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The View from the Vue - cover

The View from the Vue

Larry Karp

Publisher: Open Road Distribution

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“We called it THE VUE, and without a doubt, that was the most complimentary nickname Bellevue Hospital ever had.” So begins The View from the Vue, an “entertaining, colorful recall” (Publishers Weekly) of life a half-century ago at New York City’s medical court of last resort.   Between 1959 and 1965, Dr. Larry Karp served as medical student, intern, and resident physician at Bellevue. During these six years, he came to know and understand the people who wended their way through the dingy hallways and roach-infested subterranean passages, and inhabited the sparsely furnished wards of the fabulous hospital whose origins date back to 1811. It’s not surprising that Dr. Karp has never been able to forget The Vue. Writing in a style both human and humorous, he recalls some of the astonishingly funny and dramatic events he lived through, involving bizarre patients and grotesque working conditions. In the process, he gives us a clear picture of what it was like at Bellevue in the early sixties . . . for both doctors and patients.
Available since: 03/22/2016.

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    Clinical psychology is filled with interesting topics about human behaviour and there is a massive job market in the world for clinical psychologists. This book provides a great introduction to Clinical Psychology whether you’re a student or a trained professional. 
    So…Do you want to learn about clinical psychology?Do you want to learn about models of therapies?Do you want to learn about formulation and more? 
    If the answer to these questions is yes, then this is the book for you. As this book explains a wide range of clinical psychology is an easy to understand way. 
    By the end of this book, you will know:What Clinical Psychology is?Why it’s Important?The Difference Models of Therapy and How They’re Used?What Roles there are in Clinical Psychology?And much more… 
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    Clinical Psychology Content: 
    Part 1: Introduction to Clinical Psychology 
    What is Clinical Psychology? 
    Key concepts in Clinical Psychology 
    Influences in Clinical Psychology 
    Populations and Settings 
    Part 2: Models of Therapy 
    Models of Therapy 
    Compassion Focus Therapy 
    Third Wave of CBT 
    Part 3: Intervention and Assessment  
    Part 4: Formulation 
    Introduction to Formulation 
    Types of Formulation 
    ABC Technique/ Tool 
    Part 5: Research and Additional Roles 
    Research in Clinical Psychology 
    Additional Roles in Clinical psychology
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    The moment is right for critical reflection on what has been assumed to be a core part of schooling. In Ungrading, fifteen educators write about their diverse experiences going gradeless. Some contributors are new to the practice and some have been engaging in it for decades. Some are in humanities and social sciences, some in STEM fields. Some are in higher education, but some are the K–12 pioneers who led the way. Based on rigorous and replicated research, this is the first book to show why and how faculty who wish to focus on learning, rather than sorting or judging, might proceed. It includes honest reflection on what makes ungrading challenging, and testimonials about what makes it transformative.
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    Begin your journey to healing from PTSD with the help of this powerful guide. 
    Are you suffering from anxiety, depression, or panic attacks? Looking for the best, most practical ways to take charge of your life and begin your road to recovery? Then this is the book for you. 
    Inside this powerful guide, you’ll uncover powerful ways to take control of your life and recover from stress, trauma, anxiety, and PTSD. Packed with a wealth of valuable strategies, as well as a breakdown of these conditions and what you need to know, this book arms you with the essential tools you need to practice healing and drastically improve your emotional wellbeing. 
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    With heartfelt advice and down-to-earth strategies, now it’s never been easier to understand your mind and overcome whatever mental illness or trauma you face. Begin your journey to healing, protect yourself from harmful people, and put a stop to PTSD today. 
    Buy now to discover how to overcome PTSD!
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  • Fingeralphabet Belgium Flanders - The Flemish Sign Language Alphabet and Numbers 0-10 - cover

    Fingeralphabet Belgium Flanders...


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    Fingeralphabet Belgium/Flanders is a manual that includes the approved and redrawn signs of the Flemish sign language alphabet and of the numbers 0-10.
    This book is part of a set of manuals that accompanies the free PDF versions of the international manual alphabets on It is designed for libraries, institutions and individuals who need the information in a different form and/or more facts than a single sheet of paper could possibly provide.
    All the hand signs are shown from two view points, to facilitate understanding. 
    The texts in this book are in English.
    By buying this book you are supporting the pro bono publico project at It's aim is to document all the existing manual alphabets worldwide and to provide free basic information for educational purposes. 
    Lassal's work on has earned her a nomination for The German Prize for Civic Engagement 2013.
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    Long before he starred on some of television's most beloved and long-running series such as Taxi and Who's the Boss? and went on to distinguish himself in a variety of film and stage roles, Tony Danza was a walking contradiction: an indifferent student who dreamed of being a teacher. Inspiring a classroom of students was an aspiration he put aside for decades until one day it seemed that the most meaningful thing he could do was give his dream a shot. 
    What followed was a year spent teaching tenth-grade English at Northeast High - Philadelphia's largest high school with 3,600 students. Entering Northeast's crowded halls in September 2009, Tony found his way to a classroom filled with twenty-six students who were determined not to cut him any slack. They cared nothing about "Mr. Danza's" showbiz credentials, and they immediately put him on the hot seat. 
    It was only after experiencing abject terror for several weeks - and even dissolving into tears on several occasions - that Tony began to pick up the tricks of how to get kids to learn. 
    Featuring indelible portraits of students and teachers alike, I'd Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had reveals just how hard it is to keep today's technologically savvy - and often alienated - students engaged, how impressively committed most teachers are, and the outsized role counseling plays in a teacher's day, given the psychological burdens many students carry. The audiobook also makes vivid how a modern high school works, showing Tony in a myriad of roles - from lecturing on To Kill a Mockingbird to coaching the football team, organizing a talent show, leading far-flung field trips, and hosting teacher gripe sessions. 
    Inevitably, Tony's students steal their way into our hearts - in a way that always feels authentic. A surprisingly poignant account, I'd Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had is sometimes laugh-out-loud funny but is mostly filled with hard-won wisdom and feel-good tears.
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  • Learn Danish - Level 4: Intermediate Danish Volume 1 - Lessons 1-25 - cover

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    Innovative Language Learning

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    Ready to speak and understand Danish at an Intermediate level? Close your eyes and picture yourself arriving at an airport in Denmark, walking out and finding yourself on a busy street. Imagine hearing the native conversations all around you.This is the kind of Danish you learn here. Practical, everyday conversation. This Audiobook is great for Intermediates ready to go past basic phrases.In fact, you start speaking in minutes. Our native Danish teachers break down all the sentences, grammar and more in an easy-to-understand way! You learn conversations, key vocabulary, phrases, and grammar all in one shot. You can even read along with the bonus PDF eBook as you listen to your lessons.A few topics covered in this audiobook: - Expressing your thoughts in Danish- How to talk about other people- How to quote someone- Stating facts in Danish- How to express opinions- Expressing the purpose of an action- How to handle job interviews- Danish cultural tips and more!With this Audiobook, you get:- 4 hours of audio in total- 25 Intermediate level lessons- 250+ page eBook so you can read alongBy the end of this book, you will...- Learn & Master Brand New Conversations- Learn Intermediate Level Expressions & Grammar- Master Danish Listening Skills & Tune Your Ear to the Native Speaking Style- Be Able to Speak at an Intermediate Level Level- Improve Your Reading by Reading Along with the eBook- Understand Everything with Translations Provided inside the eBookDownload the PDF and read along:
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