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Training and Retraining Horses the Tellington Way - Starting Right or Starting Over with Enlightened Methods and Hands-On Techniques - cover

Training and Retraining Horses the Tellington Way - Starting Right or Starting Over with Enlightened Methods and Hands-On Techniques

Linda Tellington-Jones

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books

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A revised edition of the inspiring bestseller, now in paperback with new good rider profiles! 
This book is exactly what you need to become a better rider. It's a smart, honest, on-target kick-in-the-pants, guaranteed to rev your engines as you see how a few changes in your life, a few smart choices and strategic moves, can transform you from a run-of-the-mill rider into a good one.  
How does Denny Emerson know what makes a good rider? For one thing, he is one—he is the only rider in the world to have won both a gold medal in international eventing and a Tevis Cup buckle in endurance. Plus, he's been around great riders, and taught those on their way to becoming great, for over 40 years. 
 How will what Denny knows help you become a good rider? He's boiled the whole thing down into seven broad "Areas of Choice" that determine whether you are a "gonnabe" or whether you'll be stuck in the "wannabe" category for decades. Examine how your choice of riding sport may or may not be the best for who you are and where you live.Find out how those frustrating hurdles known as "life circumstances" don't necessarily hold you back like you think they do.Learn how to build a strong support team by winning people to your cause and choosing the right teachers and mentors. Analyze your physical self (your body, how it is formed and how you care for it) and your intellectual self (your "horse smarts" and how you are adding to them or not) and apply the results to your "gonna-be-good" equation. Take a good hard look at your partner—your horse—and think critically about his ability to help you attain your riding goals.Discover the nine key character traits of successful riders and how you can learn to call each one of them your own.  
Along the way you'll read the stories of 23 of the world's top riders from different disciplines and sports—including dressage, reining, driving, show jumping, endurance, hunter/jumper, and eventing—and how they "got good" despite the same kinds of challenges and setbacks you face in your own day-to-day riding. You'll get an inside look at their path to success, as well as their very best tips for how to "make it" in the horse industry.

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  • Narrowboat Life - Discover Life Afloat on the Inland Waterways - cover

    Narrowboat Life - Discover Life...

    Jim Batty

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    'A colourful and comprehensive guide to life on the waterways. Practical, pretty and accessible, it's charmingly designed while providing excellent advice.' 
    BBC Countryfile Magazine 
    Full-time life on a narrowboat is a novelty for so many of us, and is endlessly fascinating. How do people downsize their lives and belongings into what looks like a large, crayon-coloured floating toy-box? Narrowboat Life answers all the questions we've wanted to ask about the ins and outs of liveaboard life on the inland waterways. 
    The book is filled with beautiful, enthralling photography of the waterways themselves, the narrowboats that occupy them and, most importantly, every nook and cranny of their insides. Should you become seduced, the author gives solid hands-on advice about how to make a narrowboat (or widebeam, cruiser or small Dutch barge) your home. 
    Accompanying these absorbing images, the playful and always informative text satisfies our curiosity to know, among other things: 
    ·      How do you fit all of your stuff into such a restricted space? 
    ·      How much does a narrowboat cost? 
    ·      How do you hold down a job if you're always on the move? 
    ·      Does s/he (the cat, dog, parrot) live on the boat as well? 
    ·      Is it cold in the winter? 
    This revised edition of Narrowboat Life features new and expanded sections on ecological living on the waterways – recycling, upcycling and living green – and living aboard in cities versus living on-land, as well as new profiles of more beautiful boats.
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  • Cape Scott and the North Coast Trail - Hiking Vancouver Island's Wildest Coast - cover

    Cape Scott and the North Coast...

    Maria I. Bremner

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    Part trail map, part field guide, part regional history, Cape Scott and the North Coast Trail is the first comprehensive guidebook about one of Vancouver Island’s most iconic destinations. Each year, thousands of backpackers and nature lovers head to the northern limits of Vancouver Island, bound for the jewel of the region: Cape Scott Provincial Park and the recently completed North Coast Trail.      
    Cape Scott, 115 kilometres of wave- and weather-beaten coastline, encompasses every dramatic element of Pacific Northwest geography. Rocky headlands neighbour sandy beaches and protected coves; bogs house sensitive amphibians and plants; and inland, a dense network of towering conifers, ferns, salal and beds of moss define the rainforest. The North Coast Trail wends its way through this paradise, offering hikers a rugged trek to Cape Sutil, a place steeped in First Nations history, beautiful ocean views along the long sandy beach at Shuttleworth Bight and glimpses of one of the largest intact coastal wetlands in British Columbia, an upland bog housing sandhill cranes and a variety of endemic species.      
    Cape Scott and the North Coast Trail equips visitors with everything they need to know to make the most of the park. Illustrated with accurate maps and vivid photographs, and loaded with details about biology and human history, the guide is perfect for the day tripper, serious backpacker or anyone wanting to learn more about the culture and wildlife of the region.
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  • Strong is the New Beautiful - Embrace Your Natural Beauty Eat Clean and Harness Your Power - cover

    Strong is the New Beautiful -...

