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7 best short stories by Leonard Merrick - cover

7 best short stories by Leonard Merrick

Leonard Merrick, August Nemo

Publisher: Tacet Books

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Leonard Merrick was an English novelist. Although largely forgotten today, he was widely admired by his peers; J. M. Barrie called Merrick the "novelist's novelist."
This book contains:

- Aribaud's Two Wives.
- The Attack in the Rue de la Presse.
- The Doll in the Pink Silk Dress.
- The Elegant de Fronsac.
- Fluffums.
- A Millionaire's Romance.
- The Propriety of Pauline.
Available since: 05/16/2020.

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    Tougher, wiser and determined to take care of herself, she doesn’t ask for help from anyone, but a few unlikely characters come to her aid when she least expects it.
    And speaking of expectations, the men, the bear shifters, that she so desperately tried to leave are now back and insisting Ivy let them back into her life. But ultimately is a life with Winslow or Hollis what Ivy really wants? 
    However, before she gets a chance to decide, she must first find a way not to die.
    Discover the ultimate steamy romance with our menage billionaire bear shifter novel! Enter a realm where primal instincts collide, and boundaries are shattered as the men's insatiable lust for an alluring outsider breaks all the rules. Brace yourself for an electrifying journey of love, lust, and undeniable temptation!
     The reading order of this series is as follows:
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    2. 2 Hard To Bear
    3. Bearly Over
    This is an adult only menage steamy short story, appealing to readers who love fated mates, reverse harem romance, forbidden and sizzling hot romances with a twist. Perfect for fans of Kresley Cole, Thea Harrison, Sherilee Gray, Evangeline Anderson and Donna Grant.
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  • Bear Mate - A FREE Bear Shifter Paranormal Short Story Romance - cover

    Bear Mate - A FREE Bear Shifter...

    Selina Coffey

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    Enjoy this FREE steamy paranormal series starter by bestselling romance author Selina Coffey!
    A circle of friends is a thing to cherish.
    For Tessa Johnson a summer trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Georgia is just the thing to take the edge off of a rough year and what has turned out to be a very tumultuous time for one of her friends.
    She has no idea she’s heading straight into fate and a world she’s only ever dreamed of.
    And her friends are coming with her.
    A string of mistakes leads to some very interesting interactions with the very stoic Hale Masters.
    Tessa can’t keep her eyes off him, and the promise of excitement and passion that flares in his eyes makes her school-teacher heart beat.
    He makes her want to let her hair down but she holds back.
    Would such a rich man be interested in her when her two beautiful best friends are far more his type?
    Or is she wrong and she’s just what the Alpha male has been looking for? Tessa finds herself conflicted and lost but with her friends around, encouragement to break her own rules is never far.
    Letting go is a hard thing to do but Tessa wants to give Hale all he asks for and more.
    An emergency at home changes her plans however and Tessa takes it as the answer she’s been seeking. But is it really the one she wanted?
    Discover a Sizzling Adventure: Join our Intrepid Heroine on a Hike, Where Unseen Desires Meet Sexy Bear Shifters! Embrace a Shifter Romance like No Other!
    The books in this series include:
    1. Bear Mate (Story of Tessa)
    2. Bear Babe (Story of Cora)
    3. Bear Date (Story of Kaia)
    This is an adult only steamy paranormal romance quick read, appealing to readers who love fated mates, shifter romance and sizzling hot romances with a twist. Perfect for fans of Lara Adrian, Alisa Woods, Renee Rose, Charlene Hart, and Evangeline Anderson. 
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