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The Science Fiction Archive #2 - cover

The Science Fiction Archive #2

Fritz Leiber, C. M. Kornbluth, Phyllis Sterling-Smith, Ray Bradbury, Kris Neville, Lester del Rey, Keith Laumer, Jim Harmon, Henry Slesar, Stanley Lee, Sydney Van Scyoc, Howard D. Brown

Publisher: Aeterna Classics

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The Science Fiction Archive #2, an amazing collection of the greatest science fiction writing EVER!

With These Hands, by C.M. Kornbluth
What is POSAT?, by Phyllis Sterling-Smith
A Little Journey, by Ray Bradbury
Hunt the Hunter, by Kris Neville
Citizen Jell, by Michael Shaara
Operation Distress, by Lester Del Rey
Syndrome Johnny, by Charles Dye
Psychotennis, anyone?, by Lloyd Williams
Prime Difference, by Alan Nourse
Doorstep, by Keith Laumer
The Drug, by C.C. MacApp
An Elephant For the Prinkip, by L.J. Stecher
License to Steal, by Louis Newman
The Last Letter, by Fritz Lieber
The Stuff, by Henry Slesar
The Celestial Hammerlock, by Donald Colvin
Always A Qurono, by Jim Harmon
Jamieson, by Bill Doede
A Fall of Glass, by Stanley Lee
Shatter the Wall, by Sydney Van Scyoc
Transfer Point, by Anthony Boucher
Thy Name Is Woman, by Kenneth O'Hara
Twelve Times Zero, by Howard Browne

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    Chasing ghosts of the past and running into a kid who claims to know all about me isn't all that bad, until I have to put my trust in a complete stranger, and make a deal with a fairy. The clock is ticking. It's only a matter of time before people start to figure out out who I am and where I come from if I'm not careful, and I'm not exactly known for being careful. 
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    Legends tell of the Star Seeds of the Ancient Enemy – A million years ago, as their cruel race died at the hands of those they oppressed, the Ancient Enemy sent thousands of Star Seeds filled with their DNA and the means to re-start their race out into the cosmos, to land on myriad worlds. Their former Servant race, now called The Eldred, arose as the new rulers of settled space, and dedicated themselves to wiping out Star Seeds wherever they were found.  
    But not all were found. Some were hidden - The Flaze and The Domo kept the development of our race a secret from the Eldred, until it was too late for the Eldred to easily wipe us out. The Eldred then lost their war to exterminate humanity, and were instead wiped out.  
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    Making good on a promise to a dead man, Rebo must deliver an AI known as Logos to a mysterious backwater planet. Once there, Logos will be capable of restoring the system of star gates that once knitted the settled worlds together. But as the Techno Society wars with murderous antitechnics, Rebo gets caught in the middle-and all he can do is run.
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    The story of Mages Final revolves around Keldon, a dedicated student at The Academy of Magical Arts. The honor student often spends late nights studying and most of his life revolves around his books. More than anything he wants to be a great wizard, and will sacrifice the human pleasures of fun, fellowship, and even sleep to achieve that dream. Things grow worse as finals approach. The pressure is on and Keldon is studying more than ever. As he will find, however, no amount of studying will prepare him for this. The headmaster decides to administer a more practical final in lieu of tests and essays. Instead Keldon will have to journey to a dark lair where many undead abominations await and he will ultimately have to battle a dark and powerful necromancer in order to stop him from achieving his sinister dreams of immortality and lichdom. 
    In order to pass his test Keldon must not only survive by defeating the necromancer and his undead minions, but also by displaying selflessness and virtue. Perhaps he will be his own worst enemy as he faces a dark temptation. Will he survive and pass the test become a mage, and someday a great wizard? Or will he ultimately fail and face the possibility of defeat and oblivion? 
    Short Story Press publishes short stories written by everyday writers.
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