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Uncertain Magic - cover

Uncertain Magic

Laura Kinsale

Publisher: Open Road Media Romance

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Convenience turns to love when an heiress weds a disreputable rake in this sweeping Irish romance by a New York Times–bestselling author.   Cursed with the gift of mind reading, Roddy Delamore has little chance of finding a husband. Driven mad by the dishonorable thoughts of her suitors, she struggles to trust any man she meets. She seizes on the chance to marry Lord Faelan Savigar, the Earl of Iveragh, despite his poor reputation and murky past. Strangely his mind projects only blankness. With him, her other senses stretch and heighten. She begins to wonder if she has finally met the man she has been waiting for her entire life.   Condemned by dark rumors, Iveragh is taken aback by Roddy’s proposal. His name is ruined by poverty and a blackened past; he could be a liar, a swindler, or worse. Yet she believes in him.. Soon he is stirred by her gentle trust, and he is prepared to give his life and his heart.   From the legendary author of Flowers from the Storm, Uncertain Magic is a tale of mystery and passion in the wilds of Ireland.  

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    Praise for Joan Aiken's stories: 
    "Wildly inventive, darkly lyrical, and always surprising . . . should be cherished."—Publishers Weekly 
    "Darkly whimsical stories. . . . Aiken writes with surpassing spirit and alertness, her elegant restraint and dry wit never fail to leave their mark."—Kirkus Reviews 
    "Will appeal to readers of short stories and literary fiction. Highly recommended."—Library Journal 
    "Aiken's pastoral meadows and circus chaos, gothic grotesques and quirky romances . . . have a dream-like quality executed with a brevity and wit that is a testament to her skill as a story-teller."—California Literary Review 
    "Fantasy is combined with magic, myth and adventure to form weird, wonderful and immersive tales."—For Book's Sake 
    Here is the whisper in the night, the dog whose loyalty outlasted death, the creak upstairs, that half-remembered ghost story that won't let you sleep, the sound that raises gooseflesh, the wish you'd checked the lock on the door before dark fell. Here are tales of suspense and the supernatural that will chill, amuse, and exhilarate. Features a new introduction by the late author's daughter, Lizza Aiken. 
    Best known for The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, Joan Aiken (1924–2004) wrote over a hundred books and won the Guardian and Edgar Allan Poe awards. After her first husband's death, she supported her family by copyediting at Argosy magazine and an advertising agency before turning to fiction. She went on to write for Vogue, Good Housekeeping, Vanity Fair, Argosy, Women's Own, and many others. Visit her online at
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    No matter your expectations, the dark is full of the unknown: grim futures, distorted pasts, invasions of the uncanny, paranormal fancies, weird dreams, unnerving nightmares, baffling enigmas, revelatory excursions, desperate adventures, spectral journeys, mundane terrors, and supernatural visions. You may stumble into obsession - or find redemption. Often disturbing, occasionally delightful, let The Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror be your annual guide through the mysteries and wonders of dark fiction.
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    This collection has three omegaverse mpreg short stories all condensed into one hot volume. 
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    The entire, action packed trilogy in one set! 
    *Includes a bonus story: Once Fallen - The Remarkable Life of Zach Wiche Continued 
    Alex Finch: Monster Hunter 
    Meet Alex Finch - tomboy, techno geek, monster hunter. 
    Reluctant monster hunter. 
    A school project, an absentminded project partner, and a misplaced backpack all change 16-year-old Alex Finch's life forever. 
    In a single afternoon Alex finds the missing backpack, has a run-in with Sam, the boy she's had a crush on since first grade - and discovers that monsters are real. 
    That mind-blowing incident throws her life in a completely different direction, uncovering secrets that cost her more than she could ever imagine. And the further she digs, the darker and more dangerous the secrets become. 
    What else is hiding behind the ordinary facade of her California beach town? 
    Alex is about to find out. 
    Truth and Consequences 
    Alex Finch survived her first encounter with monsters. But in the fallout she lost Sam, and gained a vicious, clawed Devil as a stalker. 
    Now a random attack, a threatening note, and a surprising discovery leads Alex closer to the truth of what happened ten years ago. 
    With the help of her new friends, she digs even deeper into Emmettsville's past, and finds out that learning the truth has consequences. 
    Sometimes, deadly consequences. 
    Bonus Story: Once Fallen 
    The story that began in The Claire Wiche Chronicles continues... 
    Zach Wiche has been trying to live a normal life ever since he discovered he was a fallen angel. Normal, that is, until the ghost of his friend Simon decides to hang around. A ghost only he can see. 
    When Simon goes missing, Zach is left to fight the pain of their lost connection, and the destruction of the protective walls that kept most of the emotions that swirled around him at bay. It takes a stranger with a gift, and his new friend Alex Finch to help him find his way forward. 
    That path takes him to Simon - and to a shocking discovery that will change their lives. 
    Welcome to The Haven 
    Alex has recovered from her deadly battle with the woman who took Sam. Now she is helping run the underground haven, and learning to live with the inhuman residents. 
    When one of the residents is murdered, suspicion falls on Sam. And her greatest fear starts happening again - that she'll lose him. This time for good. 
    As the body count goes up, Alex is determined to find the real killer, no matter what the cost. 
    For her, the cost may end up being her life. 
    The Monster Files (ideal reading order): 
    Book 1 - Alex Finch: Monster Hunter 
    Book 2 - Truth and Consequences 
    Once Fallen (The Remarkable Life of Zach Wiche Continued) 
    Book 3 - Welcome to The Haven 
    Finding Grace (The Remarkable Life of Zach Wiche Continued) 
    Book 3.5 - A Monster Files Wedding 
    The Monster Files Box Set (includes A Monster Files Wedding) 
    More YA by Cate Dean: 
    The Black Mountain Saga: 
    Book I - Rosamond's Heart 
    Book II - Danel of Black Mountain 
    Shattered Throne Series: 
    Prequel - Second Son 
    Book 1 - Shattered Throne 
    Book 2 - Blood Prince 
    Lore - Tales of Myth and Legend Retold - The Barricades
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  • An Elemental Series Box Set Books 6-8 - cover

