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Happiness Is 500 Ways to Be in the Moment - cover

Happiness Is 500 Ways to Be in the Moment

lisa Swerling, Ralph Lazar

Publisher: Chronicle Books LLC

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Mindful living is happy living. This refreshing book from the creators of Happiness Is . . . illustrates 500 inspiring ways to slow down, unplug, de-stress, connect with others, and relish the simple moments in life: sitting under a ceiling fan on a hot day, taking lunch away from your desk, letting go of negative thoughts, a beach yoga session, and more. Featuring the brand's signature charming illustration style and friendly tone, this book sparks positive reflection and serves to remind us that happiness is all around—and within.

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    Cryptocurrency How to Invest For...

    Mark Rabkin

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    Our lives are becoming more and more digital everyday. This is true for money as much as anything else. 
    In 2017, cryptocurrencies have moved from something a small-dedicated group of people paid attention to into a much larger public view. As with any new society changing technological advance there are investment opportunities that can and will make a fortune. There are also even more ways to lose any money invested just as in “.com” boom of the late 1990s. 
    Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve said “[Virtual Currencies] may hold long-term promise, particularly if the innovations promote a faster, more secure and more efficient payment system.” While Warren Buffett, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway said “Stay away from it. It’s a mirage, basically.” Whose right? Actually, both. 
    There will be dominant winners like Amazon, Facebook and Google in the internet space in the cryptocurrency market. There will also be many more eToys, and webVan’s – companies that raised hundreds of millions of dollars during the late 1990s and went bust within a few years. 
    This book provides a broad view of the cryptocurrency market that includes Bitcoin and goes far beyond it. What most people don’t realize is there are three sectors in the cryptocurrency market today.  The three sectors are 1) cryptocurrency as currency; 2) platforms that enable software developers to build app like functionality in purpose built cryptocurrencies; 3) purpose built cryptocurrencies meant to better address the needs of business or consumer use cases better then traditional currencies do today. 
    This book provides the history, vocabulary, and essential information you need to understand the 30+ leading cryptocurrencies today. In addition, the investment strategies that the smartest investors in the world use are described and how they can be applied to the cryptocurrency market today. 
    In other words, massive opportunities and massive risks exist in investing in cryptocurrencies. Read and tread carefully. Ensure you and yours invest wisely. Remember the only constant in the world is change. 
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  • Mastering Your Focus - How To Use Simple and Effective Strategies to Improve Concentration Learn Faster Ignore Distractions Master Anything With Ease and Get More Done In Less Time - cover

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    Are you unhappy with your productivity? Do you struggle with distractions and interruptions, consumed by procrastination and wandering mind? Do you ever wish you could get really good at something quickly, smoothly, and effortlessly? Are you tired of ineffective advice on how to improve your focus?
    If you answered YES to any of those questions then you need to read this book
    This guide takes you through a proven system that’ll help you to master your attention, keep distractions at bay, and get more done in less time. The system described in Mastering your Focus has helped business owners, executives, athletes, students, and parents to triple their productivity, reduce their stress levels, and achieve more success in everything they do. This system will not only help you focus and concentrate, but as a result – will help you improve your memory, boost your productivity, and you will be able to adapt it to your life.
    Rediscover your life with laser-sharp focus and mental clarity.
    In Mastering your Focus you will find unique lessons through which you will learn those essential steps and qualities that are needed to reach your goals easier and faster. Researched and proven, with scientific studies and examples aplenty. You’ll learn how you can get yourself to concentrate at will, anytime you want. When you can easily focus and concentrate on the task at hand, and store and recall useful information, you can easily double your productivity and eliminate wasted time, stress and mistakes at work.
    In this book, you will discover:
    The obstacles that are crippling your ability to concentrate
    How to truly know whether you have a focus problem
    The workspace tweaks that’ll help you reach a flow state
    A simple workflow method that can double your productivity
    How to manage your email without letting it destroy your focus
    Surprising and simple techniques that’ll instantly increase your focus
    How to stay productive on those days when you are not in a good mood
    How to stop others from interrupting you without hurting their feelings
    How to use music to help you get into the zone (and the best type of music to use)
    And much more
    With Mastering your Focus, you can finally master your attention, ignore distractions, maximize productivity, and speed up your success
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  • Life 2 the Full - cover

    Life 2 the Full

    Raymond G. Floodgate

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    Life 2 the Full is a self-help book that shows the reader how to improve health and well-being by preventing illness from happening in the first place. This book will guide you through the elements needed to help you live your life to the full. 
    Life 2 the Full covers such subjects as health and well-being, food, exercise for the body, and exercise for the mind. Stress is also covered in this book, including ways to eliminate it. Other topics include breathing, relaxation, meditation, money, and abundance. The goal is to help the reader achieve a life that is lived to the full. 
    If you are struggling with your life through constant recurring illness, stress, food-related problems, or lack of purpose, Life 2 the Full will teach you how to change the life you are living now into a life that you never thought possible. The book is written in plain English, is easy to understand, and will give you an insight into how easy it is to change your life should you want to. 
    Raymond Floodgate is a certified reiki master and teacher, a qualified practitioner of energy healing, and an energy-healing teacher. He was a practitioner and instructor of shotokan karate for twelve years but now focuses on preventing illness. To this end, he has studied tai chi, qigong, and meditation.
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  • How to be a SuperAger - Living Life to the Max in your 50s 60s and beyond - cover

    How to be a SuperAger - Living...

    Angela S. Lucas

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    On her 82nd birthday, a grandmother was challenged to hike 100 kilometres (62miles) in Spain’s Galician mountains. Walking the ancient Camino de Santiago route with a heavy backpack, she faced adventures with other pilgrims, sticky mud, steep climbs and blistering midday heat. This was one way she faced the adventures and challenges of the third or late age.
    This uplifting book addresses the question for those in their 50s and beyond: ‘What now, what next, what has it all been about?’ It shows that far from settling into comfy slippers, whatever problems life presents, if a new challenge is accepted, a purposeful new life adventure begins.
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  • Baby Names Book: Getting Started on Choosing the Perfect Baby Names and Meanings - cover

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    Baby Names Book Baby Names Kindle: Getting Started on Choosing the Perfect Baby Names and Meanings. It can be difficult as a parent, trying to decide on a name for your beautiful baby. All sorts of things inhibit the decision process, like: Well, that's a cute name for when they are a toddler, but what about when they are adult? Will a child with this name get teased at school? Are there any nicknames that this name will automatically become, despite the parents wishes? What will their initials be? Will there name and surname be simply too long? As you can imagine, the list goes on and on. "Baby Names Kindle: Getting Started on Choosing the Perfect Baby Names and Meanings" offers ideas, insights meanings and origins of some of the more common names in use today or the future. Plus, as a bonus, you can claim a free copy of "28000 baby names", which includes the top 100 names, tips for naming twins, names to avoid, and more useful tips.
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    “If one more person tells me about their third cousin twice removed who met the love of their life online, I’m going to take out my weave and eat it.” 
    Being single sucks! Well, that's what everyone says, anyway. Single women over the age of 29 are seen as lonely, miserable, undesirable, and cat-crazy. Family members, friends — heck, even perfect strangers ask, “When are you going to get married?” This book flips the script on what it means to be a single woman in the twenty-first century. With dating horror story anecdotes and advice about online dating, self-esteem, sex, money, and freezing your eggs, Andrea Bain takes the edge off being single and encourages women to never settle.
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