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Some Like It Hot - cover

Some Like It Hot

K.J. Larsen

Publisher: Head of Zeus

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The diamond earrings worn by Marilyn Monroe wore in Some Like It Hot have been stolen. They were last seen at a benefit that took place the same night magician Alan Mitchell was killed in Kyle Tierney's bar, with Cristina the bartender as a witness. Kyle served his time, and Cristina is back in town... But with one private eye already gunned down on the search, should Cat De Luca try her hand at finding the jewels?

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    Pursued By The Viscount (Regency...

    Carole Mortimer

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    Pursued by the Viscount is the fourth story in USA Today bestselling author Carole Mortimer’s highly acclaimed Kindle Top100 Regency Unlaced Series. 
    Author’s Note: The stories in the Regency Unlaced, Alpha, and Knight Security series have stronger sexual content and language than my other books. 
    Lady Rachel Shaw had believed her unhappiness to be at an end once her husband died, but now she finds herself caught in the clutches of a cruel and relentless blackmailer. Totally at a loss as to who she can turn to for help, her friend the Countess of Winterbourne, advises Rachel to go to Lucien Brooke, Viscount Brooketon, a gentleman who was recently of assistance to Fliss and her husband. 
    Rachel doesn’t know Lucien Brooke personally, but she has seen him many times at one Society event or another, and knows him to be an aristocratic and handsome gentleman who has avoided every attempt by the beauties of the ton to be lured into matrimony. Gossip and reputation say the viscount as being a cold and arrogant gentleman who does not suffer fools gladly. And Rachel has been very foolish indeed. 
    Left with no other choice, Rachel finally decides to risk the viscount’s scorn and ask for his help. 
    Lucien Brooke, Viscount Brooketon cannot deny Lady Rachel Shaw’s beauty or desirability, but unfortunately she is also as flighty and flirtatious as his mother, a woman who has been embroiled in one scandal after another for most of his life. That being the case, Rachel Shaw is the type of woman whom Lucien has always avoided having any personal involvement. 
    Looks can be deceiving, however, and within minutes of Rachel calling at his home and explaining her current predicament, Lucien realizes he was wrong to have judged the lady without really knowing her, or her circumstances. 
    He now not only wants to help Rachel in her current predicament but he also wants her. In his arms. In his bed. 
    Persuading Rachel into accept any of those things from him is going to be a battle Lucien has every intention of winning. 
    Carole Mortimer has written over 210 books, in contemporary and Regency romance, and is the Recipient of the prestigious 2015 Romance Writers of America’s Lifetime Achievement Award. She is an Entertainment Weekly Top 10 Romance Author—ever. 2014 Romantic Times Pioneer of Romance author. Was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II in 2012, for her “outstanding service to literature”.
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  • Safe In His Arms - Devil's Riders #3 - cover

    Safe In His Arms - Devil's...

    Joanna Blake

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    Sometimes risking your heart is the most dangerous gamble of all...
    Long time Devil's Rider Donnie always has something funny to say. That doesn't mean he hasn't seen his share of heartbreak. With sparkling eyes and a ready wit, he oozes charm and could have his pick of the ladies. But he never sticks around for long.
    Sally might just be a waitress at Mae's diner, but she's got secrets. A talented country singer and songwriter, she had to abandon her career to escape her abusive ex. She's determined to stay out of the spotlight and as far away from Donnie as she can. She knows better than to trust a biker, even though his teasing smile sends shivers through her body.
    When her ex tracks her down, Sally has  to decide who to trust... And who she can trust with her heart.
    He was walking down the hallway when he heard it.
    Not just singing. Beautiful singing. It sounded like an angel. It was a sweet country song that he was sure he'd heard on the radio before but he couldn't quite place it. Something about Sundays and maydays.
    He followed the sound to the stock room where Sally was standing on a step stool stacking boxes of napkins. He could hear her voice even better now. He was practically frozen in place by the shock of it. She should be singing professionally, not waiting tables in a tiny place like this.
    He stood there listening to her sing, completely enraptured. She was an amazing singer but it was more than just that. There was a sweet sadness in her voice that pierced him to the core. He stood there mesmerized as she sung softly to herself and leaned forward to stack boxes of paper napkins on the shelf.
    The other bonus was that he finally had a really good view of her legs.
    They were good legs.
    Really good.
    He must have made a sound of appreciation because she turned suddenly and gasped. Shit, he hadn't meant to scare her. Her eyes widened as she tottered back and forth on the stool. Donnie realized she was about to fall a split second before she did.
    He caught her against him and fell backwards against a stack of boxes, knocking them over. His arms were around her so she came with him, landing squarely on top of him.
    Dear God.
    Donnie was in shock as he stared into the biggest green gold eyes he'd ever seen. Hazel. They were hazel. How had he not noticed that?
    And he finally had his answer about her body.
    He grinned at the girl lying sprawled on top of him. Her big, luscious breasts were crushed against his chest. Her waist was tiny under his hands and… he let them slide down a bit to feel her rounded hips and bottom. Accidentally of course.
    Jesus, the woman was stacked.
    "You alright sweetheart?"
    She made a little sound of outrage and pushed against his chest.
    "Let me up."
    He grinned and squeezed her waist.
    "What's your rush?"
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  • Night Shift: A Mystery Collection - cover

