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China Doll - cover

China Doll

Leah Branch

Publisher: Triple Crown Publications

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Love doesn't come easy - especially for China. With her family out of the picture, China must rely on her friends instead. But friendship does not always withstand the struggles of the streets. Tragedy strikes China's life again and again, knocking her support and hope for happiness out from under her. That's when she meets Black. Just as things are looking up for China, Black's hustlin' ways and short temper keep her from finding the security she craves. Hustler after hustler falls through her life, and China doesn't know who to trust. Will she find the love and the family she has been longing for? Or will she be tossed around like a CHINA DOLL her whole life?

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    *WINNER* 2016 Independent Publishers AWARD (IPPY) Bronze Medal for Best Suspense/Thriller! 
    Surfing in Hawaii can be fame, talent and… murder. 
    Poised to win the prestigious Triple Crown of Surfing, Maui surf star Makoa Simmons washes up tragically dead. Detective Lei Texeira plunges into a high-profile case whose dark and tangled motives reach deep into the elite world of professional surfing on the North Shore of Oahu. Lei must follow her instincts into new territory even as husband Michael Stevens struggles with heartbreak of another kind. 
    “Another fantastic mystery featuring Lei Texeira and the wonderful, deftly drawn characters populating the Lei Crime Series. Toby Neal just keeps getting better, and Rip Tides is my new favorite.” Emily Kimelman, author of Sydney Rye Mystery Series
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    This erotic story bundle contains extreme BDSM and female domination. It contains sexual themes involving characters who are consenting adults, all over the age of 18. 
    RATED XXX, For readers ages 18+, only!  
    Femdom Spanking 
    It was bad enough Bill was passed over for the job he wanted by a woman, but this young woman had already called him into her office to "get things straight" between them. It was a day at work he would never forget.  
    Femdom Sissy 
    I begged for my job. Laura said she couldn't help me, unless I wanted to serve the women and do and wear the most emasculating things...  
    Femdom College 
    Chad's sole purpose in college was to serve females and complete their schoolwork.   
    Sorority Slave 
    Ted was struggling with his new humiliating duties at the pool of a sorority. Was he going to be used as anything beside a human ass crack cleaner?
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    From Vanora Bennett, the acclaimed author of Portrait of an Unknown Woman and Figures in Silk comes The Queen’s Lover, a fictionalized account of the life and loves of Catherine de Valois, a woman of enormous courage who became a great queen of two countries. Fans of Phillipa Gregory, Alison Weir, Sarah Dunant, and Tracy Chevalier, and every reader who adores top-quality historical fiction will be swept away by this epic love story set against the rich backdrop of 15th-century England and France—and by this remarkable woman who triumphed magnificently by making her own rules.
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    “Thee, of stars” 
    A ship of dead with iced men who shatter; The Terror sails into the Port of London during England’s worst winter, bringing insidious ice fog and a hidden killer. Secret Commission agents, Artifice, the artificial ghost, and Jim Dastard, the animated skull, track their murderer to the frozen Thames’ Frost Fair, only for Art to discover a deadlier danger—one involving the women she holds dear. F/F historical fantasy and Gothic mystery set in the steampunk world of the Dark Victorian series. 
    "Smart. Engaging. The fog creeps off the page." 
    – Melanie Karsak, author of the Amazon best-selling steampunk series, The Airship Racing Chronicles 
    Experience paranormal detective mysteries with a Victorian female sleuth: 
    A historical fantasy in a mechanical and supernatural London, follow the adventures of an uncanny female sleuth and her senior skull partner set in the same alternate world as Elizabeth Watasin's Victorian supernatural mystery series, The Elle Black Penny Dreads. 
    Learn more about this intriguing, steampunk lesbian series: 
    It is 1880; black arts sorcery had its time to grow in England and to battle the eldritch evils threatening, HRH Prince Albert's Secret Commission is born. Executed criminals are brought back to life without memories and to fight as agents. Among those resurrected is Artifice, a six foot two tall strongwoman, Quaker, and artificial ghost, guided by her senior partner, Jim Dastard, the animated skull. And she soon discovers–from her encounters with a madwoman journalist, a mysterious woman in black, and a French prostitute–where her heart lies . . .
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    Caution: Taboo Incest Content – 18+ Adults Only.
    Daddy's Daughter: 20 Tales of daddy – daughter erotic fun... read about eager daughters and reluctant daddies, daughters who love to humiliate, daddies who love maybe a little too much, and those girls who will do absolutely anything for the most important man in their lives.
    Featuring: Milked By Daddy, Sold By Daddy, Spank Me Daddy, Lick Me Daddy, Sucking Daddy, Karen & Her Daddy, Post Me Daddy, Riding Daddy, But Daddy, You Know Twins Share... Everything!, Don't Worry, Do It Daddy, Seducing Daddy, Daddy Is A Nudist, Obey Me Daddy, Blackmailed By Daddy, Tempting Daddy, Daddy's Dungeon, Cane Me Daddy, A Date For Daddy, Hostel and Milk For Daddy.
    All stories have been previously published individually and in anthologies... but never all together!
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  • Coronado - cover


    Dennis Lehane

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    Along with completely original material, this new collection is a compilation of the best of Dennis Lehane's previously published short fiction, including "Until Gwen," which was adapted for the stage in 2005 and appears in this book as the play Coronado. By turns suspenseful, surreal, romantic, and tragically comic, these powerful tales journey headlong into the heart of our national myths—and reveal that the truth awaiting us there is not what we would expect.
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