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Second Time Around - Gay Erotic Tales #2 - cover

We are sorry! The publisher (or author) gave us the instruction to take down this book from our catalog. But please don't worry, you still have 600,000 other books to choose from, so you can read without limits!

Second Time Around - Gay Erotic Tales #2

Gavin E. Black

Publisher: Steambath Press

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Double the fun, anxious to experiment 
Connor's new job at the club Crush as one of their bartenders was going to open up some unique opportunities for him. Especially because his new best friend Jake was going to see to it. The afternoon they'd spent together had fulfilled many of Connor's dreams, but now he was anxious to experiment further. But how far is he willing to go? 
Previously published as SECOND TIME AROUND

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    But, his life begins to unravel after an accident on Halloween night. Suddenly, everything good about his life is ripped away and he blames it all on Adam, the new guy in school who also happens to be gay. 
    Colt is forced to deal not only with his own homophobia, but also with demons from his past. 
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  • Mat Salleh - cover

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    A deathbed promise sends Craig Nolan from Seattle to Kuala Lumpur to find his best friend’s son and deliver two gifts.  Described by outsiders as a small Asian country on steroids, Malaysia has many surprises for Craig: a huge casino in a country that forbids gambling, poisonous fish, terrorist gangs, and the love of his life.  His first night in KL, a pickpocket steals Craig’s wallet in a gay bar, but an attractive young Malay intervenes, returning Craig’s valuables.  When Craig accepts Wuji’s offer to help find his friend’s son, the search takes them to an exotic resort island, mountain casino, palm oil plantation, and Malaysia’s version of American Idol.  Along the way, mutual attraction becomes love, with the lingering question: what happens when Craig’s mission is complete?
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    One More Time 
    Love, Vegas Style, Book 3 
    Small town cop Will Jacoby is comfortable in his life, or so he thinks. When he realizes that Brannon Frost, his neighbor and friend, has grown into a handsome young man, he’s confused by his interest. Things get even more messed up in Will’s head when Brannon kisses him. 
    A man would know he’s gay before the age of thirty, right? 
    When Brannon’s father dies, Will steps up and becomes the friend Brannon needs. Soon Will is no longer able to deny his feelings for the young man, even though it could damage his carefully constructed life and career. 
    This story was formerly part of the multi-author anthology Uniform: A Man in Uniform MM Bundle. 
    Approximately 15 thousand words/75 pages.
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  • The One That I Want - cover

    The One That I Want

    A. M. Leibowitz

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    When Al proposes to Chad, he has in mind a fairytale wedding with all the works. Chad's not so sure it's a good idea. Between the planner with her binders full of weddings, the myriad tasks, the short time frame, and Al's meddling sister, Chad's at risk of coming undone long before the big day. When his own fears bubble to the surface, he nearly breaks Al's heart--and his own. Can they work things out in time to be the stars of their own magical story?
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    Playing the part of another man’s husband to fulfil a wish is easy, but what happens at midnight when the magical day is over?
    Scott Baxter is a workaholic with no time for love, until a djinn pulls him out of his life and deposits him into the bed of Cameron Kirk. Cut off from his life, Scott isn’t happy about the idea of being forced to help the djinn grant an unspecified wish, but he soon finds he has no real choice in the matter. The djinn, who has turned his life upside down, has powers that prevent Scott from leaving and ensure he does nothing to ruin Cameron’s day with his ‘husband’.
    Reluctant at first, Scott finds that as the day progresses he starts to enjoy playing the role of Cameron’s husband. He connects with his unexpected lover in a way he never has with other men.
    Scott searches for clues to help him track down Cameron after the day is over and he returns to his own life. He doesn’t want the day to end, but the wish is out of his control and when the magic is finished his time with Cameron may be over too.
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    When Love Comes to Town

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    A new edition of this acclaimed novel
    Meet Neil Byrne - try-scorer on the rugby field, prizewinning student, one of the in-crowd at the disco, regular guy, gay. Presenting one face to the world and burying his true feelings in fantasy, Neil manages to keep his secret. But when fantasy isn't enough and he becomes caught up in the bizarre subculture of Dublin's gay nightlife, the pretence must end. It is the time for truth. The consequences are both hilarious and painful. Told with honesty, humour and originality, WHEN LOVE COMES TO TOWN brings a new type of hero to modern Irish fiction.
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