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The Ghosts of Gruesome Gap: A spooky tale of folks long departed that's not for the faint or feeble-hearted - Hilariously haunted fun for kids packed with chucklingly chilling illustrations - cover

The Ghosts of Gruesome Gap: A spooky tale of folks long departed that's not for the faint or feeble-hearted - Hilariously haunted fun for kids packed with chucklingly chilling illustrations

Kris Lillyman

Publisher: Boom Boom Books Children

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Gruesome Gap is a haunted place full of fear and woe,
Heed these tales of spookiness and be sure you never go.
But if you must then please take care,
As many a poor soul has met their end there!
It’s eerie and creepy especially when dark,
No birds go cheep there and no dogs bark.
It’s empty and spooky and as quiet as the grave,
Haunted by the spirits of the foolish and brave.
To stay away is our best advice,
Or take a risk of paying the ultimate price.

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