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Gay Erotic Bundle #1 (Gay Erotic Tales 1 2 and 3) - Gay Erotic Tales - cover

Gay Erotic Bundle #1 (Gay Erotic Tales 1 2 and 3) - Gay Erotic Tales

Leigh Jarrett, Gavin E. Black

Publisher: Steambath Press

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Previously published as GAY EROTIC BUNDLE #1 
Unquenchable thirst coupled with unbridled desire 
Connor finds himself on a roller coaster of pleasure. Follow him on his journey as he wades through the sweaty grips of love, passion, and lust for the ultimate fulfilment in the first three titillating books of the Gay Erotic Tales series 
(#1) My First But Not My Last - Connor hadn't intended on hooking up with anyone at the beach. But ever since his girlfriend had dumped him a week ago, he'd decided to stop lying to himself. So when Jake, the hot and sexy DJ from the club Crush started cruising him, Connor knew this was going to be the guy. Jake was going to be his first. 
(#2) Second Time Around - Connor's new job at the club Crush as one of their bartenders was going to open up some unique opportunities for him. Especially because his new best friend Jake was going to see to it. The afternoon they'd spent together had fulfilled many of Connor's dreams, but now he was anxious to experiment further. But how far is he willing to go? 
(#3) Third Time's A Charm - Connor had come to the realization that there was something more happening between him and Jake than either one of them was willing to admit. Trying to figure out what that something was though, was proving to be difficult. Jake had taken off without a word the morning after their bizarre night at the club Crush, and Connor had no idea where he was, or when he was coming back. Or that he was even coming back at all. 
(#4) Obedience - Connor and Jake are heading out on the road with the intention of escaping the tourist frenzy and doing a little wilderness camping. They're locked and loaded, ready to take on whatever the open road has to offer them. Nothing is off limits as they find themselves entwined in the unyielding grip of lust. 
Content Information: This book contains graphic depictions of male/male sexual practices, graphic language, and other content that some readers may find objectionable.

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    	“We’re here,” I dump my pack against a fallen tree trunk and slump down next to it, emptying water from my canteen over my baking head.  
    	“Save some for me,” he sighs, slumping down next to me, heat coming off of him in waves. We’ve been rained on and sweat over and scratched and bruised along the path, but now we’re here and it’s worth it. Even if this is as close as we get all weekend, his arm sweating on my arm, I’ll take it and live off the fantasies later.  
    	“What a great spot,” I sigh, handing him the canteen. He takes off his cap and puts it over one dirty knee, drizzling water over his closely shorn scalp where it beads and drizzles like rain on a freshly waxed car hood.  
    	“Isn’t it, though?” he asks, sounding soft and excited, a harsh contrast to his usual macho demeanor with the rich kids. “I’ve been wanting to come here ever since summer started.”  
    	“Really?” I ask. “I thought this was just a summer course to you, a way to get a jump on your sophomore year.”  
    	He shrugs. “That’s how it started,” he says, handing me back the canteen. I go to take it and he holds it in place. “But then you came along.”  
    	His eyes are dark and earnest, his lips full and moist from the fresh spring water. “Bullshit,” I blurt, calling his bluff and standing quickly.  
    	He remains seated, looking wounded, but cheers up when I strip off my shirt and march toward the mouth of the clear spring at the cliff’s edge. “You’re letting the heat run your mouth,” I grumble, leaning against a wet rock to untie my shoes before kicking them off.  
    	“Maybe so,” he admits, standing and following my lead. “Maybe this is just another elective to you.”  
    	“I didn’t say that.” I strip off my socks and then turn, slightly, my back to him as I yank off my sopping cargo pants. “Not exactly.”
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    	Finally, all five parts have been brought together in one collection! This 30,000 word collection includes:
    	Part 1
    	All Dawn wanted was an "activity partner," or someone to hang out with at the public pool on the weekends. Who she got was Isobel, a new girl who loves the water, swimming, and getting wet just as much as Dawn does. She should have thought about possible sexual attractions when she went looking for friends on a lesbian dating site!
    	With an entire locker room to themselves, Dawn and Isobel explore the new and expanding boundaries of their friendship. When it comes to the shared passions of these two water lovers, only one thing is for sure: they're going to get very, very wet.
    	Part 2
    	Isobel has never loved a new friend with benefits like she loves Dawn, her golden water nymph that is kinkier than she lets on. When an opportune weekend at a cabin presents itself, Isobel grabs the chance to finally have Dawn all alone again. While there are no swimming pools on the premises - or public showers - there is a tiny, outdoor hot tub calling to the water-loving girls. But first they have to heat things up with a dirty video, starring Isobel's personal hero, the Squirt Empress!
    	Part 3
    	A trip to the river has made Dawn happier than she could hope to express - she's realized that she's holding "feelings" for good friend Isobel, and spending any alone time with her is magic. After an erotic massage complete with tanning lotion, however, Dawn is on the receiving end of a cold shoulder and doesn't know what to do. Is she coming on too strong? Is she trying to move things too fast? The only thing that can reassure her now is a dip in the river...and a dip in Isobel!
    	Part 4
    	Isobel sees the signs that Dawn may be falling in love with her, but the tall blonde is too shy to ever admit it on her own. To give her some encouragement, Isobel invites her to meet the roommates and enjoy a fun day in the woods playing with water guns. This turns into something even Isobel didn't expect, as she fights her own desires on the other end of a fully-loaded super soaker!
    	Part 5
    	Although she has the perfect birthday presents set up for her girlfriend Isobel, Dawn is still battling her insecurity when it comes to someone possibly being in love with her. Yet Isobel remains persistent that Dawn is the love of her life! What better way to share a tender moment than with a tray of delectable ice cubes? In this burning conclusion to the Dawn & Isobel saga, Dawn's heart will thaw when Isobel's passion won't!
    	This work depicts graphic lesbian sex and naughty, naughty words. Not intended for minors or those who get miffed at a lack of men.
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    This 5500+ word short action story contains wild, explicit sex between a lovely BBW and a sexy hero werewolf, and is intended for mature audiences only
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