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Hudson (Fixed - Book 4) - cover

Hudson (Fixed - Book 4)

Laurelin Paige

Publisher: EverAfter Romance

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This is a full-length companion novel to the New York Times Bestselling Fixed Trilogy. It is not meant to be read as a stand-alone. THIS BOOK INCLUDES NEW SCENES AS WELL AS A FEW SCENES FROM THE FIXED TRILOGY IN HUDSON'S POV.   "I can easily divide my life into two parts—before her and after."   Hudson Pierce has led a life few others could even imagine. With money and power at his fingertips, he's wanted for almost nothing. He's never experienced love, however, and he's seen few examples of it in his dysfunctional family. The ridiculous notion of romance has always intrigued him. He's studied it, controlled it, manipulated it, and has yet to understand it.Until he meets Alayna Withers.   


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    Growing up together through adolescence and young adulthood, and living the wild crazes of the times, the nascent lovers brave years filled with longing, adventure, ecstasy, and anguish in an endless struggle to defeat the tremendous forces trying to tear them apart. Yearning for a place away from the world's judgment of their relationship, Toby and Laura discover a hidden forest haven they name Promise Point, where they exchange vows of eternal devotion. 
    Now in college, the two are finally on their own and heading toward a fabulous future. But their dreams are suddenly shattered by events they could never have imagined. But Promise Point holds the key that can save their love. Will Laura realize it in time?
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    Have a taste of some forbidden fruit. You know you want to.
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    "Are you going to spend your birthday party in your birthday suit?" 
    Caleb and his wife are back for another round, this time at a swinger's bar with whips, blindfolds, handcuffs, and a stranger. 
    Note- Portions of this short story were originally part of a longer novel series- One Swinging Summer and Two Player Games. I pulled a few scenes from them to make the Shared shorts. If you've read One Swinging Summer of Two Player Games, you may want to pass on these shorts. If you really enjoyed these shorts, you may want to pick up One Swinging Summer to get the entire story. 
    Bonus excerpt of ‘Shared 3: Our Anniversary’ is included after this erotic short.
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    18 Books! 
    The President's Lover-- (3 Book Novel Series) 
    A heart pounding, forbidden, secret love affair. Josie is a poor girl from nowhere. But after a chance meeting on her first day as a waitress, she longs only for the touch of the most powerful man in the world.  
    On the first day of another dead-end job, she meets the man of her dreams, a young politician who also happens to be the front-runner for President of the United States. 
    Soon she falls headlong into lust and love. Can they overcome the odds and be more than just secret lovers?  
    This is the best of today's hottest erotic romances from Sylvia Day and EL James. 
    One of the most talked about erotic romance novels on the shelves today.  
    "The President's Lover" is hot romance with mature situations. 
    My Husband's Boss-- (3 Book Novel Series) 
    Summer loses herself in a forbidden affair with gorgeous alpha hunk and it threatens to destroy her comfortable safe live.  
    She was a young woman from the poor side of town with a dark past. She gave up on her dreams too young, but chance reunited her with the gorgeous stud she briefly met once years earlier. He was wild and strong. A billionaire untamed and unmasked. 
    Against her better judgment, she finally succumbs to her desires. 
    This is the best of today's hottest erotic romances from Sylvia Day and EL James. Where Summer O'dette, a girl from the  trailer parks, takes you on a journey into the world of a gorgeous alpha male billionaire. 
    Here it is. One of the most talked about erotic romance novels for women on the shelves today.  
    "My Husband's Boss" is a hot and highly erotic romance with mature situations. 
    Forbidden: The Man of the House-- (3 Book Novel Series) 
    Heart pounding, body thrilling, forbidden lust between a wealthy, married older man and a beautiful but inexperienced American coed. 
    Starling is a pampered college girl on work study in beautiful Spain who falls into uncontrollable lust with a married Billionaire.  
    She's a young woman with the perfect life. Set to marry her hunky quarterback fiancé, until a rapid fire of life-changing events draws her into the world of a mysterious untamed Spanish Billionaire and his beautiful wife.  
    It's Erotic Romance That Will Leave You Gasping for More. "Forbidden" is an engrossing page-turner, set amid the pristine beauty of the Spanish countryside. It brings to life a young and confused woman's deep longings for a powerful, mature, wealthy man. And whether the perfect safe life is worth risking on lust. 
    "Forbidden: The Man of the House" is a hot romance with mature situations. 
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    Handsome and successful with the world at his feet, Samuel Roberts can't let go of his obsession with a beautiful woman. His deepest insecurities and fears come alive again in a seemingly chance reunion with the beautiful and mysterious Tanya Carasco. To the world and his rabid fan base, dating expert Samuel Roberts has it all: looks, success, money, and fame. In his soul he walks an emotional tight rope of sadness and desire as he pines for the one woman he can't have.  
    She's an enchanting exotic beauty oceans away whom he knows only through still photographs and internet instant messages. More than a fantasy, Tanya is sexy, stunning, and deeply troubled. Blessed with looks that mesmerizes men everywhere, her passionate but wounded heart belongs not to her cyber lover Samuel Roberts.  
    Pulse pounding from beginning to exciting end. "A Slave to the Fantasy"  is Hot Romance with Mature Situations.
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  • Devoted to Him - cover

    Devoted to Him

    Cheryl Dragon

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    Both from broken homes, Jason and Fiona take marriage very seriously. Will tradition ruin their kink or make them even more committed?  Jason Abbot is a man who has everything, including the perfect submissive fiancée. His parents' ugly divorce and Fiona's lack of a father at all in her life has him convinced that commitment and tradition are the only ways to make them both feel safe. Marriage won't curtail their bondage play or his dominant side. However, one change seems only logical—Jason has shared Fiona with other Doms before, but how can he share his wife? When she starts questioning that change, his doubts grow. Being a good Dom is one thing but being a reliable husband is another.  Fiona loves only Jason but enjoys letting Doms-in-training practise on her and pleasing two men in role-playing scenes. She also knows just how much Jason loves to share and watch her in action with other men. Her entire sex life is about what Jason wants since he fulfils her needs perfectly. Commitment doesn't have to mean cutting out what they both enjoy. She knows she can live without other men, but marriage is forever and she doesn't want him to grow bored with her. Pleasing him is all that matters and she knows when pushing back is better than obedience—especially when he punishes her so well!  Reader Advisory: This book includes scenes of bondage, spanking, piercing, hot wax, dominance, and submission between consenting adults. One scene of MFM sex with double penetration (no MM content)  Publisher's Note: This story has been previously released as part of the Tied to the Billionaire anthology by Totally Bound Publishing.
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  • The Cocktail - cover

    The Cocktail

    Theresa Schevis

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    Does anyone ever know for sure they will be living out there happily ever after? Linda was ready to marry the man of her dreams, and practically finds out overnight she has been living a lie.
    She wakes up the next morning in a compromised situation after attending a Halloween party. From that point forward she lives in turmoil and the lunacy begins, as she amidst the ultimate betrayal.
    Not knowing who to trust, she finds solace with an old friend FBI agent Brian Tate, who happens to be the investigating official on the case, and discovers she is not the only target. Brian takes her under his wing and he helps her smoke out those responsible for all the pandemonium in her life.
    The many twists and turns in the plot will keep you on edge and have you wondering who is really behind scene, and why. There are heroes, there are villains and there are even toads?
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