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Managing the Bosses Novellas - Managing the Bosses Series - cover

Managing the Bosses Novellas - Managing the Bosses Series

Lexy Timms

Publisher: Dark Shadow Publishing

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USA Today Bestselling author, Lexy Timms, brings you 4 Holiday Romance Stories from you favourite Billionaire Boss couple, Alex Ried & Jamie.  
Valentine Love 
To the sweet Valentine that stole my heart… 
Mark Reid, billionaire Alex Reid's brother, is full of cheesy Valentine quotes. He has a wonderful Valentine's weekend planned for Erica. He's got arranged everything to a tee, even dropped his baby daughter Emily off at Alex and Jamie's for the weekend. Now it's just him and his wife, celebrating not only their love, but what they accomplished during the past year. 
It's a time for them to catch up and connect on a more personal level, and it's working out perfectly. Except Erica still sometimes feels haunted by her mistakes, and struggles to forgiver herself for the things she did. 
Add a few difficult guests to the mix and the weekend becomes something wonderful, exciting, and grand. 
The Cost of Freedom 
"Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart." 
It's a year down the line and Jamie and Alex have made it through the worst, together. And come out stronger on the other side. They want nothing more than to keep moving forward. But, somehow, the past seems to be catching up with them.  
Alex and Jamie have to decide if they want to go ahead with their planned Fourth of July party. Are they going to let the events of last year ruin their plans? 
Canceling the party would be a crime, because there is a surprise gender reveal planned at the end and Jamie and Alex are both dying to know if it's a boy or a girl joining their little clan. 
Trick or Treat 
"Trick or Treat, 
Bags of Sweet, 
Stalkers walking down the street…" 
It's Halloween and Jamie and Alex are getting ready to celebrate it with their kids. The twins and Markie are excited to go Trick or Treating in their outfits and baby Rosie looks adorable in the suit Jamie made her. 
Everything is perfect. 
Except, someone's messing with their family. Again. Jamie has a stalker, someone who clearly means business. When a photo of Alex taped to her windscreen isn't enough, a brick through her dining room window is the next step that scares Jamie into a state of helplessness. 
But she refuses to lie down and take the punches, this time. She's set on putting a stop to this, and she's going to do everything in her power to keep her family safe. Even if it means following a hunch that could lead to nowhere. 
She won't go down without a fight. 
The Night Before Christmas 
Christmas isn't a season, it's a feeling. 
It's Christmas and the family is together. Alex spent all of December home and their relationship has never been better. 
But he's going back to work soon, and it's casting a dark cloud over everything for Jamie. It's silly but suddenly she's terrified of being alone again. 
What if something goes wrong? What if she can't do it all alone? What if it turns out the kids like Alex better than they like her? There are so many things she needs to think about and work through, and its taking away from her time with the family. 
When Jamie finally has the courage to talk to Alex, it comes out all wrong and only drives a wedge between them that threatens to ruin the last few days they have together at home. 
Jamie needs to learn to trust herself, trust Alex, and not give into her doubts. Can she learn that before it's too late?

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