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One That Got Away - Hades' Spawn Motorcycle Club #2 - cover

One That Got Away - Hades' Spawn Motorcycle Club #2

Lexy Timms

Publisher: Dark Shadow Publishing

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From Best Selling Author, Lexy Timms, comes a motorcycle club romance that'll make you want to buy a Harley and fall in love all over again. 
Emily Rose Dougherty had only fallen in love once, in high school with a boy her parents didn’t approve of. Emily saw through the tough-guy façade, his leather jacket and motorcycle. She gave her heart to him. An accident on Luke’s motorcycle brought things to a screeching halt when her parents forbade her to see him again. 
Neither forgot about the other. 
Fast forward ten years… 
Luke Wade built a good life as the owner of a motorcycle repair shop and the road captain of Hades’ Spawn Motor Cycle Club. When he reconnects with his high school love, Emily, things seem to be falling into place. 
When dirty dealings within Hades’ Spawn, problems created by Emily’s ex-boyfriend and secrets from Luke’s past threaten to blow Luke’s life and his relationship with Emily apart, it suddenly feels like everything spiralling out of control. 
Can Luke and Emily find a way to conquer the obstacles to their love or will they be to each other, “the one that got away?” 
Hades' Spawn is a 4 book series.

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    50 Amazing Tips for Experiencing Happiness, Joy and Living a Better Life 
    Everybody would like to experience joy and happiness in their lives.   Everyone would like to live a better life.  How we achieve this is perhaps the biggest and most important question we can ask. 
    There have been two main approaches to trying to increase our happiness.  The first is to be passive, to simply allow happiness to fall upon us, hoping that it will do so naturally.  This approach, as if waiting for the sun to come out, tells us  there is nothing we can really do to increase our happiness.  We are either happy, or we are not and we must accept both of those possibilities. 
    The second approach tells us to be more active.  It says that some things make us happy – money, cars, houses, holidays, sex, technology etc – and that logically, the more we have of these, the happier we will become.  It teaches us to actively pursue these things and the income we need to acquire them.  
    However, both of these approaches are fundamentally wrong.  We know that neither of these are routes show any difference to the happiness of those people who pursue them.  Both are misguided attempts to attain a better life. 
    Instead, research has shown that there is a third way, a proven way that offers practical steps to increasing your happiness.  It does encourage you to be proactive, but it does it in a way that trains your mind to adopt a more positive outlook.  By forming positive habits we can fundamentally alter our mindset.   
    The way to fin happiness is through expressing gratitude.  And the best way to express gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal.  Many people testify that this is a concrete and reliable way to embrace the joy in your life.  This guide contains 50 practical tips that will help you also change your life for the better.  
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    Are you overweight and fed up with constantly trying to lose those unhealthy pounds and are you also sick to death of being on a diet all the time.   
    Have you tried all of the latest ‘lose weight fast fads’ but they just didn't work for you short or long term.   
    If you did manage to lose weight after starving yourself, did you put it back on super fast when you stop ‘dieting’?  
    If any or all of the above rings a bell with you, then stop beating yourself up because it really isn't your fault they didn't work, they were just so wrong for you. 
    One of the main reasons most people fail to reach  their target weight is that being on any diet 7 days a week for months on end becomes so BORING, we just give up.  We are after all, only human and don't we just love those things that are bad for our health and waistline.  That's because the things that are bad for us are usually the most delicious and satisfying. 
    What if I told you there was another way and that you could eat normally for 5 days a week and only ‘diet’ for the other 2 days.  Sounds too good to be true doesn't it, but that is exactly what the 5:2 Fast Diet can do for you.   
    This is the scientifically proven easy weight loss system that works by letting you eat normally five days a week but on the other two days you eat between 500 - 600 calories.  It really is that simple!! 
    What would it feel like to fit into your favourite clothes that you haven’t been able to wear for ages?  How would you like to meet up with old friends and family and catch their sideways glances at the new slim you?  
    To help you reach that goal and lose that stubborn weight, this 5:2 Diet Meal Plans & Recipes cookbook contains all the information and delicious recipes you need to follow the 5:2 Diet and I promise you, that you WILL lose 3-5 lbs every week if you follow this diet plan. 
    The 21 Meal Plans with Recipes cookbook make it really simple to follow the 5:2 Diet because all the thinking and planning has been done for you.  The food is so easy to cook, you will hardly know you are dieting.  It makes sense to plan out your food on your fasting days because you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen when you are trying to eat less. 
    There are over 40 recipes, carefully put together with a balance of protein and carbohydrates. They will satisfy even the hungriest appetites on your two fasting days and they are not just smaller portions 
    Menus are set out in either 1, 2 or 4 portions depending on ingredients and are calorie grouped. You should cook bigger batches and freeze the extra portions for other fasting days. This will save you cooking every fasting day which should make it a lot easier.  Many recipes are suitable for freezing and these have been marked as such. 
    So, stop stalling and grab this book TODAY and start losing that unhealthy weight FAST
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  • DIY Holiday Gifts: Step-by-Step Tutorial for Making Unique Homemade Holiday Gifts - cover

