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Yiquan 360 - cover

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Yiquan 360

Ling Seto

Publisher: Ling Seto

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A celebration of Yiquan for enthusiasts seeking a deeper and richer appreciation of the magnificence of the Internal Arts 
A departure from the standard "how-to" manual, Yiquan 360 provides the often missing theory and associated practice that will allow students of the Internal Arts to unlock their full potential as practitioners. It will demystify and fill knowledge gaps that exist outside of what is commonly taught and available in Internal Arts literature. 
Yiquan 360 was written to fulfill a promise made by Ling Seto to the late Francis H.T. Chan, a school mate and sparring partner of Bruce Lee, who served as a combat instructor to British troops stationed in Hong Kong. This book contains insights and teachings from almost fifteen years of training, observation and direction under Mr. Chan that are supported by Ling Seto's own experience and discoveries from five decades of martial arts study. 
As one of the rare texts to comprehensively describe and clarify the theory and practice  behind the types of Internal Power and the techniques used by Yiquan to produce them, this book also reveals the founder's ultimate aim for Yiquan, and provides insight into other martial arts that utilise Internal Power, answering questions including the following: 
 The rationale behind the slow pace of TaijiYiquan's equivalent to Bagua's circle walkingThe role of Xingyi in influencing YiquanThe relation of the Internal Arts to Shaolin Qigong 
For current practitioners, this book is an invaluable resource that provides a bird's eye view of Yiquan, explaining all aspects of the art and the proper training progressions required to advance. For other internal arts students, this volume provides key insights into the methodology to produce Internal Power in their own practice. Through the understanding of Yiquan training procedures and their purpose, students can rediscover methods in their respective arts that will enhance their training and skills.

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    Prolific, cool-headed and unerringly consistent, Lionel
    Messi is one of the most revered footballers in history.
    But did you know that his transfer to Barcelona was first
    agreed on a paper napkin?
    Or that an x-ray of his hand was to thank for identifying
    his growth hormone deficiency?
    And do you know why he refused to collect his first ever
    Champions League winner’s medal?
    Find out all this and more in Luca Caioli’s classic portrait
    of a footballing icon, featuring exclusive interviews with those who know him
    best and even Messi himself.
    Includes all the action from the 2017/18
    season and the 2018 World Cup
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