    Lindsey Vonn

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    Lessons in strength, fitness, food, and attitude from the popular world champion skier and beauty icon-Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn.  
    Olympic Alpine skier Lindsey Vonn wants women to stop thinking about "losing weight fast," and instead focus on loving their bodies for what they are and what they can do. Lindsey is a small-town Minnesota girl at heart turned world-champion skier, but that didn't come without hard work. In Strong Is the New Beautiful, Lindsey lays out the never-before-seen training routines and her overall philosophy that have helped her become the best female skier in the world-tailored for women of all shapes and sizes. Lindsey backs up her fitness program with advice on what to eat and how to work out, and kicks readers into high-gear, helping bolster their self-confidence and build a better body image, with the tips and tricks she's learned as a pro. 
    This is Lindsey's regimen, and she encourages people to take from it what will work for them. She bounced back from injury not by doing every single thing a trainer said, but instead, by thinking about the fitness plan that would work for her, and eating the right foods that would make her feel and get healthy. In Strong Is the New Beautiful, she interweaves her training and diet regimen with compelling stories of her life growing up in the heartland, her love of skiing, the challenges she's faced-including injuries, illness, and depression-and her secrets to wellness, fitness, and recovery. 
    Supported by cutting-edge science and the latest studies on health and exercise, filled with routines even those hitting the bunny hill of working out can master, and illustrated with dozens of workout shots and photos from Lindsey's own collection, Strong Is the New Beautiful will inspire and motivate you-whether you're an aspiring athlete, want to get back into shape, or are eager to up your game-to make your body stronger than ever before, inside and out.
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  • Rain Later Good - Painting the Shipping Forecast - cover

    Rain Later Good - Painting the...

    Peter Collyer

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    Rain Later, Good is the award winning story of Peter Collyer's extraordinary journey around the Shipping Forecast areas and has been a bestseller since first publication. 
     The artist's brilliant and detailed paintings reproduced actual size, offer a series of images which help conjure up the most mythical locations, whilst his delightful idiosyncratic text provides a wealth of fascinating insights. He introduces us to the people who live and work in these areas, and passes on snippets of tantalising information to give a powerful impression of the place and convey a real feeling of being there. The beautiful paintings which come from Peter Collyer's travels truly capture the spirit of these wild and isolated spots. 
    This is a book to be treasured, and its reissue will be welcomed by Peter's many admirers.  
    'A very remarkable painter. His work is simply stunning with an observed intensity which makes him very special indeed.' Chris Beetles in The Daily Telegraph  
    'The most delightful and unexpected book I've encountered this year... a wonderful book.' John Naughton, The Times
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  • Foul Play - The Dark Arts of Cheating in Sport - cover

    Foul Play - The Dark Arts of...

    Mike Rowbottom

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    Foul Play dissects the age-old subject of cheating in all its absurdity. From plain old doping to claiming a marathon victory despite having driven the middle section of the race, from match-fixing to diving for a penalty - cheating in sport is as old as sport itself.  
    There are plenty of well-known cases of cheats being found out in sport: Ben Johnson, for example, was stripped of his 100m Olympic medal after a positive drugs test; South African cricketer Hansie Cronje was banned from all cricket for life after admitting involvement in match-rigging; rugby union recently found itself having to deal with the "bloodgate" scandal. However, there are myriad other examples of bending the rules more subtly: pressuring the referee, demoralising an opponent with mind games, or shirt-pulling. 
    But what constititues cheating and where do we draw the line? Are some sports cleaner than others? Is cheating in one sport the same as cheating in another or does each sport's distinctive culture set different standards? Is there such a thing as a sport without sin? Or, indeed, a sporting competitor? 
    This book is not a catalogue of past sporting misdemeanours so much as an investigation into the lengths to which some sports people have gone, and will go, to get the better of others. And also the lengths to which they will not go.
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  • Marathon Running - From Beginner to Elite 4th edition - cover

    Marathon Running - From Beginner...

    Richard Nerurkar

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    "I've learned so much from Richard about marathon running.  If you want   to run a marathon, or a faster one, you have to read his book!"  Haile   Gebrselassie, first athlete to run a sub-2:04 Marathon           
    "Richard's   achievements as a world-class distance runner speak for themselves.  His  success came from a meticulous approach to training and from  knowing  how to get the best out of himself in his races." Paula  Radcliffe,  women's marathon world record holder (2:15:25, London 2003) 
    Written   by Richard Nerurkar, Britain's most successful marathon runner of the   1990s, the fourth edition of this classic, invaluable guide will help   you get the most from your distance training. From the complete  beginner  enchanted by the challenge of the London Marathon, to the  experienced  runner wishing to improve on racing strategy, its  authoritative pages  reveal a wealth of information on:  
    structuring  an effective  build-up and taper 
    training harder without doing too  much  
    improving your endurance and pace judgement 
    producing your  best on race-day.   
    This  new edition has been fully updated to  take account of the latest  developments in running science and  programme design. Also included are  tips on how to choose a good  marathon and the pitfalls of bad ones, as  well as more insights from  Richard and other leading runners.
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