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Mini Cupcakes - cover

Mini Cupcakes

Leslie Fiet

Publisher: Gibbs Smith

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From the owner of Mini’s Cupcakes in Salt Lake City, a guide to making, baking, and decorating some tiny yet tasty cupcakes. Mini Cupcakes specifies the finest ingredients, including Madagascar vanilla, dark Belgium chocolate, and organic fruits to create amazing mini cupcake creations. Combine great cake recipes, such as Key Largo Lime or Chocoholic, with filling recipes, such as banana cream or salted caramel. Add frosting and toppings such as white chocolate ganache or margarita cream cheese and you have endless combinations of rich and decadent goodness. With tips for making, baking, and decorating, this cookbook offers perfect combinations, from the Breakfast at Tiffany's cupcake to Pretty in Pink, from the Diva cupcake to the Mocha Latte. Part delicious cupcake, part tiny pieces of art, mini cupcakes are the perfect treat to satisfy your cravings or entertain in style.
Available since: 03/01/2011.
Print length: 96 pages.

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    Do you feel always tired and without energy? Are you struggling with digestion problems or chronic diseases that are making your life unbearable? Are you searching for a diet to improve your condition and maximize your chances to heal for good? 
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    This bundle includes much valuable information such as:The secret reason why an alkaline diet helps you to heal your immune system and get rid of chronic inflammation. The food is harmful and thus causes inflammation in your body. How this diet can tremendously help reduce the risk of cancer and help cancer patients to improve their condition.The acid-forming foods that you don’t expect, and why you should avoid them.Misconceptions and false myths when following a plant-based diet.Many detailed and easy-to-do recipes, that readers can use to keep their eating fun and less tedious.Why Natural Herbal Medication is important to heal the body, reduce inflammation, and prevent degenerative diseasesInformation on Over 70 individual healing herbs, will explain to you botany characteristics, tips on when to harvest, and what parts of the plants are useful the most to heal your body. 
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    Learn Key Concepts for Your Self-Development or Discussion Group in 15 Minutes Without Missing the Highlights... or Your Money Back! 
    Note: This is a Summary and Discussions of Brain Wash: Detox Your Mind for Clearer Thinking, Deeper Relationships and Lasting HappinessWhat’s in It for Me, and Why is it Important? 
    Brain Wash explains how the world is impacting our health by looking at the impact of numerous factors on our brains. Too much internet, lack of sleep, and living isolated lives are actually causing more than just disconnection; they are actually killing us. This book reveals the results of decades of studies and provides a plan for increasing your mental and physical health by washing your brain.Don't Have Time to Read? 
    Discover the new way to grasp a deeper understanding of a book or subject while getting your time back - instantly! 
    The Growth Digest serves busy people who are keen on growth, learning, and self-development by serving all the highlights and key points on a silver platter - without the fluff. 
    Our unique Growth Digest Summary and Discussions Book would be ideal to enhance your enjoyment of the original book or help to pick it up. 
    Scroll Up and Download Now!  
    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back.  
    This is an unofficial summary & analytical review and has not been approved or is affiliated by the original author or publisher of the book.
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    Deep down I feel I was born to be vegan. As a child around 8 years old, I remember asking my mom, why we were eating an animal's liver. I felt pity and compassion for animals being used as food. I remember questioning why I had to eat meat all the time but I knew nothing of vegetarianism or veganism. When the knowledge of veganism came to me, it resonated with me on every level of my being. I felt like I was waking up to a reality that made perfect sense yet learning something I felt that I innately have always known to be right for me. I lost 100 pounds after becoming vegan. I lost weight slowly over time. I gradually ate less and learned to maintain my weight. I was a fat vegan long enough to know how hard it is to get to the next level and reach my goal weight. I understand how it feels to be fat while being a devout vegan, even on a strict whole foods diet but being trapped in the addiction of overeating and binging. 
    Fat Vegan Help Desk is here to help you reach your desired weight. 
    Fat Vegan Help Desk is the smart vegan guide. Stay motivated. Change your mind-set. Reach and maintain your desired weight. The final chapter is a hypnotic meditation to help you defeat overeating. Narrated by the Author. Written and Narrated by the Author,
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  • Excel Chinese Cooking - Get into the Art of Chinese Cooking - cover

    Excel Chinese Cooking - Get into...

