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Closing Time - The True Story of the "Looking for Mr Goodbar" Murder - cover

Closing Time - The True Story of the "Looking for Mr Goodbar" Murder

Lacey Fosburgh

Publisher: Open Road Media

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The real story behind the murder of a Manhattan schoolteacher that became a symbol of the dangers of casual sex: “A first-rate achievement” (Truman Capote). In 1973, Roseann Quinn, an Irish-Catholic teacher at a school for deaf children, was killed in New York City after bringing a man home to her apartment from an Upper West Side pub. The crime would not only make headlines, but would soon be fictionalized in the #1 New York Times–bestselling novel Looking for Mr. Goodbar and adapted into a film of the same name, starring Diane Keaton and Richard Gere. The case evolved a cultural phenomenon, sparking debates about the sexual revolution and the perils of the “pickup scene” at what were popularly known as singles bars.   In this groundbreaking, inventive true crime tale, the New York Times reporter first assigned to the story offers “a meticulous, investigative account of the so-called Goodbar killing” (Los Angeles Times). Using a dramatization technique in which she gives the victim a different name, Lacey Fosburgh veers between the chilling, suspenseful personal interactions leading up to the brutal stabbing and the gritty facts of the aftermath, including the NYPD investigation and the arrest of John Wayne Wilson.   The result is a must-read that earned an Edgar Award nomination for Best Fact Crime, and a classic of the genre that Men’s Journal described as “more riveting, and more tragic, than the Judith Rossner novel—and the 1977 movie Looking for Mr. Goodbar.” In the words of the New York Times, “Fosburgh writes with compassion of these sick and shattered lives.”  

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    About the Book "These exercises [for Simple Urinary Incontinence] really DO work! I use them regularly and I often remind my friends to do the same." Therese Sherry, Active Retiree, Arkansas Do you, like so many others, suffer from Simple Urinary Incontinence? Do you leak urine when you sneeze, cough, or run? Do you have trouble making it to the bathroom in time? Do you suffer from adult "diaper rash"? Do you have a disproportionate number of bladder or vaginal infections due to constant dampness from leaking urine? Are you embarrassed in public because you have wet spots or do you just avoid going out in public at all because of that odor that say you no longer have urinary control? Are you tired of paying such high prices for adult diapers, pads, and other incontinence products? Is your intimate life with your partner disrupted because of untimely and embarrassing leakage? At last, here is an easy, effective, physician developed exercise program you can use at home to help with Simple Urinary Incontinence. Dr. Emilia A. Ripoll, MD, Urologist and Medical Acupuncturist along with Dawn R. Mahowald, Certified Yoga Instructor, developed this simple six week program of easy exercises after successfully working with hundreds of patients with Simple Urinary Incontinence. Their program can help you too! In their book you can learn how to:Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to increase urinary controlImprove bladder nerve function by strengthening your lower back musclesStimulate acupressure points to improve overall bladder functionDecrease feelings of stress and depression surrounding Simple Urinary IncontinenceReduce your likelihood of bladder and other infections which often accompany Simple Urinary Incontinence Don't delay. Dr. Ripoll's program has helped hundreds of her patients. It may be able to help you too! The program in this book can also help with many other kinds of incontinence such as urge incontinence, post-prostate surgery incontinence, and others.
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