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Volleyball Book for Dummies: how to learn volleyball skills and drills in 90 minutes and achieve your volleyball dream - cover

Volleyball Book for Dummies: how to learn volleyball skills and drills in 90 minutes and achieve your volleyball dream

Kevin Durant

Publisher: Kevin Durant

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• Are you eager to master the volleyball skills and drills as quickly as possible? 
• Are you searching for one of the best and most helpful volleyball coaching books? 
• Do you want to learn the key volleyball fundamentals and accomplish your volleyball dreams? 
If Yes, Then Please Stop Here for a Moment! 
Rest assured that this is one of the best volleyball books for dummies that's specifically written in order to help you become a successful volleyball player in no time! The best part is that you do not require to possess any pre-experience or knowledge in order to follow this guidebook. 
Rather, every chapter in this book is written in a nice yet detailed way so that you don't ever face any troubles/struggles while following the provided tips and basics. What's more, this guidebook precisely covers almost every important topic, such as basic rules of volleyball, required equipment list, tips & terminologies, and more. 
If you can precisely master this guidebook and the available chapters, then you won't ever need any other materials to follow. In fact, this single guidebook will help you become an excellent volleyball player and accomplish your sports dreams. Furthermore, you can even use this book in order become a successful volleyball coach as well. 
Some Key Topics That You Will Learn: 
• Some basic yet important rules of Volleyball 
• The key equipment that is needed to play and master this game 
• Some essential terminologies in Volleyball 
• Know about different positions and formations  
• Reveal different types of drills of Volleyball like Three player drill and Dead fish drill. 
• How to play Volleyball like a Pro 
• and much more too... 
So, you must be now excited to learn these core fundamental concepts of volleyball. Isn't it? Then, what are you waiting for?  
Click The "Add To Cart' Button NOW to purchase this excellent guidebook and get started!

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    At age nineteen, Pat Ardley packed up her belongings and left Winnipeg for Vancouver, looking for adventure. Little did she know that she’d spend the next forty years in the wilderness, thirty of which would be spent with a man known as George “Hurricane” Ardley. Pat met George soon after arriving in Vancouver, and not long after that the two of them set out for Addenbroke Island to work as junior lighthouse keepers. The journey up to the little island in the Fitz Hugh Sound, 483 km north of Vancouver, took four rolling days by Coast Guard ship—and a huge leap in lifestyle. There, the couple fell in love with the wilderness lifestyle and each other. They learned to grow their own produce, keep chickens, can clams and salmon, build their own furniture, and in the evenings they read aloud to each other for entertainment. But, of course, it wasn’t always easy. Pat’s fear of the ocean made for a constant struggle in her marine environment, and being the partner of an adrenalin junky (he didn’t earn the nickname “Hurricane” for nothing!) sometimes made for a wild ride.
    Soon Pat and George were starting their own remote fishing lodge in Rivers Inlet, not so far from where the adventure began on Addenbroke Island. Financed by their wilderness odd jobs, the lodge came together slowly but surely through the couple’s hard work. George proudly added a nursery to the float lodge when their family grew, and they made sure the little ones knew not to step out the door without wearing a life jacket.
    Life was full of both challenges and rewards, and dealt plenty of disasters and close calls (including grizzly encounters) but the lodge business supported the family, and gained a steady clientele who were enticed back year after year by the warm welcome, beautiful setting and plentiful salmon, giant halibut and ling cod.
    After running the lodge together for twenty-seven years, George passed away from cancer. Despite all the advice she received to the contrary, Pat decided to run the business on her own with the assistance of her two children.
    Through resolve and strength in adversity, Pat outgrew the shadow of Hurricane Ardley and earned an intimidating nickname of her own: Don’t-Mess-with-Me Ardley. Reminiscent of British Columbia classics like Fishing with John, I Heard the Owl Call My Name and the evocative wilderness writings of Chris Czajkowski, this memoir is a touching tribute to coastal life.
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    Canada is packed with intriguing places for travel where heritage and landscape interact to create stories that fire our imagination. Scattered across the land are incredible tales of human life over the centuries. From the Majorville rock formation (dated as being older than Stonehenge), through the systems of walking trails developed by pre-contact Native Peoples, and the fur trade routes, to the more recent grand stories of the Chilkoot Gold Rush of 1897, Bob Henderson, the traveller, captures our living history in its relationship to the land – best expressed through the Norwegian quote "nature is the true home of culture."  
     The diversity of fascinating content includes the ancient James Bay landmark (the "Wonderful" Stone); the mountain treks of naturalist Mary Schaffer Warren; the west coast observations of George Vancouver; practices such as dog sledding, warm winter camping and canoeing that allow for heritage insights; the trails of Dundas, Ontario; the exploits of missionary Gabriel Sagard; the recluse Louis Gamache of Anticosti Island; the abandoned gravesites along the coast of Newfoundland – to name but a few.  
     As historian Michael Bliss once said, "We have to find a way to make history smell again." Author Bob Henderson brings the "fragrance of the past" into the present and invites us to imagine and participate.  
     "Like an enthused hummingbird too eager to land, Bob Henderson leads a wide-ranging tour of the vast garden of Canadian history and landscape. Once entrusted with the scent of intrigue we are invited to follow these stories and trails deeper, make them speak and inform our own travels and impressions. Here are stepping stones and touchstones, paths toward richer engagements via a storied and fabulous past." 
    — Alexandra & Garrett Conover, co-authors of The Snow Walker’s Companion  
     "I pulled off the river; a log cabin set back in the woods had caught my eye. Though very old it was in good shape — there was no lock on the door. A framed note beside it read, ’Leave as you found it.’ The interior was neat and tidy, a complete set of blackened pots hung on the walls, a small stack of kindling by the open door of a Findlay stove. ’A perfect place,’ I thought to myself. As I turned to take in the rest of the cabin I saw before me Canada/Yukon rivers, Labrador fiords, Prairie medicine wheels, Superior’s north shore, portage and trail - it was all there before me, across space and time. As I stood there ghosts emerged from the walls, trappers, cowboys, ill-fated explorers, lucky canoeists — all in the same room, all eager to tell their stories. Such is the nature of Bob Henderson’s wonderful book." 
    - Ian Tamblyn, songwriter  
     Watch for More Trails, More Tales coming November 2014.
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