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A McKenzie Christmas - McKenzie Brothers #7 - cover

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A McKenzie Christmas - McKenzie Brothers #7

Lexi Buchanan

Publisher: HFCA Publishing

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Spend December with each of the McKenzie siblings as they start their own family traditions and try to keep the romance alive with the stress of the season. 
Michael and Lily struggle to find a private moment together when the twins and new baby constantly need their attention. 
Sebastian is aware of something that Carla should have known well before him. 
Ruben and Rosie find the spirit of Christmas on the ice, and move forward with their life in a surprise that Ruben has planned. 
Lucien is still haunted by ghosts of his past, but with Sabrina's help, he's finally able to move past it. 
Ramon and Noah spend the evening of their wedding preparing for their honeymoon. (MM explicit chapter) 
And the Epilogue, well, you'll have to read the novella… 
NT Times & USA Today Bestselling author, Lexi Buchanan brings you a novella to wrap up the McKenzie series. 
Reading Order 
#1 Seduce 
#1.5 The Wedding 
#2 Rapture 
#3 Delight 
#4 Entice 
#5 Cherished
Available since: 11/18/2015.

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