    Excel Cooking

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    Learn the culinary art of Chinese cooking.
    Ni hao!
    As the most prevalent ethnic restaurant, anywhere you go, Chinese food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world.
    Succulent sauces and spices with your many favorite choices of colorful vegetables and protein-enriched meats - is there any wonder why people love Chinese food? But do you know just how much goes into preparing the perfect Chinese dish?
    Most people think about Chinese food as something for lunch or dinner. But it's so much more! Did you know that there are certain Chinese recipes that you can make for breakfast?
    What if you could cook your own Chinese food the next time you want to take a trip down to your favorite Chinese restaurant or order Chinese food delivery, and save the money that you would have spent on it? With Excel Chinese Cooking, that's a reality.
    Here's a sample taste of what you'll get:
    The ingredients basis that comprises of the different types of condiments, spices, noodles, rice, and prepackaged items.
    The cooking utensils you'll need and where to find them, including the wok, steamers, knives, ladles, and spatulas.
    The traditional breakfast serving style called "dim sum" and how to make each meal item, such as dumplings, spring rolls, and baozi.
    The all-time favorites and most popular Chinese food dishes for lunch and dinner. (Do you know who General Tso really was?)
    The exotic treats and desserts from China that will surely give you a serious sweet tooth. (Ever heard of the Red Dragon's Beard Candy?)
    And that's just for starters.
    In Excel Chinese Cooking, you'll learn how to start making your own delicious Chinese food at home with easy-to-follow and comprehensive instructions.
    We tell you everything that you need to know and give you the recipes that you love to really excel at. Cook up the food you want, anytime you want.
    Sihk faahn!
    An Author's Republic audio production.
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  • The Boater's Cookbook - 450 Quick & Easy Galley-Tested Recipes - cover

    The Boater's Cookbook - 450...

    Sylvia Williams Dabney

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    Eat well at every meal and enjoy the voyage with this collection of 450 quick & easy recipes. 
    Cooking on a small boat—sail or power—requires special attention few new boaters understand. Sylvia Williams Dabney is a longtime live-aboard sailor with more than sixty thousand offshore miles who understands the necessity of a well-stored pantry and loves collecting recipes from around the world. In The Boater’s Cookbook, Sylvia shares everything anyone needs to know about creating stunning meals in a small boat galley. 
    Readers will find a comprehensive list of what gadgets, gear, and supplies to bring and how to store them in limited space aboard a fully functioning yacht galley—whether it’s a twenty-seven-foot sailboat or a sixty-foot motor cruiser. Sylvia also offers up time-tested recipes by longtime sailors, and the stories that came along with them. Recipes are organized in accessible chapters:AppetizersSoups & StewsSaladsSeafoodAnd Much, Much More 
    Boaters with limited space and cramped galleys can enjoy every meal if they know the tricks acquired by Sylvia Williams Dabney and the boaters she has met over a lifetime of cruising. 
    “Sylvia is a natural raconteur and a wonderful cook.” —George Day, Blue Water Sailing magazine 
    “Far more than a cookbook, this is Sylvia’s celebration of sailing, delicious food, and the good life afloat.” —John Kretschmer, author of Sailing a Serious Ocean 
    “The Boater’s Cookbook is a thorough and detailed compilation of a complete boater’s galley from necessary gear to delicious recipes, interspersed with entertaining stories of the people she and her husband Stanley met during their years of cruising and the places they voyaged to, all wrapped up in a must-have book onboard or at home.” —Bob Bitchin, founder of Latitudes & Attitudes magazine and TV, publisher of Cruising Outpost magazine
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