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10 Book Boxed Set (Adultery Cheating Revenge Menage Ghost and Love Inspired Romance) - cover

10 Book Boxed Set (Adultery Cheating Revenge Menage Ghost and Love Inspired Romance)

Lisa Tindall, Abbie Brennan

Publisher: MidCastle Publishing

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10 Book Boxed Set (Adultery, Cheating, Revenge, Menage, Ghost, and Love Inspired Romance)

Written for your reading pleasure, and especially for lovers of romance anthologies, this 10 book boxed set contains the following:

1. The Ultimate Revenge (Cheating and Revenge Romance)
Norma is in a seemingly loving and committed marriage with her husband Ben when he receives a text message that changes everything! Norma wants revenge and her husband is at her mercy! Her request both shocks and terrifies him. Will Norma really go ahead with it?

2. It Is My Duty To Please My Wife (Love Inspired Suspense)
Larry and Nicole are a happily married couple and Larry will do anything to please his lovely wife. He believes that it is his duty to please his wife. That is the case when his wife comes home from work early one evening and Larry duly gives her all the “attention” she deserves.

3. The Cheating Wife (Cheating and Adultery Romance)
Angela is torn between two men: her loving husband, and her handsome and powerful boss. When Angela’s boss calls her into his office and then locks the door, she knows exactly what his intentions are. How far is she willing to go with her boss? Will she cheat on her husband whom she suspects of having an affair? Or will she decide to respect her wedding vows?

4. Two Ladies And A Rich Man (Menage Romance)
Two ladies, Sally and Bridget give a wealthy man several hours of pleasure while his wife is on a shopping trip abroad: for a fee of course!

5. Sleeping With A Ghost (Ghost and Spiritual Romance)
I got into her spacious home and before we knew it, we were lying together on her bed. The next morning, I was still in her bed (or so I thought) and I felt very cold.
“Janice”, I called out. I got no answer. I felt hard cold concrete. I suddenly opened my eyes and I had the shock of my life. The first thing I saw was some letters. It read “Janice 1980 – 2001”. It was a huge tombstone!

6. Seduced By An Olympic Star (Sports Romance)
Rachel is star struck when she meets Tim, and Olympic and football star, in a supermarket. When he invites her to his home, she feels unable to turn him down, despite the fact that she has a boyfriend. She soon learns that sleeping with someone on the first date, especially with a celebrity, isn’t exactly a good idea.

7. My Gorgeous Italian Professor (Professor Romance)
At the age of 24, Bill has never had the taste of a woman. When Gianna, a gorgeous Italian Professor to teach him Italian, he quickly becomes infatuated with her. During one of their Italian language lectures, Gianna and Bill end up in each other’s arms. Bill simply can’t contain his excitement as he experiences the joys of a woman for the very first time.

8. Seducing the Maid (Maid Seduction and Adultery Romance)
A seemingly happily married man seduces and then engages in an adulterous romantic affair with his irresistible German Maid, Dorothea. They take advantage of every opportunity they have to engage in several passionate moments together.

9. The Hotel Guest (One Night Stand Romance)
Mrs Rosie Trent is a very excited hotel guest. When a handsome cleaner comes into her suite one morning, she cannot resist the temptation to have carnal knowledge of him.

10. Once More Tonight (Love Inspired Romance)
When Trevor’s Beautiful Russian wife (Olga) returns from a six-week trip to her homeland, she is desperate to have her husband in her arms! She wants her husband to satisfy her and he does exactly that. He is certainly a very generous husband as he pleases her to the full.

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