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    DIY Holiday Gifts  
    Step-by-Step Tutorial for Making Unique Homemade Holiday Gifts 
    If you’re thinking about making some gifts for the holidays, then ‘DIY Holiday Gifts Step-by-Step Tutorial for Making Unique Homemade Holiday Gifts’ is the ebook for you. 
    This book will talk you through a wide range of wonderfully unique homemade gifts including: 
    A great variety of gifts for Mother’s Day, that she’s sure to love 
    A delightful array of gifts for Father’s Day, that he’ll be very pleased with 
    Some wonderful graduation gifts 
    A great range of festive holiday gifts that you wouldn’t believe 
    And so much more! 
    Now you will no longer be worried about what to get someone for their birthday or one of the many other occasions we’re faced with every year. Let this book teach you how to make some great gifts that won’t cost the earth, or take a lot of time to create. Use the step by step guides to help you slowly but surely find your way to making something special. This book is about getting creative and having fun at the same time, so why not take a look at all that it has to offer, so you can give your loved ones something homemade and unique no matter what the occasion.
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    It’s the perfect marriage of wisdom and wit—here are 100 valuable lessons on how to live, drawn from 100 hilarious and unforgettable jokes. A really good joke, like a great poem, memorable song lyric, razor-sharp anecdote, or Zen koan, is a portal of discovery—it can get a meaningful message across in a way that’s clear, humorous, and practical. It’s the secret weapon of every great comedian—there’s the joke, and then there’s the subtext of the joke, and that can mean serious business. A funny, funny joke about a therapist and his patient conveys, for example, an important lesson on the power of communication. A surprising joke about a tribal shaman and the weather service turns into a necessary critique on how we should view experts.  
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  • Upcycling Cans and Bottles: 40 DIY Projects to Reuse Old Cans and Bottles for Crafts and Home Decorations! - DIY Projects - cover

    Upcycling Cans and Bottles: 40...

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    Upcycling Cans and Bottles: 40 DIY Projects to Reuse Old Cans and Bottle for Crafts and Home Decorations! 
    There is a new term used to turn something used, old and worthless into something new, beautiful and useful – and that is called upcycling. 
    Now, if you are one who is really into crafting, and even if you are not, this book will make sure that you will have that creative fix that you need, while helping you keep your things in order and get rid of trash without having to spend so much money or throwing stuff away. The book aims to provide: 
    ·         Enlightenment on the different benefits and advantages of upcycling and recycling your trash and old household items. 
    ·         Upcycling projects that you can do using wine bottles. 
    ·         DIY projects using plastic bottles. 
    ·         DIY crafting ideas using mason jars and mason jar lids. 
    ·         Different ways to upcycle cans. 
    With the help of this book, readers will be able to see the value in things that seem to be useless, old and considered as trash. The projects featured here will not only help you save lots of money but these will also awaken the sleeping crafter and upcycling diva in you. 
    Don’t Delay. Download This Book Now. 
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