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Caught Up with a Jezebel 3 - Sister Diva White's Scandal #3 - cover

Caught Up with a Jezebel 3 - Sister Diva White's Scandal #3

Kia Summers

Publisher: Mahogany Publications

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Pastor Jonathan lives with his shame. No matter how many times he tells himself it’s over, he still let’s Sister Diva convince him it’s not. If he doesn’t end it soon, he could lose his marriage and his family. 
Sister Diva is a woman who gets what she wants, when she wants. But this time, she might also get caught in a devious trap she won’t be able to con her way out of. Not only is she toying with the married pastor, but now someone is plotting to toy with her and threatening to expose what they know. 
Vanessa wants what any self-respecting, woman of God would want: a loving marriage and family, but ever since she’s put on this baby weight, she’s finding it hard to make love to her husband. Lately, he’s been acting strange and she worries no matter what she does, she won’t get over her feelings of insecurity, self-doubt and won’t be able to be the kind of wife she wants to be. 
Pastor Jonathan’s sins have created a tangled web. Can he relinquish his sinful ways and find his way back to the light and abide by the promises he made to his wife and the promises he made to God?

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  • Second Destiny - cover

    Second Destiny

    Gloria Silk

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    From USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Gloria Silk 
    "Beautifully written love story with a perfect happy ever after." Elizabeth Lennox, Author of the Thorpe Brothers series. 
    What would you do if your first love is at your door on the day you discover your husband's infidelity? 
    The standalone bestseller, First and Only Destiny gave Lia and Devraj their own well deserved dramatic and satisfying happy-ever-after! 
    BUT here's a unique fresh look at another scenario of this love story... 
    What if Lia and Devraj lose each other within minutes and are both left devastated, unable to forget each other? 
    Second Destiny is an emotional, sensuous story of the star-crossed lovers reuniting 19 years later if they had not married each other in the 1990s. 
    Just as Lia discovers her husband's infidelity, her first love is at her door. Lia's 18-year-old daughter and Devraj's nephew are repeating their romantic history. Can Lia and the Bollywood-gorgeous hero put their past behind, or will their sizzling, intense passion reignite and endanger everything in its path? 
    Read this gripping USA Today Bestselling Author's Second Destiny:  
    Lia Abraham gave up everything for her family and culture—art, autonomy and even self-worth. Worst of all was the sacrifice of Bollywood-gorgeous, idealistic Devraj Shah, when Lia caved in to pressure from both their families. She broke her first love’s heart by marrying the “right” Jewish man. 
    Nineteen years later, minutes after Lia demands a divorce from her cheating husband, her world turns upside down again; Devraj is at her door. His nephew and Lia’s feisty teenage daughter are repeating history. They’re in love, but the now reserved, enigmatic Devraj is dead-set against the couple’s marriage plans. He is convinced Lia’s daughter will ultimately reject his nephew the way Lia had rejected Devraj. 
    After years of feeling caged in a loveless marriage, Lia embraces her newly found freedom, and her resurgent passion for Devraj is irresistible. Once again, she surrenders to the true love of her life, but their affair re-ignites opposition from both families. Will Lia’s second chance at love again destroy her loved ones and her dreams? 
    Torn once again between her love for Devraj, her family responsibilities and her need for true independence, will Lia choose duty over the desires of her heart? 
    "Second Destiny is phenomenal..." 
    “Beautifully written love story. The prose in this book is extraordinary, the emotions heart-breaking and the author leaves you hanging on the edge right to the end of the story. I could feel the characters’ happiness, confusion, pain and sadness. When it rained, I felt that rain on me, when the characters were laughing, I laughed – it was really that good! I can’t wait to read the next story in this book and will add Ms. Silk to my “must-buy” authors. Love her writing! Ms. Silk fills the pages with emotion – hope, happiness, sadness, guilt, joy – you will run the gamut with this book.” Elizabeth Lennox, Author of the Thorpe Brothers. 
    "Gloria Silk has written a wonderful tale about cultural differences, the need for love and freedom after a life of doing and being what is expected of you. This is no cut and dried romance story; it is much more than that..." Natasha Jackson
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