    Night Shift: A Mystery Collection

    Marcelle Dube

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    “[Marcelle Dubé] writes deceptively quiet stories that have a real bite to them.” -- Kristine Kathryn Rusch 
    In Night Shift: A Mystery Collection, Marcelle Dubé takes the reader to the darker side of small towns with characters who struggle against outside foes and internal demons. This collection features four short stories and a novellette by the author of the Mendenhall Mysteries. The stories include: 
    Night Shift: Driving back to Mendenhall late at night during a thunderstorm, Chief of Police Kate Williams stops to check out an accident only to find herself fighting for her life. A Mendenhall Short Mystery. 
    Lincoln City Blues: When a beautiful woman walks into the office of Anastasia Charles—aka Charlie—with a story about a violent husband and a kidnapped kid, Charlie’s private investigator instincts sit up and pay attention. With two grand on her desk, eight more when she finds the husband and the chance to be a hero and rescue a kid… how can Charlie say no? 
    The Priest: Chief of Police Kate Williams is a little irritated when Constable Trepalli calls her into a routine investigation of a break-in at the priest’s house. Then Trepalli shows her what they found on the priest’s bed. A Mendenhall Short Mystery. 
    Leduc (4,100 words): Leduc knows how not to get noticed, how to bide his time, how to hide what he does. He learned a long time ago, after his mother found the cats. Just a few more weeks, and he’ll have his military police badge. Then he’ll be able to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants… to whomever he wants. 
    There’s only one problem. Someone knows his secret. 
    Jules: A fall off a cliff, a nighttime attack… Is Jules imagining it, or did someone follow her to the Yukon from Colombia to finally finish her off? 
    About Marcelle Dubé: 
    Marcelle Dubé grew up near Montreal. After trying out a number of different provinces—not to mention Belgium—she settled in the Yukon, where people still outnumber carnivores, but not by much. Her short fiction has appeared in a number of magazines and anthologies. Learn more about her and her published work at
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  • The Burglar Who Liked to Quote Kipling - Bernie Rhodenbarr #3 - cover

    The Burglar Who Liked to Quote...

    Lawrence Block

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    “Block is a master of witty dialogue, plotting and pace, and the series’ wacky, offbeat characters make great companions.” —Cleveland Plain-Dealer   "Fans will welcome it. New readers will delight in it. A witty, and always affectionate, sendup of the genre.” —Denver Post   “Clever and amusing.” —Detroit Free Press   “Wittily diverting…rather like an Agatha Christie novel narrated by Basil Fawlty, or a game of Clue organized by Monty Python.” —Entertainment Weekly   “Block peoples his mystery with a wacky cast of characters who all happen to have a knack for snappy dialogue, the wackiest and snappiest being Bernie himself, of course.” —Florida Times-Union   “Rhodenbarr is one of the slickest characters in crime, and Block…one of the most talented writers.” —Houston Chronicle   “…you’d rather be stranded on a desert island with [Bernie Rhodenbarr] than with any other detective in fiction.” —Kirkus Reviews   “In his Matthew Scudder books, Block is one of the most serious of crime novelists. When he chronicles Bernie…Block is one of the funniest…[Bernie] is enough to give burglary a good name.” —Los Angeles TimesBernie Rhodenbarr has gone legit -- almost -- as the new owner of a used bookstore in New York's Greenwich Village. Of course, dusty old tomes don't always turn a profit, so to make ends meet, Bernie's forced, on occasion, to indulge in his previous occupation: burglary. Besides which, he likes it.Now a collector is offering Bernie an opportunity to combine his twin passions by stealing a very rare and very bad book-length poem from a rich man's library.The heist goes off without a hitch. The delivery of the ill-gotten volume, however, is a different story. Drugged by the client's female go-between, Bernie wakes up in her apartment to find the book gone, the lady dead, a smoking gun in his hand, and the cops at the door. And suddenly he's got to extricate himself from a rather sticky real-life murder mystery and find a killer -- before he's booked for Murder One.
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  • I Will Find You - A Murph and Grace Novel #1 - cover

