nebulous boundaries. I won't do
    it next year, even if she asks, which is highly unlikely. The fact that her
    husband died on Halloween didn't make the idea any more appealing, even though
    I am not superstitious, because I still felt edgy about being in a cemetery on
    that particular night. Samantha thought my reluctance was just being silly, and
    accused me of believing in ghosts.
    I have always believed there
    is some kind of spirit that leaves the body at death but, until that night, I
    did not believe in inimical ghosts, or that those spirits had any solidity.
    Besides that, Samantha's accusation goaded me just enough to agree to do
    something I didn't really feel like doing. I have had sex in some unusual
    places but, on top of a lady friend's late husband's grave on Halloween night
    would be a first time for me. The last time, too.
    So, it came to pass that, at eleven o'clock on the night of October 31, I drove just outside of town to the cemetery where Samantha's husband was pushing up daisies. The sidewalk leading inside was open, but the driveway was blocked by a very solid ornamental gate. I could have crashed through the barrier but, not wanting to add vandalism to trespassing and whatever other laws we would be breaking, I parked down the road from the grounds and we walked back and entered.
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    Heath Firestone and his lover Anton Barrett find themselves embroiled in another treasure hunt. Four gems are missing from the golden scepter Heath found in his family’s treasure horde, and legend says if the stones are reset into the scepter, the barer will control the world. 
    Justin Pennington is determined to recover them, steal the scepter, and prove the legend true. 
    Graeme Hansen, and his boss Delilah, also search for the gems. Heath and Graeme’s paths cross, but not by accident, just after Heath discovers a nasty surprise in Reykjavik. 
    Still reeling from his Icelandic adventure and barely back in Paris, Heath and Graeme are kidnapped by Pennington’s henchmen.  With three gems recovered, and the whereabouts of the fourth one known, Justin decides to end the hunt. He gives Heath a choice as Graeme languishes in Pennington Manor’s cellars: surrender the scepter, or forfeit the lives of his last remaining relatives.
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    When Alex figures out that his wife, Sarah, is unable to accept him completely as her husband because of a previous relationship, he seeks the help of her best friend, Maya. Maya sets up a plan to help him and to change Sarah's mind but for that she plays a double game.  
    The book contains four erotic scenes and therefore please do not read unless you are at least 18 years old.
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    Laila Cole

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    It was Addison's first frat party, too bad it was ruined by her alpha, overprotective best friend Trent who can't stand the sight of another man's hands on her. Trent harbors a deep seeded and forbidden lust for Addison that has grown over the span of 14 years, and late one night his desires, among other secrets, are revealed. His revelations kick of a wave of of emotions Addison never saw coming and she struggles to deal with as the two grow closer than they ever imagined they would. 
    Warning this 10,000 word story is for mature audiences only. It contains scenes of domination, graphic erotic encounters and other reader melting content.
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  • The Plantation 3: The White Wives' Burden (Interracial Gangbang Erotica) - cover

    The Plantation 3: The White...

    Trevon Carter

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    Susan and Anne have both experienced the power of their big black slaves, but as a drought hits the South, their husbands are constantly at home. When Susan visits Anne, the two begin talking about the feelings of pleasure they experienced and soon realize that they both crave more. The two devise a plan to use a small secluded area owned by Anne's husband to bring their slaves and have a bit of a party on their own.
    Both white wives agree to bring four of their strongest black slaves and share them between each other to experience pleasure beyond their wildest imaginations. Before their pleasures get the best of them, they need to make sure their plan is airtight, with no room for error. Can the two white wives get their favorite black slaves away for an intense night of passion?
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    There is no available information at this time.
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