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To Kill More Flies: A Project Nartana Case #9 - cover

To Kill More Flies: A Project Nartana Case #9

Kimberly Vogel


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Escaped from prison, Minotaur searches for a way home. The only thing that he can think of is to find his sister. When he was younger she always made things better. He needs that comfort again. He might not get it as the police and even Agent Kirabo are sent to bring him back to prison.

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    Isabel should have died the night we met. She has a gift for looking danger in the eye and coming out unscathed. She narrowly escaped DC with her life, and now she’s on the run again. I’m hardly her guardian angel, but I’m determined to keep her safe. More, I refuse to give her up. She’s under my skin, sparking more than a few latent memories. She’s made me feel again. Showed me I’m human in ways I never knew possible. 
    I’ll find my way back to her, even if that means contending with the organization that has promised to keep her hidden. Except they have a different way of doing business than I’m accustomed to. Now I have to decide who I really am. Man or mercenary.
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  • Murder with Majesty - Auguste Didier Mystery #10 - cover

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    Spring of 1905. Getrude Pennyfather, American heiress and folklore enthusiast, is set to enjoy the perfect English village wedding. Even King Edward VII is due to attend. What more could a society bride dream of? For as she arrives in Frimhurst, Gertrude believes that her fiancé, Arthur Montfoy, is the lord of the manor and the joyful celebrations of the local folk seem to confirm this. Indeed, everything about Frimurst seems picture-perfect. Perhaps a bit too perfect… 
    As time goes by and her wedding approaches, Gertrude realises that not everything in Frimhurst is as it seems. Does that include her husband-to-be, and the wonderful future she has planned for them? 
    Meanwhile a renowned French chef, and distant relative of the King by marriage, is working hard to produce the perfect wedding banquet, at the King's command. August Didier is a master of his craft, and his focus is such that little distracts him from his enormous task. Until, that is, he spots a familiar face among the wedding guests. The face of a man who has sworn to murder him. Very shortly afterwards, the body of a murder victim is discovered, but it is not Auguste – for now, at least. 
    The death brings Scotland Yard to the scene, and Auguste is reunited with his friend, Inspector Rose. As the men investigate, the bucolic façade that Frimhurst has produced for the wedding is stripped away to reveal lies, frustrated loves, tales of financial ruin and rampant dishonesty. 
    Auguste Didier and Inspector Rose have just a short time to find out the truth. For death is closing in on Auguste — will the murders be solved in time for him to outwit it? Only time will tell…  
    Murder with Majesty is a delightful mystery, perfect for fans of Agatha Christie. 
    Praise for Amy Myers 
    'Reading like a cross between Hercule Poirot and Mrs Beeton…this feast of entertainment is packed with splendid late-Victorian detail' - Library Journal Amy Myers was born in Kent, where she still lives, although she has now ventured to the far side of the Medway. For many years a director of a London publishing company, she is now a full-time writer. Married to an American, she lived for some years in Paris, where, surrounded by food, she first dreamed up her Victorian chef detective Auguste Didier. Currently she is writing her contemporary crime series starring Jack Colby, car detective, and in between his adventures continuing her Marsh & Daughter series and her Victorian chimney sweep Tom Wasp novels .
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  • The Crossing by Michael Connelly - cover

    The Crossing by Michael Connelly

    Leopard Books

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    The Crossing by Michael Connelly | A 15-Minute Summary & Analysis
    Harry Bosch has unwillingly retired from the LAPD where he was a star detective for several decades. Mickey Haller, his half-brother, asks him to take an objective look at a case which has the media in a frenzy and Haller’s client, former gangbanger “Da’Quan”, tried and convicted on all sides long before the trial even takes place. At first Bosch flat out refuses to even consider the case, feeling it would be a betrayal of all his years on the LAPD force but quickly comes to the realization that if there is the slightest possibility Haller’s client is innocent then a murder is walking free with none the wiser.
    Throughout the novel, Bosch is seen questioning himself and his long-held beliefs about the roles of the police and the legal prosecution, versus the “dark side” of the law, the defense. Despite the introspection, Bosch never vacillates from his core value: put the right criminal behind bars for the crime they committed. Haller’s aim is to get his client’s arrest dismissed and is focused on spinning the facts of the case to fulfil that. Bosch, however, makes it clear to Haller and to himself that the truth is what matters and goes after it, letting the dice fall where it may – even if that means Da’Quan goes down.
    PLEASE NOTE: This is a Summary and Analysis of the book and NOT the original book.
    This companion includes the following:  
    ► Book Review 
    ► Character List 
    ► Summary of the Chapters 
    ► Discussion Questions 
    ► Analysis of Themes & Symbols
    This Analysis fills the gap, making you understand more while enhancing your reading experience.
    About the Author: 
    Leopard Books, is your perfect quick read companion. We analyze every chapter and hunt down the key points for your convenience. With in-depth summary and analysis, leap through books quickly and with ease.
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