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Kevin Belton's New Orleans Celebrations - cover

Kevin Belton's New Orleans Celebrations

Kevin Belton, Rhonda K. Findley

Publisher: Gibbs Smith

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The Crescent City chef takes readers on a tour of the city’s many food festivals with recipes guaranteed to get the party started.   New Orleans is known as the Festival Capital of the World, hosting dozens of annual festivals that showcase the unique food and multicultural heritage of the city. Now the star of New Orleans Cooking with Kevin Belton invites home chefs everywhere to experience the celebratory culture of the Big Easy with these essential and irresistible Louisiana dishes.  Kevin Belton’s New Orleans Celebrations is a smorgasbord of delicious creations from vibrant festivals like the French Market Creole Tomato Festival, Bastille Day Fête, the Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival, and more. Recipes include Ham Croquettes with Pear Pepper Jelly, Bacon and Barbecue Quiche, Crawfish Enchiladas and Creole Tomato, and Crawfish Macaroni and Cheese.
Available since: 05/14/2019.
Print length: 176 pages.

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    Diets sold by health gurus and lifestyle blogs can be over complicated and come to take up all of your life. Intermittent fasting isn't like that. 
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    - How to deal with the emotional struggles that goes with being overweight 
    - The core problem behind the typical American diet - and why it is vital to address this for better health 
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    Low-calorie, plant-based recipes—with photos—from an iconic lifestyle brand, “all the titles in this series help families plan easy, healthful meals.” (Library Journal) 
    A vegetarian diet can keep us healthy—but can it also keep us fit while tasting great and satisfying our appetites? Absolutely. The delicious dishes in 400 Calorie Vegetarian will please your palate as well as your waistline. Dig in and savor a Chiles Relleños Casserole, Butternut Squash and Sage Lasagna, and Winter Vegetable Chowder. And don't forget a guilt-free sweet and fruity dessert! Includes vegan dishes as well.
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  • Simply Sensational Cookies - Bright Fresh Flowers Natural Colors & Easy Streamlined Techniques - cover

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    Nancy Baggett

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    From the award-winning author of Kneadlessly Simple, sophisticated, contemporary cookie recipes for bakers of all skill levels.From Nancy Baggett, bestselling author and one of America's most respected baking experts, comes a delicious collection of cookie recipes covering both the classics that mom used to make and modern, innovative ideas for the adventurous baker. Whether you're a novice, an experienced cook, or a parent looking for new treats to try, this is the ideal cookbook for cookie-lovers, with more than 200 recipes ranging from fast and simple, no-bake preparations to challenging projects for experienced bakers. Features more than 200 recipes, from traditional cookies like chocolate chip to sophisticated, savory cocktail nibbles Includes gorgeous and inspiring full-color photography throughout  Whether you need quick treats for the kids to snack on or fancy fare for your next cocktail party, Simply Sensational Cookies offers a wide range of recipes that will satisfy your every craving.
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    Have you been diagnosed with type-1 or type-2 diabetes, and you still hope that there is a way to fix it? 
    I know how difficult it is to try to fit diabetes management into your life. 
    How time-consuming and exhausting it really is to count and check your blood sugar levels 3, 4, or as many as 5 times a day… 
    I get that. 
    I also understand that you have been convinced that you just have to deal with it, and unfortunately, besides medication control, there is nothing you can do… 
    And that’s where you have been lied to! And throughout this audiobook, I’ll share with you how to do it naturally, without medications and uncertain decisions.Here’s a tiny fraction of what’s inside: 
    ·        Type-1 vs. Type-2, how to manage each condition individually, and what is the real difference? 
    ·        Are you in the pre-diabetes phase? 
    ·        A complete ‘disease-reversal’ and budget-friendly shopping list for your daily eating 
    ·        How to reverse diabetes and lower your blood pressure using the same diet methods? 
    ·        The scientific evidence behind the “Alkaline approach” and how this ‘disease-reversal’ diet really works? 
    ·        Over 40 ‘mouth-watering’ breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert recipes 
    ·        Complete 21-day meal plan to keep you on track 
    Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a scientist to understand how this method works and why it works. 
     So don’t wait, get this audiobook today, and start listening!
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