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Cryptocurrency Remote Viewed: Book One - Cryptocurrency Remote Viewed #1 - cover

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Cryptocurrency Remote Viewed: Book One - Cryptocurrency Remote Viewed #1

Kiwi Joe

Publisher: Gerard O'Neill Books

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Cryptos are soaring, but there are a few shocks further up the line. Find out which crypto coins and tokens you should look at more closely before leaping in. Only remote viewing gives you this kind of pre-warning! 
One information source for cryptocurrency users stands out from the crowd. It is barely known and rarely employed - except by the knowledgeable few! Let insights offered by REMOTE VIEWING provide your research an edge. If you are interested in cryptoassets but overwhelmed by the number and variety of coins and tokens out there, this series is a good place to start your journey. 
Know what lies in the future for:Chainlink (LINK)Hxro (HXRO)Kusama (KSM)Tron (TRX)Uniswap (UNI)Velas (VLX) 
The Cryptocurrency Remote Viewed Series provides a guide for disrupters, innovators, and general cryptocoin enthusiasts seeking an edge in their research. I will add more books as the various cryptos in my blind pool of targets pop up in practice sessions. This series is a resource for both learning remote viewers and the experienced who wish to compare their results (and what remote viewer doesn't want to do that?). I reveal coins and tokens worth your consideration as well as those you might be best to stay away from. I look at the future success or failure of several cryptocurrencies from among the top 200 as ranked by market cap as of the date of writing. 
I show you:An introduction to cryptocurrency as well as the concept of blockchain technology.An introduction to remote viewing.How remote viewing can provide you valuable information on targeted crypto projects.Raw information in the form of sketches and text from my remote viewing sessions.Some basic remote viewing analysis tools for you to probe the data I provide.How to do a fundamental analysis of remote viewing data.My analysis of the data (I describe and explain it.My conclusions. 
What is remote viewing? 
Remote viewing is a learned skill based on a strict protocol harnessing a fundamental ability shared by human beings everywhere. We all have an innate ESP ability to varying degrees. We may think of it as intuition, but what if I was to tell you there is a learned skill that enhances this natural ability? What if I was to tell you it's possible to learn to control this ability in much the same way as a martial artist trains their body to break through preconceived physical and mental barriers? That learned skill is remote viewing. 
Remote Viewing uses the ESP we are all born with to view a distant or unseen object utilizing a disciplined approach originally developed under the auspices of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in the 1970s. 
I am a trained remote viewer with over a decade of experience. Some of my early remote viewing sessions are online. Many of these were archived by third-party websites such as the Way Back Machine. The sessions are available to the public. In Book 4 of the Remote Viewed series, I provide a link to some sessions I posted online in 2014.

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