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Feminists Rethink the Neoliberal State - Inequality Exclusion and Change - cover

Feminists Rethink the Neoliberal State - Inequality Exclusion and Change

Leela Fernandes

Publisher: NYU Press

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A rich set of feminist perspectives on the varied and often contradictory nature of state practices, structures, and ideologies  Growing socio-economic inequality and exclusion are defining features of the twenty-first century. While debates on globalization, free trade, and economic development have been linked to the paradigm of “neo-liberalism,” it does not explain all the forms of social change that have been unfolding in comparative contexts.  Feminists Rethink the Neoliberal State provides a timely intervention into discussions about the boundaries, practices, and nature of the post-liberalization state, suggesting that an understanding of economic policies, the corresponding rise of socio-economic inequality, and the possibilities for change requires an in-depth reconceptualization. Drawing on original field research both globally and within the United States, this volume brings together a rich set of perspectives on the varied and often contradictory nature of state practices, structures and ideologies in the post-liberalization era.  The essays develop an interdisciplinary approach that treats an understanding of historically-specific forms of inequality—such as gender, race, caste, sexuality and class—as integral to, rather than as after-effects of, the policies and ideologies associated with the “neoliberal project.”  The volume also tackles central questions on the restructuring of the state, the state’s power operations, the relationship between capital and the state, and its interactions with the institutions and organizational forms of civil society in the post-liberalization era. As such, Feminists Rethink the Neoliberal State examines both what is distinctive about this post-liberalization state and what must be contextualized as long-standing features of modern state power.   A truly international and interdisciplinary volume, Feminists Rethink the Neoliberal State deepens our understanding of how policies of economic liberalization shape and produce various forms of inequality.  

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    Real Submissives is a must read for any women considering exploring their submissive side. This book goes places that will surprise some and possibly shock others—as it is never anything less than candid. 
    	As a record of the experiences of lifestyle submissive females, it certainly isn’t some 50 Shades fantasy-fest! These women ‘walk the talk’; whether it be extreme role-play, slave training, pony girl, enforced servitude and prostitution, abduction and kidnapping. As this is the REAL THING, some of the experiences related can be extremely shocking and disturbing. It’s DEFINITELY not one for the faint hearted! 
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    Dolly Pentreath (c. 1680–1777), is popularly regarded as the last true speaker of the Cornish language and her last words were reputedly ‘Me ne vidn cewsel Sawznek!’ (‘I don’t want to speak English!’).
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    Founded in 1860 Warrens Bakery, a family-owned chain based in St Just in Penwith, supplies pasties to Fortnum & Mason.
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    As a licensed clinical psychologist and psychiatric nurse practitioner, Dr. Angie Rumaldo has helped adolescents make huge advancements in their lives. Now, she's here to shed new light on your own child's challenges and how to overcome them. 
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    4.  The Things He Can Get His Older Neighbor Lady to Do in Public Over a Debt 
    5.  He Films His Older Neighbor Lady and Then Watches it With Her 
    6.  She Turns Him into a Girl, and Makes Him Serve a Couple
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    Words of Silk: A Classic Love Story

    Sandra Brown

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    When Laney McLeod finds herself stuck in a Manhattan high-rise elevator, she must rely on the handsome stranger with her to help her overcome her claustrophobia. The man, Deke Sargent, finds himself equally drawn to this beautiful and vulnerable woman. When the power goes back on, Deke and Laney find themselves in a heated embrace that leads to an even more passionate night in Deke's apartment. The next morning, shocked at her brazenness, Laney disappears. Unable to forget the chemistry between them, but afraid that she is just another notch on the handsome playboy's bedpost, Laney must risk her heart or forever lose the one man she can't resist.
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