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Employed by the Boss - Managing the Bosses Series #7 - cover

Employed by the Boss - Managing the Bosses Series #7

Lexy Timms

Publisher: Dark Shadow Publishing

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From Bestselling Author, Lexy Timms, comes a billionaire romance that'll make you swoon and fall in love all over again.  
“We may fight and we may cry, but we’ll get back because you’re the reason I survive.”  
The face of Reid Enterprises is slowly changing. Alex has always been at the forefront but now with a family, his priorities are changing. However, the change isn’t instant and along with it come challenges and complications.  
Jamie and Alex try to focus on the positive, but eventually self-doubt bring on arguments and Jamie’s not sure how much their relationship can survive.  
Alex's brother, Mark is leaving the company and moving on. He’s starting his own business and desperately wants a love like Jamie and Alex’s. However, nothing seems to come easy these days and jealousy can turn the most beautiful things ugly.  
** Employed by the Boss is book 7 in the Managing the Bosses series. **   
Managing the Bosses Series:  
The Boss  
The Boss Too  
Who's the Boss Now  
* Gift for the Boss (Christmas Novella)  
Love the Boss  
I Do the Boss  
Wife to the Boss  
Employed by the Boss   
Brother to the Boss  
Senior Advisor to the Boss  
Forever the Boss  
This is steamy romance, NOT erotica.

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    Taoism differs from other similar esoteric systems in many ways. You can distinguish it both by the emphasis Taoist practice places on referencing all experience to proprioceptive awareness of what’s occurring in the body rather than being lost and prey to delusion in the imagination, which is the usual way of modern Western culture; and by the ultimate goal of practice. At their highest level all other practices ancient and newfangled promise transcendence and enlightenment. While this is a product of Taoist practice it goes one step further to promise immortality. This is not, as far as anyone knows, actual physical immortality, as that remains the province of vampire movies and suchlike, but immortality of consciousness. The Taoists call this phenomenon the ‘immortal spirit body’. This is the vehicle that carries your presence across the divide when you finally drop your body and die. They never presumed to describe what’s over there as that would be childish. And because of the notable diminishment of mortal dread wrought by the daily practice of activating and developing identity with the immortal spirit body – the gust of the internal alchemical process, the moment of death is presumably made far less melodramatic, and hence easier to negotiate. This then extends to every waking moment as well as during your dreams, all the way along the path till you get there. 
    As well as activating the spirit body, daily practice of internal alchemy activates all the benign human qualities required to operate at full potential during this lifetime – power, grace, will, empathy, courage, healing, immunity, confidence, determination, purity, beauty, beauteousness, endurance, stamina, steadfastness, sturdiness, core integrity, wealth, good standing, success, fulfillment, magnetism, charisma, sensuousness, manifesting power, creativity, clarity, nobility and virtue. 
    Like transmuting base metal into gold, the animal drive is transmuted into pure chi, which in turn is transmuted into pure consciousness, and the pumping mechanism occurs by rhythmically stimulating the flow of chi along a circuit of meridians called the eight psychic channels as they comprise the energy-structure of the spirit body. 
    At the very least this is a sophisticated meditation system for people with restless minds that require for their soothing useful pathways of attention to move along during the meditation practice, similarly to repeating mantras or visualizing yantras for example. 
    But with full presence brought to bear on daily practice a gradual yet exponential activation of the immortal self occurs in a palpable way. 
    Tao of Internal Alchemy, revised version of the title originally published in 2001 as Return of the Urban Warrior, is renowned as the clearest if not only teaching on this rare system and certainly the most enjoyable to interact with this side of the Milky Way.
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    Why shall we use tropical herbs and other plants to treat diseases? The answer is plain and simple: many of the powerful drugs used in modern medicines originated in plants. About 7,000 medical compounds prescribed by Western doctors are said to be derived from plants. 
    Tropical rainforests cover only six percent of the Earth’s surface, but it contains half of all species. Despite the abundant botanical resources of these tropical rainforests along with the already proven tangible medical advances they were offering, yet only a very little percentage (about 1 percent) of the known flora and fauna species have been thoroughly examined for their medical potentials. 
    Hence, this eBook was made to serve as your reference to the medicinal treasures of the rainforest. With nearly 90 percent of human diseases known to medical science can be treated with prescription drugs derived from nature, how much better it is for you to acquire them directly and fresh from the source.
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    In early 1998, Rasha began a profound dialogue with the universal Presence, “Oneness� --the Divinity we all share. As Oneness guided her step by step through the agonies and the exultation of an experiential voyage to God-realization, Rasha painstakingly documented the principles that lay the foundation for a new level of understanding of the phenomenon we call “life.† In just one generation, our lives and our world have been shaken beyond recognition by unprecedented levels of change. The rules of life we were taught to bank on -- and the bastions of scientific proof that held it all together -- have begun to shift. We’re discovering that the very foundation on which our world rests is no longer on solid ground. In its place, another kind of truth has emerged – a profound sense of Divine inter-connectedness we’ve begun to discover within the depths of each of us. Now, as a race of beings, we’ve begun to bridge the worlds of science and spirit, as we explore and recognize the validity of these astonishing concepts.
    In this groundbreaking work, we are guided to understand the timeless mystery of our existence. We discover the clues that empower us to create the kinds of lives we long for, and how to release the vibrational constraints that prevent us from realizing our dreams. We learn to recognize the patterns of emotion that undermine our best intentions. And we begin to re-direct the focus of our attention to harmonize with the flow of the powerful energies accelerating all around us – and with the power of Creation that drives it.  Oneness speaks in a voice that reaches out to the heart of each of us. The words are personal – and the experience of embracing the understandings they hold is transformational. We come away from the simple act of reading feeling like we’ve been touched by something indescribable – and holy.  Ultimately, Oneness addresses our timeless quest for oneness with the Divine with revelations that reveal the mystery of our existence. In the process, we come to grasp the significance of the choice each of us has made to be present, in physical form, in these extraordinary times.
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  • The Redemption of Madeline Munrove - The Model Wife #1 - cover

