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The Passion Season - Book I of the Covalent Series - cover

The Passion Season - Book I of the Covalent Series

Libby Doyle

Publisher: Fairhill Publishing LLC

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2016 Medalist in Fantasy — New Apple Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing 
"A tale about Lucifer’s son that deftly draws in readers with engrossing characters." — Kirkus Reviews 
What if Paradise Lost was based on a true story?  
When someone finds a human spleen in the bushes inside a Philadelphia park, FBI Agent Zan O'Gara is called to investigate. Through the case, she meets the stunning Rainer Barakiel, who captures her thoughts, and libido, in ways that both frighten and thrill her. Rainer is a superhuman warrior from another dimension exiled to Earth for the sins of his father, Lucifer, who rebelled against the rulers of their realm. When Rainer meets the fearless Zan he cannot get her out of his mind, even though love with a human is forbidden by the laws of his homeworld. His superhuman passion overwhelms the fact that his love is placing her in danger. The warrior has enemies, you see, his own father the greatest among them. 
WARNING: This book contains foul language, violence, explicit sex, and descriptions of sexual violence. Adults only, please. This is not a stand-alone novel. The story continues in The Pain Season: Book II of the Covalent Series, available now.  
The Passion Season 
Book I of the Covalent Series 
Length: 117,370 words

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    Beyond The Veil:  
    Book One - Trial By Fire  
    Book Two - The Enemy You Know  
    Book Three - Dancing With Demons (coming soon)
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    Dance With The Devil is an epic Hollywood thriller in the crime genre which dispenses blood and justice in equal measure and is yet another of Kris Lillyman's stunning, action packed books.
    The story centres around Maria Liuzzi, a young woman born into a life of privilege; the only daughter of Carlo Liuzzi - hugely successful boss of Gold Star Pictures and former mob enforcer.
    But Maria commits the ultimate of Hollywood crimes when she becomes pregnant by a young man whom her father believes unworthy of her.
    Insane with anger, Carlo murders Maria's lover and forcibly separates her from her baby, banishing them both abroad where they are destined to live forever apart.
    Yet neither Maria or her young child make it to their respective destinations and what follows is their lifelong struggle to find not only each other but also the man who caused them to lose so much.
    This epic mob romance, soaked in the violence of action, spans thirty years; encompassing the golden age of Hollywood, the desperate poverty of Hell's Kitchen and the glamorous high life of Fifth Avenue. A non-stop ride that is guaranteed to keep you gripped right up until its explosive finale.
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