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Spirit of Place - Letters and Essays on Travel - cover

Spirit of Place - Letters and Essays on Travel

Lawrence Durrell

Publisher: Open Road Media

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The definitive collection of travel writings by one of the twentieth century’s best-loved journeyersFrom the moment of his birth, Lawrence Durrell was far from home. A British child in India, he was sent to England to receive an education, and by his early twenties had already tired of his native land. With family in tow, he departed for Greece, and spent the rest of his life wandering the world. He traveled not to sightsee but to live, and made homes in Egypt, France, Yugoslavia, and Argentina. Each time he landed, he rooted himself deep into the native soil, taking in not just the sights and sounds of his new land, but the essential character of the country. In these letters and essays, Durrell exhibits the power of poetic observation that made his travel writing so extraordinary to post–World War II readers. In these pages he reminds us not just of each country’s hidden charms, but of the unique characteristics that persist through the generations.
Available since: 06/12/2012.
Print length: 432 pages.

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    About the Expert 
    Robyn McComb has been making hemp jewelry since she was eleven years old. After her first macramé bracelet, she was hooked. Since learning the unique craft of knotting hemp jewelry, Robyn has undertaken a lifelong journey of learning new knots and experimenting with new styles of jewelry. When she was twenty, she invented hemp earrings and hemp wedding garters after realizing that she never saw them for sale anywhere. She also experiments with seedbeading and making hemp clothes. 
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