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Taken Before Dawn - cover

Taken Before Dawn

Lizbeth Dusseau

Publisher: Pink Flamingo Media

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In the middle of the night, savage sirens blare as patrols sweep through a quiet neighborhood seeking out the accused. Susanna, Paige and Regina are snatched from their beds and flung into the street, where they are stripped, bound and gagged before their neighbors, then thrown into vans and taken to the induction facility. The arrested females are interrogated, tried and sentenced to prison. They've been accused of violating the Reformation Act, sweeping legislation intended to curb rampant indecency, eradicate pornographic materials and stamp out secret female cults that have sprung up in protest of this repressed society.

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    Christie was desperate to find some money. Her Dad had been made redundant and it looked like they were going to lose the family home. Then she found out about a Russian girl who had auctioned her own virginity and that set her thinking. One thing led to another, then Christie and her best friend Sal found themselves being sold for a small fortune to rich foreigners. All very scary and intimidating but the vast amount of money they were due made anything bearable... Until they discovered the arrangement was permanent!An Author's Republic audio production.
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