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Digital Marketing Strategies 2020 - Ultimate Guide to SEO Google Ads Facebook & Instagram Ads Social Media Email Newsletters - cover

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Digital Marketing Strategies 2020 - Ultimate Guide to SEO Google Ads Facebook & Instagram Ads Social Media Email Newsletters

Koray Odabasi

Publisher: Koray Odabasi

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Do you want to boost your digital marketing results, without an increase in your budget? It is easy, you just need to adopt a smarter approach. 
Selected as "One of the Best Digital Marketing Books of All Time" by Book Authority and featured as “Excellent Summary of Digital Marketing Strategies” by Merca 2.0, DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGIES 2020 book describes result-oriented, up to date and effective strategies in an easy to understand way. CHAPTER 1. “DIVIDE & CONQUER” METHOD As of 2020, an average consumer sees hundreds of marketing messages per day and the attention span of an average internet user declined to only a few seconds. 1.3 billion websites try to impress these people. In such an environment, you cannot achieve success by targeting wide audiences and using general marketing messages. To gain their attention, you have to divide your target audience and communicate each segment with the most relevant marketing message.CHAPTER 2. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) As the competition gets fierce, you have to work harder than ever in 2020. This chapter provides detailed information regarding all 5 stages of SEO: Research, Strategy & Keyword Selection, On-site SEO, Technical SEO, Link Development, and Performance on Search Engine Results Page (SERP).CHAPTER 3. GOOGLE ADS & FACEBOOK (INSTAGRAM & MESSENGER) ADSThis chapter focuses on the strategies that will provide the highest conversion in Google Ads and social media ads. You will find detailed information on how to structure your campaigns and discover effective strategies to achieve success. The chapter provides various examples on text, display and social ad campaigns.CHAPTER 4. SOCIAL MEDIA This chapter focuses on achieving high ROI from social media. Platform-specific success strategies are presented based on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. CHAPTER 5. EMAIL NEWSLETTERSIn addition to the format, content, timing and frequency of email newsletters, there is a specific section regarding performance analysis. CHECKLISTS AND THE THINGS YOU NEED TO DOYou will find 30-item checklists at the end of each chapter. Using them, you will be able to review the topics that are covered in each chapter. You will also find a special section at the end of each chapter, focusing on the things you need to do to implement this knowledge in your campaigns after reading this book. This will eliminate the gap between reading the book and taking action, as is the case in many other books.Many brands have already implemented "Divide and Conquer" method and significantly improved their digital marketing conversion.Now, it is your turn!

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