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Silver Girl - cover

Silver Girl

Leslie Pietrzyk

Publisher: The Unnamed Press

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A nameless young woman starts her freshman year of college with one goal in mind: survival. 
Newly transplanted to the big city of Chicago, she is one of the rare few to leave her small working class town in Iowa, let alone for a prestigious university. She is not driven by academic ambition, nor is she a social butterfly. Her true gift is an ability to understand the needs of others, and to reflect back the version of themselves they wish to see, rendering herself invisible. 

Deftly, she conceals her deeply troubled past—especially from her charismatic yuppie-in-the-making best friend and roommate. For a while, she assimilates, living a new life not in any way her own. But the mask she wears cannot hide her secrets forever, and at some point she will be truly seen, possibly for the first time in her life.
Set in the early 80s, against the backdrop of a city terrorized by the Tylenol Killer, a local psychopath rumored to be stuffing cyanide into drugstore meds, Silver Girl is a deftly psychological account of the nuances of sisterhood.  Contrasting obsession and longing, need versus desire, Leslie Pietrzyk delves into the ways class and trauma are often enmeshed to dictate one’s sense of self, and how a single relationship can sometimes lead to redemption.

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    "There is a dungeon hidden
    beneath the castle where women are treated as playthings…humiliated in ways an innocent little thing like you
    cannot possibly begin to imagine," he said with a wicked grin that did not
    reach his eyes.
    "I am not a child, Victor,"
    I said through clenched teeth, more than a little annoyed that this stranger
    was judging me without knowing anything about me.
    "Of course not, but there are
    things that happen in the dungeon that will make you question a lot of
    things," he said.
    "What kind of things?" I
    asked, curious despite my apprehension to show him that he was right in
    guessing my lack of experience regarding sex. I wasn't completely innocent but
    every time a topic that had to do with sex came up, I would blush and turn away.
    "What do you mean what kind of
    things?" he asked.
    "What do you use?" I
    "Hmm? What do we use? Ropes,
    whips, handcuffs, blindfolds, clamps," he shrugged. "Anything that
    can be fitted inside a woman's-" he stopped and turned to me. "Oh,
    are you blushing already? Come now, wouldn't you like to have a look?"
    My cheeks flamed red and I turned to
    stare at him incredulously. "I'm here to work, Victor, not to check out
    some kinky dungeon," I said.
    "Yes, but you do have to check
    everything, don't you?"
    I continued gaping at him, a burning
    sensation tumbling in my belly. "Yes, but-"
    "There is an event
    tonight," he said. "You should have a look," he suggested.
    I looked at him blankly.
    Was he asking me to go to the
    dungeon with him? Was it some sort of innuendo?
    "What… What do I need to do?" I swallowed, suddenly
    I sounded feeble and weak.
    "Submit," he said with a
    grin that scared me.
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    Ghost Ships of Terra

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    Athena Lee was is back in the Navy. Her own military forget about her, assassins tried to kill her, her government locked her up and treated her as if she were a terrorist. She is just trying to what she does best. Be the best Engineer in the Galaxy. Now pirates are a threat to her while she searches for the Ghost ships of Terra!
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