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The Cupid Curse - A Holiday Short - cover

The Cupid Curse - A Holiday Short

Lita Locke

Publisher: Lita Locke

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THE CUPID CURSE - A Comedy Holiday Short 
It's February 14 and Cupid's been fired from the job.  But he's not the only one with problems this Valentine's Day! 
Producer April Hart's TV sitcom is seeking to secure syndication and she only needs tonight's special season finale to get them over the line.  But it's risky show business broadcasting live and she's losing actors camera left, right and well, centre stage.  The role of Cupid is going begging--right up until the real thing crash-lands on her lawn. 
With the help of Doctor Ethan, her neighbour next door, can she convince the depressed deity that he is the god for the job?  Can the Lord of Love impress his bosses enough to get his old position back?  Or will it be curtains and a wrap for everyone instead?

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                                          Sorry, but it is what it is.
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    As these characters fumble through their quests for YouTube fame, stand-up glory, romantic love, stable employment or anyone who can tolerate them, they reveal that we are all, in our own ways, difficult people.
    Praise for Catriona Wright’s recent book of poetry, Table Manners:
    “... a baroque feast of juicy diction and inventive wordplay that explores food as social ritual and slippery signifier of desire.”
    —Barb Carey, The Toronto Star
    “Deft, dark, and unflinching, Catriona Wright’s work is stand-up comedy for the mind.”
    —Emily Schultz, author of The Blondes
    “If you've ever Instagrammed your lunch, or directed distain toward somebody who has, this is the book for you. The poems are vivid, surprising, and pretty much devourable.”
    —Kerry Clare, 49th Shelf
    “Tightly woven and elaborate in their conceit, the poems in Table Manners linger both on the mind and palate.”
    —Gillian Sze, Montreal Review of Books
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