    The Redemption of Madeline...

    Mary Campisi

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    Love and Betrayal…Regency Style 
    Madeline Munrove’s mother instilled three truths in her daughter. These truths were as follows: First, men were basically useless creatures driven by decisions calculated below the waist. Second, women were far superior in intelligence and fortitude. And third, women must pretend the first and second were untrue if they hoped to navigate in a society ruled by such worthless creatures. 
    Enter Douglas Fontaine, a man whose life is ruled by logic and analysis. Such behavior is the reason he has created a ‘test’ which prospective brides must pass in order to gain consideration for the position of ‘wife’. When a chance game of cards with a scoundrel wins him a country estate, Douglas has no idea Madeline resides at the estate or that his very ordered existence is about to be upended. 
    As Madeline and Douglas attempt to determine the true nature and secrets of the other, they will soon learn that no amount of calculation will account for the moment when logic collides with passion… 
    The Model Wife series: 
    Book One: The Redemption of Madeline Munrove 
    Book Two: TBA 
    BONUS MATERIAL:  Included with this ebook is the first chapter The Seduction of Sophie Seacrest, Book One in Mary Campisi’s regency historical series An Unlikely Husband.
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    Caning the Nanny!

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    Janelle is a nanny who works for an English couple. But when she misbehaves she is given an option to either move on with her life or let her bottom suffer the needed correction.  What should she do?  This is a mature audience novel that involves spanking.  Only 18 or over please!
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  • Pornographic Fruitcake Love Story - cover

    Pornographic Fruitcake Love Story

    David Lee

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    'Pornographic Fruitcake Love Story' is a comedy based upon a simple, time-tried, rather universal theme – the absurdity of a lover’s efforts to please the beloved. A work of light humor, it consists mainly of a writer’s bumbling efforts to produce a money making “filthy story” in order to impress a woman who claims to have no faith in men. The story enjoys the liberty of a highly malleable structure, which remains integral  throughout the book despite apparent convolutions. The language, plain and unadorned, is consistent with the atmosphere of this distinctly satirical farce and with the character of the aspiring author, who appears in occasional ‘Personal Interludes’ between some of the chapters. This character is not really autobiographical, though he pretends to be, and this is not the story of my life. Pornographic Fruitcake is very much itself and is aimed at laughter, not at making a fine impression upon the academic mind.
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