    An Elemental Series Box Set...

    Larissa Ladd

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    This is a collection of the last three titles in An Elemental Series, an urban psychic romance serial. It includes the following titles: THE BEST MAN, LONELY HUNGER and ELEMENTS OF WARAn Elemental Series is an adult urban romance filled with magic that is meant for mature audiences, 18 and older only.
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    Ellis Leigh

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    A shifter living a life hindered by regret… 
    A woman praying for a chance at a future… 
    A moment of fate that refuses to be denied. 
    Book four in the Feral Breed Motorcycle Club series 
    Beast of the Feral Breed has spent years avoiding interacting with people. Other than the two shifters he considers family, his life has revolved around the engines he loves to work on, the ink he decorates his body with, and the scars of a past he wishes he could forget. When a witch shows him a vision of his future—one with a family he knows he can never have—his solitary life implodes, and he embarks on a trip that drops him exactly where he doesn’t think he should be. 
    Calla wants to escape the hell she’s living, but between her low-paying job and the danger lurking in the woods, running alone isn’t an option. Desperate, she spends her time praying for someone to help free her from a life she fears will be cut short. The human woman never realized the dangers of dating a wolf shifter…until he showed his claws. 
    When Beast falls into Calla’s life, he’s more than a little surprised to meet his mate—a woman he knows he should walk away from. But danger hovers around every corner, and Beast refuses to leave her vulnerable. Protecting one human woman wouldn’t be a challenge, but Beast has to battle his past mistakes, stay under the radar of the local pack, and rescue two people he never expected to love. One of whom has yet to take her first breath. 
    Full-length novel with adult content featuring a scarred wolf shifter with a brutal past, a woman in more trouble than she can handle, and some time spent in the shower.
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