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A Change of Rules - The Missing Shield #1 - cover

A Change of Rules - The Missing Shield #1

L L Thomsen

Publisher: L L Thomsen

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When a routine training session goes wrong and takes on a dangerous new aspect for royal protector-come-handmaiden Solancei, her impressive array of talents should have been enough to help extricate herself from trouble, yet it seems that her own infallible skills are in fact… fallible. 
Solancei is a born fighter, but has she perhaps met her match? 
Forced to meet the challenge of an unpredictable opponent who seems bent on some impossible agenda of his own, Solancei must dig deep in order to win clear and return to her friend and cousin, the Princess Iambre, whom she is duty-sworn to protect.  However, sometimes life just has other plans; sometimes a friendship can be near-broken until it's tested; and sometimes… just sometimes... a bad day can have only one outcome: the wrong one! 
However, Solancei is not the only one who finds herself at the mercy of fate. 
With the millennium coming to an end, beyond the Veils that protect the Realms of Dallancea against the return of Mad Gods, the Maker's chosen Avatars: His all-powerful Guardians, have awoken to face the lingering repercussions of a betrayal seemingly carried out by the one person that their jaded Guardian Commander, Malandar Denarlin, would have trusted to the end of days. 
It has left the future of 'All' riddled in uncertainty.  Indeed, Malandar fears it inevitable that the world will now see a return of the terrible war and unspeakable horrors that cost Dallancea, and himself, everything. 
However, as a Guardian and Spell-weaver of the highest tier, Malandar is not prepared to surrender the Realms to the old Enemy of Life without a fight – but mystery shrouds the way forward. Can old allies still be trusted? And is his only path really tied to a bold plan that it could either prove his salvation or a blighted curse? 
The questions are many. The answers few.  Following his instincts would find Malandar guilty of breaking every law he's ever sworn to uphold, but now stripped from the magic that once made him invincible, perhaps it is time to embrace change?  
Forced to travel as a mere mortal, Malandar's quest to protect the Realms and for answers to his dark questions is just beginning.  As the days drips away, will he be in time to trace the illusive Twins destined to mend the falling Veils, and can he successfully locate and mend the broken magical artefact they are set the wield? 
Only time will tell – but in a world where demons already stalk the darkness and everyone worships the false Gods that would destroy them, the odds seem fickle. Fortunately, however, Malandar is no ordinary Spell-weaver, and fortunately, several destinies are about to collide… 
A deeply visual, character-driven read - in 'A Change of Rules' begins a sweeping series that explores the limits of friendship and duty, romance and darkness. Come along on a quest across nine realms; discover the concept, unravel the lyrical prose; whatever your preference - this missing person's story is inspired by multiple genres, and is underpinned by superb world building, deep intrigue, and surprisingly gritty events. 
This is all about the journey, so follow the 'cast' down the rabbit hole… if you dare. 

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