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A Home for the Billionaire 6 - A Home for the Billionaire Serial (Billionaire Book Club Series 1) #6 - cover

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A Home for the Billionaire 6 - A Home for the Billionaire Serial (Billionaire Book Club Series 1) #6

Kiera Zane

Publisher: Romantic Buzz Press

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When hard-working real estate agent, Danika Marshall, finds herself falling in love with her mysterious client, Jordan Bradshaw, will she be able to find a home for this secret billionaire before she loses her heart to his games? 
This book has sizzling sexual content and is meant for mature readers only. 
As hard working real estate agent, Danika Marshall tries again and again to match her mysterious new client Jordan Bradshaw with the perfect home, she finds herself falling for a man she knows next to nothing about. Caught between business and pleasure, Danika crosses line after line as the passion between her and Jordan grows. But is Jordan's heart true even as he keeps his identity a secret? Or is he just another high roller playing games with Danika's head and heart? 
Find out in this fast-paced romantic adventure, A Home for the Billionaire, Book 6 of 9 of the A Home for the Billionaire Serial. If you prefer not to read in installments, grab the whole story arc with the 9-Book Boxed Set Bundle! 
If You LOVE Interracial Billionaire Romance, Scroll up and Grab a Copy Today.
Available since: 07/27/2015.

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