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Damaged - Satan's Rebels MC Series #4 - cover

Damaged - Satan's Rebels MC Series #4

Kira Johns

Publisher: Kira Johns

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When the love of your life belongs to someone else, how do you move forward? For Shadow it's not so easy. Finding Paige was a godsend and with her help, he is beginning to love again. Paige wants nothing more than to hear those three magical words from Shadow, but until she can share his heart with another woman, it will never work. She has lost so much in her past and refuses to let Jade steal yet another man from her.  

Spike knows all about loss. He's lived it and knows he will never find another love again like he shared with Greta. Until Jenna walks into his life. What began as friendship develops into more, but Jenna's past keeps her from moving forward.  

Tank isn't looking for love. He's content with life and the club. With the threat of The Skulls, he makes a decision that could change everything. Britt enters The Satan's Rebels world to accomplish one goal, only to meet a man that she desires more than anything.  

“The truth is that we all are a little damaged. Some of us are just better at hiding it than others.” 

WARNING: This book contains graphic content including violence, sex and graphic language. This is the fourth book in the Satan's Rebels MC Series and is NOT a standalone novel.

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