    I Will Find You - A Murph and...

    Allie K. Adams

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    From the USA Today bestselling author of the TREX suspense series, Allie K. Adams brings you the first book in a powerful new series. 
    He abducts women who look like her and takes each one as his bride. With each disappointment, he begins again. 
    A young female's mutilated body, dressed in Amish clothing, is discovered outside the Newfoundland religious compound in Billings. For Montana SBI Homicide Detective Hannah Grace, it's unnerving how she and the victim bear more than a strong resemblance. She teams up with detective-in-charge and partner, Sean "Murph" Murphy, to catch the killer before he strikes again. When the investigation leads them to a second body, the same features and clothing as the first, Hannah is shaken to the core and begins to make a terrifying connection--she may know the killer. 
    A gruesome discovery and a third victim leads them back to Newfoundland, where the monster Hannah has been hiding from for ten years is waiting to claim her as his bride. After all, she's the one he's wanted all along. 
    And she's the only one who can stop him. 
    Let Murph & Grace take you on a thrilling ride that will chill you to the bone and keep you feverishly turning the pages until the very end. 
    Be ready to sleep with the lights on.
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  • Playing for Keeps - The Sexy Billionaire Bad Boy Series #4 - cover

    Playing for Keeps - The Sexy...

    Jessica Kelly

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    Hunter Montgomery never wanted to be tied down.  But then he met her… 
    Hunter's worst nightmare has always been strings.  He'd rather die than to be tied down to a desk and a suit as an executive at Montgomery Oil, the generations-old family business.  He loves his billionaire family, but he loves the thought of forging his own path even more. 
    Hunter was on his dream path when he broke into the major leagues as a centerfielder for his hometown Dallas Coyotes.  He loved being a superstar baseball player, but it all came crashing down sooner than he ever thought it would.  
    As a ballplayer, closing down bars and taking a different girl home every night were par for the course.  When he's offered a job as a baseball scout, he figures it's the perfect way to relive some of his old glory.  
    What this sexy billionaire bad boy didn't count on, though, was the perfect woman coming into his life. 
    None of the other girls were worth it.  But this one, she just might be the curveball who can bring the hot playboy back down to earth forever. 
    The only problem?  There's something standing in his way -- a madman who's hell-bent on revenge.  Will he rob Hunter of his happily-ever-after? 
    Grab your copy of Playing for Keeps today and dive into the sexy suspense! 
    (Not a big baseball fan?  That's OK!  This book is light on the sports lingo and heavy on the steam.) 
    Playing for Keeps continues the sexy drama surrounding Hunter Montgomery, who rose to baseball superstardom in The Catch.  If you'd like to read more about the other hot Montgomery men, check out the rest of the Sexy Billionaire Bad Boy Series: 
    Revealing Secrets -- A Sexy Novella (The Sexy Billionaire Bad Boy Series #1) 
    Chasing Destiny -- A Sexy Novella (The Sexy Billionaire Bad Boy Series #2) 
    The Catch -- A Sexy Novella (The Sexy Billionaire Bad Boy Series #3)  
    Playing for Keeps -- A Sexy Novella (The Sexy Billionaire Bad Boy Series #4)  
    Sky's the Limit -- A Sexy Novella (The Sexy Billionaire Bad Boy Series #5)  
    The Prize -- A Sexy Novella (The Sexy Billionaire Bad Boy Series #6)  
    This book contains adult situations and sexy scenes, so it's best-suited for an audience that's 18+.
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